9 Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

Is your kitchen island or countertop a blank slate? Check out these creative kitchen island decor ideas for a fresh new look!

Spice up your kitchen with these 9 kitchen island decor ideas! From adding a pop of color to adding natural elements, there’s no shortage of creative ways to give your kitchen islands a personalized touch that provides both function and style. So brew some coffee, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get decorating!

Red tulips are a beautiful kitchen island decor choice.

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Wouldn’t you agree, every kitchen has its “hub?”

Ours is the kitchen island.

Of course, it is used for eating meals.

But also…opening mail, crafting, flower arranging, computer work, watching tv, drinking coffee, and just hanging out!

Missy arranging fruit on a tiered tray in the kitchen.

After years of not having a kitchen island, creating one in our new kitchen was at the top of my dream list.

When we redid our kitchen, the island became my new decorating blank slate. (Check out the before pics of our kitchen renovation here.)

And creating kitchen island displays is now a fun weekly treat!

Oh, the possibilities of changing out a kitchen island display!

Here is our new kitchen island when it was just on the verge of completion. Space! Glorious space!

Our kitchen in the middle stage of the renovation.

Here is the after photo. Have kitchen island space is such a gift!

Our finished renovated kitchen.

I thought I would share some of my favorite kitchen island displays.

There are 9 categories but lots more ideas within each type!

Any countertop will work. A dining table will work. A baker’s rack will work. Even the space beside your sink will work.

The point is that adding decorative touches to kitchen surfaces provides form, function, and just plain fun!

21 Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

1. Fruit

There are some obvious choices for a display. Obvious because…hello! They work!

A classic bowl of fruit NEVER fails!

Add a bag of bright, yellow lemons to an open air fruit bowl and your kitchen will just say “Fresh!”

A jumbled pile of red apples in a white bowl will really pop against a kitchen island counter or backsplash.

2. Flowers

Flowers are another obvious choice.

And such a great choice!

Tulips are one of my favorites and look so cheerful and welcoming on the kitchen island.

Rather than display in one large vase, I had fun dividing them into three adorable blue and white jars.

Kitchen island decor is easy to accomplish with flowers in small ceramic jars.

With flowers still in mind, I added some dianthus (still in their grow pots!) to a moss-covered basket for a beautiful May Day basket display.

We enjoyed it as kitchen island decor before I gave it away on May Day!

A May Day basket full of pink dianthus is a great kitchen island decor idea for spring.

3. Plants

This is one of my favorite types of kitchen island decor…because it is alive and continues to grow and change!

This is my “I need something to take care of and grow while I am in quarantine” plant that has FLOURISHED over the past couple of years.

She was just a small baby when I got her. I am quite proud of my fiddle-leaf fig baby!

So, she deserves center stage on the kitchen island!

Do you like the pom poms on the baskets? You can learn how to make pom poms with this tutorial!

A fiddle leaf fig plant in a woven basket with pom poms.

I like to find different ways to display plants on the kitchen island.

Like this greenhouse made from photo frames.

Make your own kitchen island decor by glueing together photo frames to create a tabletop greenhouse.

Or this DIY tile planter box!

A DIY tile planter is an inexpensive kitchen island decor option.

Or this thrifted cobalt blue glass vase that matches the blue and white dishes styled in the glass front cabinets.

A plant cutting in a cobalt blue glass decor vase.

This portable plant garden sits lower to the counter so it is PERFECT for island conversation. And, because the basket has side handles, it can be whisked away at a moment’s notice if you need more room on the counter.

A myriad of plants in a basket.

4. Trays

Trays are home decor workhorses!

You can avoid countertop clutter by grouping home decor on a tray.

And there are so many wonderful trays out there!

Stock up on different sizes…I promise you will love swapping them out for different home decor displays!

By placing a couple of my favorite blue and white vases on top of this gnarled wood tray, I discovered one of my favorite pairings…elegant and rustic!

Blue and white ceramic jars on a rustic wood tray.

Is it a basket? Is it a tray?

In this case, I am calling it a tray as it corrals a myriad of faux plants.

Yes, I could have included this photo under plants but it is the TRAY that saves the day here!

The tray gathers all of the elements…plants, vases, and books...and creates one lovely display!

Plus, it is a great place to tuck my reading glasses!

Three small vases and some books on a tray is a kitchen island decor idea.

5. Dinnerware

Dinnerware does not have to stay tucked away in a cupboard.

Display it!

Whether you are entertaining buffet style or just want to show off your pretty plates, creating a display on your kitchen island or countertop is a wonderful way to show off dinnerware decor

These melamine plates and glasses are ready to be taken out to the patio for outdoor entertaining. In the meantime, they look great on the kitchen island!

Stacked plates and glasses are a way to decorate your kitchen.

These bottles of Perrier, mini wine glasses, and paper guest towels are like a mini countertop bar cart!

A narrow try with sparkling water bottles and glasses are a decorative mini bar for your kitchen island.

Let’s have a tea party!

A lovely teapot (my mother’s!) and some cups take center stage in this book top display.

One of my favorite books is Reese Witherspoon’s book “Whiskey in a Teacup.”

Hmmm…there might just be some whiskey nearby!

A teapot and two cups sitting on top of a colorful home decor book.

6. Candles

When I am home, there is always a candle burning in the kitchen.


A candle’s flame is so welcoming when we are a group and keeps me company if I’m alone.

This simple display consists of a warm candle and some napkin-wrapped birch logs on a wood breadboard.

So simple!

A lighted candle sitting on a wood kitchen cutting board and some birch logs tied with a decorative napkin.

7. Food and Drink

Since the kitchen is our food “warehouse”, why not use some of that food for kitchen island decor?

If I go to the work making our favorite homemade lemon curd to go without breakfast English muffins, I want it to be seen!

This took 2 minutes to display and was the perfect arrangement for Sunday breakfast!

Displayed breakfast food as a kitchen island decor idea.

8. DIY Home Decor

Display your DIYs with pride!

These upcycled glass bottles got a DIY upgrade with some decoupage and paper napkins.

I love how the windows light them up in the afternoon!

Three decoupaged glass bottles sitting on a kitchen island in front of a window.

9. Unexpected Drama

Sometimes you just want to go BIG!

Some simple branches cut from the backyard are enjoying a dramatic moment displayed in a large glass vase on the island.

A backyard branch cutting in a large glass vase on a kitchen counter.

While large showstopper displays are not the greatest for conversing across the island, (it is VERY tall!) it does make my heart sing when I enter the room.

Same vase…tall, colorful faux stems create some kitchen “Wowza!”

Colorful faux flower stems dramatically displayed in a glass vase.

Ultimately, the best kitchen island decor is what makes you happy!

If you love to cook, your island should be inviting and comfortable.

If you entertain often, your island should make a statement!

And if you just need more storage and prep space, well, there are plenty of functional options out there too.

So take your time perusing these ideas, find what speaks to you, and get ready to start decorating your kitchen island. Try one of these kitchen island decorating ideas today and let me know how it looks in your kitchen!


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9 Kitchen Island Decor Ideas

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