How to Make a Moss May Day Basket: A Step by Step DIY

Discover how to make your own Moss May Day Basket with this easy-to-follow DIY guide!

 In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through each step of creating a charming basket using green moss and other colorful materials. You can give this charming gift basket on the first day of May. Or, you can make your own basket to celebrate the arrival of spring!

Flowers with a circle that say "Hello May"

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As a child, May Day was a joyous adventure with my mother!

 Together, we’d load up the car with homemade May baskets filled with goodies and set off to surprise my friends. 

It was a simple game of ring-and-run, leaving the baskets on neighbor’s doorsteps and dashing away before anyone could catch us. 

Later, as a busy mom myself, May Day always seems to sneak up on me. But that didn’t stop us from carrying on the tradition, even if it meant getting creative with whatever we found in the craft drawer (and some leftover Easter candy!) 

 Despite the last-minute hustle, the spirit of May Day continues to bring smiles and laughter to our family and friends.

Why do we give baskets on May Day?

May Day baskets have a delightful history! Back in the day, people shared baskets to share the joy of the onset of spring! Eventually, May 1st became the designated day.

To celebrate its arrival and spread cheer, they’d fill baskets with flowers, little treats, and sweet notes. Then, at the crack of dawn, they’d sneakily hang these goodies on the doors of friends and family. It was a way to share the joy of spring and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. 

how to make a may day basket using a thrifted basket and pansy flowers.

And so, the tradition of May Day baskets lives on, reminding us of the happiness found in small gestures of kindness.

What is usually in a May Day basket?

Often regarded as a children’s holiday, simple May Day baskets often consist of a small basket or paper cones made of construction paper.

They might be decorated with pipe cleaners, tissue paper, or crepe paper. Inside, a little girl or boy might find popcorn, small candies, or even tiny toys nestled into some green Easter grass.

What do you put in a May Day basket for adults?

May baskets for adults typically contain fresh flowers, such as daisies, daffodils, or tulips, along with small gifts or treats like chocolates, candies, or homemade cookies. 

Additionally, some people include handwritten notes or cards expressing well wishes or messages of friendship. 

An empty basket

The contents of the basket can vary depending on personal preferences and traditions, but the overall idea is to spread joy and celebrate the arrival of spring!

How to Make a Moss May Day Basket

You just need a few things for this project. I love using inexpensive baskets that I find at the thrift store.

Supply List

A brown basket used for how to make a may day basket.
Can of spray adhesive.
Green moss in a pot.

A Sticky Spritz

Let’s dive into crafting your Moss May Day Basket! 

To begin, let’s start spraying the basket. But remember, one side at a time works best. Lightly apply spray adhesive to one side of the basket. 

Pro tip: Hold the basket up in the air to avoid getting your workspace all sticky!

Spraying the side of a basket for how to make a may day basket.

Mossy Magic

Now it’s time to dive into the mossy magic! 

Once you’ve applied the spray adhesive, grab your faux moss and evenly attach it to the sticky side of the basket. Fill in any gaps with small bits of moss as needed.

 Repeat this process until all sides of the basket are lushly covered. 

​You can also cover the basket handles with moss if you have them.

Get ready for some immediate gratification as you watch your Moss May Day Basket transform before your eyes—so fun!

how to make a may day basket by pressing Spanish moss onto the side of a sprayed basket.

A Sticky Secret Weapon

Time to reveal my secret weapon. Faux moss can be a bit wild, so I turned to my trusty bottle of hairspray! 

Give the basket a light spray on all sides, and watch as the moss stays put like magic!

Spraying hairspray.

“Off to the Circus!” 

Get ready to add a touch of whimsy with some fun ribbon with flair! 

I have had this fun “Good-bye. I’m off to join the circus!” ribbon tucked away and decided it was perfect to wrap around the entire basket.

Ribbon that says "Goodbye. I'm off to join the circus."

Begin by cutting a generous length of wired ribbon to encircle the basket. Simply wrap it around and tie it off with a festive bow. 

Keep it simple—just like tying your shoe!

A tied wired ribbon bow for making a may day basket.

Blooming Brilliance

Let’s bring some floral magic to our Moss May Day Basket!

Take your chosen flowers—I went for two pots of dianthus, with their beautiful pink blooms—and carefully place them inside the basket.

Dianthus is a perennial plant, meaning it will bloom year after year, making your gift a lasting delight.

Get ready to enjoy the colorful charm of your blooming creation!

A May Day basket covered with moss and filled with dianthus flowers.

We are enjoying this on our front porch for a few days until I give it away on May Day. Maybe I need to make another one for us to keep!

A moss covered May Day basket sitting on a front porch.

May Day calls for spreading cheer, and what better way to do so than with a lovely basket of flowers? 

Whether you’re gifting it to a friend, or a neighbor, or keeping it to brighten your own home, may this delightful basket bring a touch of spring cheer to your day. 

(And you don’t have to pop any popcorn!)


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