An Inexpensive Spring Flower Display

Looking to add a splash of spring color to your home but don’t want to break the bank? Create an easy and affordable flower display today!

Who said having a beautiful flower display had to break the bank? You can have a stunning floral display without needing to spend too much. Got $10 and 10 minutes? I’ve got you!

A single pink faux flower has big impact in this simple spring flower display.

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Spring is the time for fresh flowers!

Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils…fresh color for a new season.

But someone didn’t get her tulip bulbs planted last fall. (ahem)

Enter…faux florals!

This can be quite the debate…some people loathe faux florals.

Oh my friend, faux can be fantastic!

And, they can be so reasonable in cost!

Over the years, I have found amazing faux florals at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon.

I bought one bush of faux flowers in the most beautiful shade of pink at Hobby Lobby.

A single bunch of pink flowers that can be purchased at any craft store for a few dollars.

Even the green leaves are lovely!

I could have popped her into a vase, called it good, and enjoyed a fantastic display.

Instead, I tried something different…and I love it!

Here is how!

An Inexpensive (and quick) Flower Display

Here is an easy quick tip to create a floral display in minutes!

Take a bunch of faux flowers…and tear it apart!

Actually, a pair of sharp scissors and a couple of quick snips will do.

Cut and separate each of the blossoms…

—gather an odd number of small glass vases…

…and give each flower its own vase!

Light and airy, this is an easy-to-create impact with one bunch of flowers!

My Glass Bud Vase Secret

Don’t have glass vases? Can I let you in on a secret?


This collection of glass “vases” actually consists of

  • 1 recycled grocery store vase
  • 1 recycled reed diffuser bottle
  • 2 inexpensive Ikea vases
  • 1 empty vodka bottle

Save those glass bottles!

Empty glass bottles that will be used for the spring flower display.

Quite the glass menagerie! But when gathered together with the flowers, they create a beautiful kitchen island centerpiece!

How to Arrange the Single Blooms

Cut your stems to a length that makes sense for each glass bud vase.

Place a bloom in a vase and bend the upper part of the stem so it curves slightly.

Often there is a natural curve so it is done for you!

Add a few of the green leaves so it looks natural.

You can even add some water to the vases!

Five glass bud vases, each holding a single cut bloom.

These flowers look like they are waving “Hello!”

This type of arrangement is perfect for a 360 degree space…one where it will be viewed from all sides.

Currently, I have this flower display sitting on our kitchen island.

But, I very well may move it to our coffee table in the living room.

Or, the top of the piano.

Or, as a centerpiece on the dining room table.

Perhaps all of the places will get a turn!

Keep them displayed together as a group or divide them up and spread the spring love throughout your home!

View from the top of the spring flower display.

What a great way to spruce up your home this spring!

Light, airy, colorful…Hello Spring!

$10 and 10 minutes! This is the kind of flower display I like!

Using one bunch of faux flowers, we now have a show-stopping flower display idea that will bring some life into our rooms!

A pink flower in a short glass vase. has dramatic impact in this flower display.

I certainly think this is a must-try project and encourage you to give it a go.

So go wild with your spring decorations, include faux flowers in your home decor and try this flower display idea – you won’t regret it!


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An Inexpensive Spring Flower Display

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