Sonata Script – March Madness – Issue #17

Giving you a peek into the past week for me and Sonata Home Design. The week in review, my favorite finds on the web, and just a little “this and that.” I always want to give you great ideas, inspiration, creative motivation, light bulb moments, and a hearty “You can do it!”

I know I am not alone in my passion for home decorating, crafting, and nesting. So, please join me each week for this creative Saturday jolt!

This Week’s Hustle and Bustle

Every March, my husband gives me the heads up…it’s time for March Madness and sports TV is going to take over the house.

No worries, says this

Bunny Brigade

The bunnies are back!

My flock of flocked bunnies has taken over the fireplace mantel again this year.

I like to call them my “Bunny Brigade!”

I’m afraid these are sold out at Walmart online. However, some physical stores still have them in stock. Particularly stores in smaller communities!

Swatch Watch

I bought this chair at the Restore for a song! (A $15 song!)

I love the frame and especially adore the woven sides and back.

But the cushions…no thank you!

I’ve ordered a couple of fabric swatches for reupholstering the chair. The swatches were shipped but, after two weeks, are now deemed lost and the company is resending the swatches.

The waiting is so hard! Stay tuned for my swatch watch!

Orange You Excited?

I found these beautiful and vibrant citrus orange branches at the Dollar Tree! I have no idea what I’m going to do with them but I bought a generous bunch of them.

I see a kitchen island display in their future!

Maybe this Nebraskan just wants to pretend to be in California for a bit!

What would you do with them? Send me your ideas!

“Be uniquely you. Stand out. Shine. Be colorful. The world needs your prismatic soul!” ~Amy Leigh Mercree

Two Daughters…Near and Far

Warning…sentimental mom moment!

As a proud mother of twin daughters, I’m grateful for the joy they bring, whether near or far.

Spending time with one locally, and enjoying simple pleasures like shopping or going to a movie together, fills me with such joy and happiness. (We really need to keep the volume down when we laugh together!)

Meanwhile, despite the distance, I cherish watching my daughter in NYC perform online, feeling connected through her music. Though miles apart, our bond remains strong, woven through shared experiences and the love that knows no bounds. (See you in April, sweetheart!)

Rock on, girls! Rock on!


When blue skies and nice temperatures appear, Bentley is living his best life!

I think my husband feels the same way!

Daddy/Dog walks are frequent once again and both are smiling

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XLook What I Found On the Web

Look What I Found on the Web

 Hygge Decor for Your Home from Kim at Cottage in the Mitten

Wendy from WM Design House shows us Easy Ways to Age Terra Cotta Pots.

Graduation Season is closer than you think! Give your grad a final bit of inspiration with these 101 Inspirational Graduation Quotes to Guide on Life’s Journey for the 2024 Grad by Simply 2 Moms.

Brooke from 1820 Farmhouse shows How to Make a Plastic Planter Look Like Cast Iron.

I’m trying to eat a little more mindfully these days so was excited when I found this No-Bake Flax Seed Bar Recipe from Susan at Hen and Horse Design!

Wishing you a week full of color and joy!



  1. What a very busy week you have had, Missy. Love your sweet bunnies and those oranges, wow! I live in California and have not seen them. I will have to go on the hunt. Thank you for sharing my terra cotta pot post.

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