How to Make a Fun and Easy DIY Easter Bunny Pillow

Decorate for spring and Easter with this easy DIY bunny pillow project using a pillow cover and some pastel colored felt.

M&Ms and pillows…you can never have too many!

There is no easier way to change out your home decor seasonally than with pillows!

With spring on its way and Easter on the horizon, I am seeing all sorts of fun bunny pillows in stores…often with, not one, but three bunnies!

As is often the case, the thought goes through my mind…”I can make that!”

Here is a quick DIY pillow project to help usher in spring and a “Hoppy Easter!”

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My Materials

I cheated.

Just like buying a box cake mix, I cheated by using pre-made materials and adding my own spin.

Btw…I do this with box cake mixes too!

If you are a sewing purist…then you can easily create your own “pre-made.” (I think that is talking in circles but you get my drift!)

The pillow cover and felt bunny garland used for the DIY bunny pillow.

The cheater material list consists of…

It starts with this…

A pink buffalo check lumbar pillow sitting on a white bed coverlet.

This amazing pink buffalo check lumbar pillow cover is the perfect backdrop for some spring bunnies. I purchased from Amazon and it comes in several colors. It is so cute by itself that I could absolutely use the plain gingham side year-round!

You can see the Pink Buffalo Check Pillow Cover HERE.

Then…these felt bunnies!

The felt bunny garland laid out across the checked pillow cover.

This adorable felt bunny garland is from a dollar store. SO CUTE!

They even come with cute little pom-pom tails! These remind me of when I added pom poms to some favorite green pillows. Another great spring project. You can see it here…

Creating Pom Pom Magic!

To coordinate with the pink check fabric, I used the three bunnies in shades of pink. Bunnies to spare!

DIY Easter Pillow How-To

Anchor the separate felt bunnies onto the pillow cover with straight pins.

I placed the bunnies and then measured carefully to make sure they are evenly spaced and placed exactly where I want them.

A tape measure laid on top of the DIY bunny pillow to ensure equal spacing between the felt bunnies.

Start stitching!

No fancy stitches here!

In and out…up and down! I tried to keep even spacing from the edge and just worked my way around each bunny’s outline.

Is it perfect?. No, but it was a great way to keep my hands busy while watching Netflix!

Missy using a needle to sew a straight stitch around the perimeter of the felt bunny.

Each bunny had two little holes at the top where the garland ribbon went through.

So, I cut pieces of the garland ribbon to create little bows for each bunny.

Adding a white bow to the top of the bunny on this DIY bunny pillow.

Voila! A DIY bunny pillow that is as simple as a straight stitch!

This is so fun for spring and Easter!

A completed stitched bunny.

Also adorable in a little girl’s room!

Or, the family room…

The kitchen…

How about my office!


The completed DIY bunny pillow with three stitched bunnies in different shades of pink.

If you would like to bypass the process of making an Easter pillow, here are a few of my favorites you can purchase!

A bunny pillow for purchase with the word "PEEPS!" printed on the cover.
You can see this pillow HERE.
A bunny pillow for purchase with black and white patterned bunnies.
Take a look at this pillow HERE.
A bunny pillow for purchase with 5 differently patterned bunnies in pastel colors.
You can see this pillow HERE.

Whether you purchase in a store, create from scratch, or use my bunny pillow hack, you will love adding these little critters to your springtime home decor!


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    1. Thanks, Wendy! It was a fun way to keep my hands busy when it got too dark to take photographs! LOL! Thanks so much for reading!

    1. Pat, you are the sweetest! I had so much fun with this project and couldn’t wait to share how it is was. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts! I appreciate you, my friend!

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    1. Thank you so much! I love easy projects and this could not be easier! Thanks for the platform!

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