Decorative Eggs for Spring with Just the Right Bling

Do you feel like you have spring fever already? Bring a bit of color and shine to your home this spring with the Handcrafted Society! Our theme this month…decorative eggs and color!

Whether it be due to the longer days, warmer temperatures, or simply wishing for something new and cheerful in your home decor – each one of us in the Handcrafted Society is eager to show there’s no better way to celebrate the coming of spring than with some colorful decorative eggs. And mine…how about just a little bling!

The Handcrafted Society decorative spring eggs.

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You might be coming from Jennifer’s fabulous blog Cottage on Bunker Hill…I always love what she creates! Welcome to Sonata Home Design!

It’s my turn!

As a member of the Handcrafted Society, I got to choose the theme for this month.

Since we are heading into the Easter holiday, it made perfect sense to use “eggs” as our medium.

But I wanted a little twist…with color!

So, each creator was assigned a color and given the challenge of creating eggs in that color with their own stamp of creativity.

And I love what each person came up with!

For my part, I chose light pink…with a twist!

Decorative Eggs for Spring with Just the Right Bling

This is an easy project that anyone can do!

And, you can choose pretty much any color and bling that you like!

So let’s get started!

You need just a few supplies…

Rhinestone ribbon to decorate eggs for spring.

Supply List

Yarn Wrapping a Decorative Egg

Start with a dollop of clear glue on the top of the egg and anchor the end of the yarn.

Then start winding and wrapping, applying the clear blue as you go.

The top half of the egg went very quickly for me. However, once I got to the bottom half, gravity started to work against me and it was more challenging to keep the winding tight on the egg.

A simple needle to the rescue!

After winding the yarn on top of the glue, a simple push with the needle helped to keep the yarn coverage tight.

Glueing pink yarn to the top of a plastic egg.
Winding and wrapping  a plastic egg with glue and yarn.
Winding a plastic egg with yarn from top to bottom.

Just the Right Bling

Using a Sharpie marker and starting from the bottom of the egg, draw some meandering branches up the egg.

And remember as you draw…branches emerge from branches!

Drawing small branches on a yarn wrapped egg.

Adding an overlay of bronze metallic paint on the branches gives them just a little more depth and “pop!”

Applying bronze metallic paint on top of the marker branches.

There are so many types of “bling” that can be used for the flowers on the branches.

Rhinestones, mini flowers, color, metallics…

I found all of these in a simple jeweled ribbon at the dollar store.

A quick snip, snip with some scissors and I had loads of colorful, metallic, rhinestone flowers!

Decorating eggs with rhinestone ribbon.

Just a dot of clear glue is all it takes to create blooming flowers on these branches.

Decorative eggs with yarn and rhinestone.

These eggs are so sweet!

Decorative spring eggs sitting on pedastals surrounded by green moss.

A little green moss and some sweet white cupcake pedestals for display…they are giving me cheerful, cherry-blossom vibes!

Spring has sprung!

Decorative eggs with colorful bling.

How about an ombre decorative egg companion?

An Ombre Yarn Decorative Egg

I love ombre!

Yarn is available in so many beautiful ombre color combinations.

I adore this pink/peach chenille yarn. Perfect for an ombre yarn-wrapped decorative egg!

Same process: glue, wind, and line up. The ombre yarn creates its own random ombre pattern on the egg.

Two balls of pink and peach ombre yarn.

The completed ombre egg has a funkier vibe to it.

Beginning to wind and glue the ombre yarn in a circular pattern on the top of the egg.
Winding the yarn in a circular pattern around the plastic egg.
Completing the winding and glueing process at the bottom of the yarn wrapped egg.

And I love it with the sweet, flowering branch eggs!

So does my little bunny friend!

Yarn wrapped decorative eggs displayed beside a white ceramic Eater bunny.

Color, texture, and just the right bling!

Decorative eggs with bling and a decorative ombre egg.

It’s amazing how a few simple supplies can be woven together to create something so unique and beautiful. With a few twists, some colorful yarns, and just the right bling, you can make Easter feel like a real celebration.

Decorative spring eggs displayed in a woven Easter basket.

So get out there and get creative! Showcase your style by crafting colorful yarn-wrapped eggs that will surely be an eye-catching centerpiece at your next event.

Let these decorative eggs take center stage at brunch, dinner parties, or as Easter home décor.

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Decorative Eggs for Spring with Just the Right Bling


    1. Thank you, Michelle! A little bling always catches my eye! Thanks for an “egg-stra” special Handcrafted Society today!

  1. Oh my Missy! I love these eggs, how creative. I would not have thought to use this bling on them, but I am loving it. You always a=have such creative and colorful ideas!

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