My 5 Favorite Easy Care Indoor Plants That Are Hard to Kill…and One That Defies the Odds

Are you looking for easy-care indoor plants? Here are my 5 favorite plants that have actually flourished under my brown thumb!

Blue chinoiserie pot.

Yes, I would classify my indoor plant growing prowess…as brown.

It pains me to admit that.

I have dreams of filling my home with lush, exotic, and interesting indoor plants. Not just growing, but thriving!

Sadly, I have heard the trash can “thunk” of a planter with the remains of a deceased plant too many times.

It is not from lack of trying. I have attempted to grow so many different types of indoor plants with the enthusiasm of a small puppy but, sadly, with mixed results.

As in life, I have decided to play to my strengths! Not all of my plants have died. Some even seem to like me!

Here are my five (plus one) easy-care indoor plant besties!

1. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

An easy-care pothos indoor plant.

My first pothos plant was gifted to me in college. It consisted of three meager leaves that were tucked into a soil-filled teacup. That first teacup of green love has given birth to three of my current pothos plants.

The pothos grows quickly with long vines that can be clipped and propagated in soil or just plain water.

Try this indoor plant care tip: Mix a couple of tablespoons of milk into a liter of water. Pour into a spray bottle and spray the mixture on the plant leaves. Let dry and then spray with water. The plant leaf will be vibrant and shiny AND you will have warded off any nasty little fungi!

You can check out a pothos for yourself (with a really cool pot!) HERE.

A pothos plant in a pot.

2. Umbrella Tree (Schefflera)

When looking for easy-care indoor plants, you should absolutely consider the umbrella tree plant! This might not be the trendiest plant but it is definitely beautiful and beautifully easy-care.

You will appreciate their lush, bushy canopy, interesting leaves, and tolerance for those of us who forget to water!

An important houseplant tip: This plant is considered poisonous to dogs and cats so make sure it is displayed in an out-of-reach place from your pets!

Such a lovely plant! You can see one HERE.

3. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

I hesitate to show you this first photo as it is proof of my poor plant parenting.

You see, I forgot to water my peace lily. I was racked with guilt until…

A peace lily plant that is in need of water.

I find out that this is actually the plant’s way of sending out smoke signals that it is time to water.

While I do try to stick to my once-a-week watering schedule, the calendar can get away from me. Once I see the “wilt”, I give her a quick drink and she perks up to perfection in about an hour!

And, I get so excited when she sprouts another pristine white flower!

Here is another indoor plant care tip: Keep indoor plants in a bathroom. They LOVE the humidity and add texture and warmth to all the hard surfaces in the room.

Looking for a peace lily plant? You can see one HERE.

An easy-care indoor peace lily plant that has been recently watered.

4. Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

This beauty is commonly referred to as “mother-in-law’s tongue”. (I promise my son-in-law that I will never resemble this plant!)

Statuesque, dramatic, and sculptural would be my description of this plant. (Maybe I do want to resemble it!)

Don’t forget this indoor plant tip: Because the snake plant is technically a succulent plant, don’t overwater. Plant in a well-draining pot and water only when the soil is completely dry.

Snake plant anyone? You can see it HERE.

5. Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides)

You know the phrase “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees?”

Well, the coin-like leaves of the Chinese money plant do! And this is one of my favorite easy-care indoor plants!

Bright, indirect sunlight is your best friend when growing this plant. These plants are amazing in planters by a big, bright window. And, they sprout little baby plants (just like growing money!) within that same planter!

An easy-care fully grown indoor Chinese money plant.

For gift-giving, you will love this indoor plant tip: Because it is said that the Chinese money plant brings prosperity and good luck, this plant is the perfect house-warming gift or home staging plant!

You can get your own starter Chinese money plant HERE.

A Chinese money plant in a pot.

Whoa…another Indoor Plant tip for the Chinese money plant: They will propagate beautifully if placed in water by a bright window. Fill your kitchen window sill with little money plant babies!

A Chinese Money Plant being propagated in water.

Defying the Odds… Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

One of my plants is actually a finicky plant that has defied all odds in our home!

I have heard so many horror stories about how difficult this plant is to grow. Yet…

Stella lives on. Yes, I named her Stella!

Believe it or not, she was a purchase from Amazon during the early days of the Spring 2020 pandemic. You can see the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant that I ordered HERE.

Ordering a plant online and having it arrive on my doorstep the next day seemed preposterous. Would it be alive? And, would it have lots of leaves? Or, would it be a stalk the size of my thumb?

My quarantine plant baby arrived safe and secure in all her 2 ft. high green glory. She loves our kitchen window and has tripled in size. I have even successfully propagated new fiddle leaf fig plants in water! Dare I say, she is my favorite?

One more indoor houseplant tip: Fiddle leaf fig plants also love bright indirect sunlight. Periodically wipe down the top of the leaves so they can drink in the light and breathe. Find that spot with perfect light and don’t move her. Once she likes a spot, she doesn’t like to be moved.

A fiddle leaf fig plant that has turned out to be an easy care indoor plant.
Take a look at this plant HERE.

Honestly, all I need are my 5 (plus 1) houseplants to fulfill my plant-loving dreams!


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  1. Missy, these are great tips for growing houseplants! I am guilty of ignoring mine until they look droopy. Your photos are outstanding!

    1. Hi Jane! Your guilt is my guilt! Sometimes, I forget to water. Thankfully, these are very forgiving plants! Thanks for reading!

  2. Great tips Missy! For some reason, my plants are doing well…with the exception of my lemon tree! I’ll need to pay closer attention that one!

    1. Ooh! A lemon tree would be so fun! Does it need a lot of light? I’m always looking for a new plant to try!

  3. Thanks for these suggestions. Especially the one about putting a plant in the bathroom. I’m going to try that. Another easy plant is the arrowhead plant. It also does well in water. I’m also trying to keep a bird of paradise alive and it’s doing pretty well. Wish it would bloom but understand that’s hard for the plant when it’s living inside. But it does give height with lots of big green leaves if you are looking for something that goes up, up, up. 😊

    1. Hi Patty! Great suggestions! I have seen arrowhead plants and think they are so pretty. Good ones to try! Thanks for reading and sharing! ~Missy

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