Creative Kitchen Fall Decor Ideas to Spice Up Your Space

The season of falling leaves and pumpkin spice everything is here! Fall is upon us, and it’s time to let the cozy vibes creep into every corner of your home, especially the kitchen. Let’s explore kitchen fall decor ideas that go beyond the classic orange pumpkin!

From dough bowls to glass pumpkins, get creative and dive into fall kitchen decorating to make your kitchen the coziest spot in the house!

Orange pip berries in a blue vase sitting on top of stacked cookbooks is used as kitchen fall decor ideas.

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The fall season is here! 

I’m practically doing cartwheels now that the autumn season has officially started. I love to watch the leaves change color outside my kitchen window this time of year…and decorate for fall!

Changing leaf colors outside a kitchen window.

The fall decor storage totes have come out and I have been busy adding touches of fall to the living room, dining room, and the front porch.

But perhaps the best place to decorate for fall is the kitchen! 

Since this room is the heart of the home, adding simple fall kitchen decor is a great way to welcome the season in a cozy, welcoming style!

So grab your favorite pumpkin spice drink and start decorating with any of these easy fall kitchen decor ideas!

Fall Colors

Let’s kick things off with the basics—fall colors. Your kitchen can instantly transform with the warm, rich hues of the season. With this color palette, think deep oranges, rustic reds, earthy browns, and mustard yellows.

Orange and cream fabric wrapped pumpkins displayed with faux gold leaves.

Incorporate these colors into your fall decorations through dishware, tablecloths, and cozy pumpkins.  Any home accent you currently have can be temporarily traded out for one that is full of autumnal color. 

Nontraditional Fall Colors

Who says you have to stick with the traditional fall palette? Break the mold with unexpected color combinations for your kitchen decor.

Navy blue, deep coral, and even charcoal gray can create unique and sophisticated fall ambiance. Consider swapping out your kitchen linens or adding colorful artwork for a touch of modern autumn chic. 

Place colorful, nontraditional-colored placemats and coasters on your dining table. Invest in kitchen gadgets or utensils with colored handles that match your chosen nontraditional palette.

kitchen fall decor ideas: blue and white gingham pumpkins displayed on a kitchen island with deep coral fabric napkins.

Add patterned pumpkins in whimsical plaids or shake things up with bright pink pumpkins for a surprising pop of color!

Black and white plaid fabric pumpkins nestled in a black dough bowl.
Bright pink faux pumpkins displayed on a kitchen island.

Fall Candles

Pumpkin spice isn’t just for lattes; it’s a scent that can transform your kitchen into a cozy haven! And pumpkin spice is just the beginning…

kitchen fall decor ideas: A lighted candle sitting on a stack of books in front of fall colored pumpkins.

Consider adding fall candles, room sprays, or even potpourri for an aromatic twist to your decor. Consider other fall-inspired candles with scents such as cinnamon spice, apple pie, or pumpkin butter. 

Light it Up! Sometimes we buy candles but don’t actually light them. Why??? Light your candles and make every day a special day! Light up a fall-scented candle for your kitchen island or countertop. The aroma alone will make you want to curl up with a cup of tea. No one will want to leave your cozy kitchen because it smells so good!


Decking out your kitchen for fall with lanterns is a brilliant way to infuse warmth and charm into the heart of your home.

kitchen fall decor ideas: A glass lantern displayed on a woven mat with small pumpkins and rattan acorns.

Start by selecting a lantern that reflects the cozy vibes of autumn – think rustic wood or streamlined wrought iron. Fill them with pillar candles or battery-operated LED candles in warm, flickering hues. (Magical ambiance without any fire hazard!)

Place these lanterns strategically on your countertop, kitchen island, or dining table. For an extra autumn twist, surround them with dried leaves, pinecones, or faux pumpkins. These lanterns not only add a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also create a welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for fall gatherings and intimate dinners.

Try this! Hang lanterns from your kitchen ceiling, using sturdy hooks and rustic twine, at varying lengths to form a captivating fall-themed chandelier.

Decorate a Dough Bowl

One quirky yet charming idea is to fill a dough bowl with seasonal goodies. Gather some mini pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks. Arrange them in the dough bowl for a rustic, farmhouse-inspired centerpiece that’s sure to make a statement.

Two pumpkins displayed in a rustic wood dough bowl.

Seasonal Switcheroo: You can also swap out the contents of your dough bowl as the season progresses. For Halloween, add some spooky figurines or candy. For Thanksgiving, introduce dried corn cobs or small decorative turkeys.

Pine Cones

Pine cones are nature’s gift in the fall. Simply take a walk or head to your backyard to pick up all of the free autumn decor that has fallen from trees!

kitchen fall decor ideas: Rose gold spray painted pine cones sitting in aa navy blue pottery bowl.

Place in a basket or pot or string together for a garland that can hang from your kitchen window or along your cabinets. Use them in their natural state or bleach them!

My favorite way to decorate with pine cones is to spray paint them with a rose gold or silver metallic finish for a surprise finish.

Faux Pumpkins

Okay, confession time. We all know the classic orange pumpkin, but sometimes they’re not quite your style. No worries—there’s a whole world of faux pumpkins out there in various colors and textures. Opt for white, metallic, or pastel-hued pumpkins to match your kitchen’s aesthetic.

kitchen fall decor ideas: terra cotta pumpkins with twine stems sitting in a metaal weighing scale.
Velvet covered faux pumpkins on a kitchen island.
kitchen fall decor ideas: Multi colored faux pumpkins displayed on a rug that has been placed on a dining table. in the kitchen.

There are lots of ways to decorate faux pumpkins to reflect your decorating style. Mix and match different types of faux pumpkins for a visually interesting display.

Tiered Tray

I use tiered trays year-round in both practical and pretty ways!

Stack them with tiny pumpkins, faux florals, and textured acorns. You can easily swap out the elements as the fall season progresses. 

kitchen fall decor ideas: A wood tiered tray filled with faux pumpkins, greenery, and faux cabbages.

Create a themed tiered tray for each month of fall. In September, feature back-to-school decor. In October, switch to Halloween-inspired items, and in November, transition to Thanksgiving-themed decorations.  Tiered trays are a creative way to give your kitchen counters a mini makeover…without the paint cans!

Small Pumpkins

When in doubt, add some small fresh pumpkins to your fall kitchen counter decor! 

Small pumpkins.

Place a couple of pumpkins on your kitchen island, shelves, or countertops. They’re like little nuggets of fall goodness, and they don’t take up much space. Plus, they’re adorable!

Even something as simple as an arrangement of mini pumpkins on your windowsill will give your kitchen all sorts of cozy fall vibes! 

  • More Ideas for Mini Pumpkins in Your Kitchen!
  • Scatter them across countertops or shelves for a simple, charming display.
  • Place them in a decorative bowl or wooden tray as a centerpiece.
  • Paint or decorate them with fall patterns or messages for a personalized look.
  • Stack them creatively on a cake stand or tiered tray for added height and visual interest.
  • Hollow out small pumpkins to use as unique candle holders or vases for fall flowers.
  • Add them to your kitchen table settings as place card holders for special occasions.

White Pumpkins

The next time you go pumpkin picking, grab some white pumpkins! Incorporating white pumpkins into your kitchen decor is the perfect way to create an easy elegant fall kitchen. These pristine gourds effortlessly blend with all sorts of kitchen styles. 

Small white pumpkins.

Place a collection of small white pumpkins along your windowsill or scatter them across your countertops for a simple yet charming display. Consider adorning your dining table with a white pumpkin centerpiece, surrounded by flickering candles, for a touch of sophistication during fall dinners.

Just one beautiful white pumpkin surrounded by autumn leaves, acorns, and a few cinnamon-scented candles can instantly transform your kitchen table into a warm and inviting gathering spot.

Mason Jars

Pull a glass jar from your cupboard and decorate with it for fall!

kitchen fall decor ideas: Mason jars filled with fall purple mums sitting by the kitchen sink in front of the window.

Fill them with simple fall flowers or take it a step further and fill them with vibrant fall leaves and tiny fairy lights for a charming illuminated table centerpiece. Talk about dinner table ambiance!

You could also consider using them as storage containers for your homemade pumpkin spice mix or apple cider concentrate.  And don’t forget the rustic appeal of mason jar drinking glasses for serving up warm apple cider or spiced lattes to your guests. 

Fall Centerpiece

A beautifully crafted arrangement of pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, and colorful fall leaves is a perfect fall centerpiece for the heart of your kitchen. 

kitchen fall decor ideas: A glass pumpkins filled with tiny orange pumpkins and a candle to be used as a kitchen table centerpiece.

Placed on your dining table or countertop, this centerpiece instantly becomes the focal point of your space. It’s like inviting the spirit of fall right into your home!

Get Creative! Mix in some tall candles, dried corn cobs, or even seasonal fruit for a unique twist. The warm, earthy tones and natural textures create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere perfect for family gatherings and quiet mornings with a cup of hot cider. 

Natural Elements

When it comes to kitchen fall decor, nothing beats the beauty and simplicity of natural elements!

Green leafy branches that have been cut from outdoors and displayed indoors in a clear glass vase.

If you grab a basket and some clippers, you might be surprised at what you find outside in nature that you can bring inside for fall kitchen decorations.

Think about bringing in freshly cut branches, deep red apples in a wooden bowl, or even a vase of leaf branches from your backyard. These elements add a burst of seasonal texture and a breath of fresh air to your kitchen.   So, let nature help you decorate with the changing seasons!

Open Shelving Style

If you have open shelves in your kitchen, use them to your advantage!

A green plant and cutting board displayed on open shelving in the kitchen.

 Swap out your everyday dishes for those with fall patterns or warm colors. Display decorative plates, mugs, and even small fall-themed signs. Or try decorating your shelves by creating vignettes or mini-displays. Incorporate small potted fall plants or herbs on your open shelving for a fresh and aromatic touch.

Wooden Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards can double as decor items.  They add warmth and texture to your kitchen while staying functional for your culinary adventures.

Lean them against your backsplash or display them on your countertop. You can even hang a small collection of wooden boards on a wall for an artistic display.

Two wood cutting boards propped decoratively against a. kitchen backsplash.
kitchen fall decor ideas: Stacked wooden cutting board placed on the center of a kitchen island as a centerpiece for breakfast.

A Great Tip: Keep your wooden cutting board looking good by occasionally wiping it down with vegetable oil or mineral oil. The oil revitalizes dry wood and brings out the beautiful natural wood grain. Your boards will look almost brand new!

Everyday Kitchen Items

Don’t forget all of the items that you use each and every day! Explore the beauty of your kitchen tools and leave them on display for everyone to see. 

Keep bowls of fall spices on top of a wood cutting board for accessible fall baking. Put glass canisters front and center with charming fall-themed tags hanging from their lid.

Small bowls of fall spices help to decorate a table in the kitchen.
kitchen fall decor ideas: A black and white gingham pumpkin tab hanging from the lid of a clear glass flour canister.

Something as simple as a beautiful tea towel on a wooden cutting board is a great example of creating fall decor out of daily-use items!

A grey and white striped tea towel folded on top of a wood cutting board and displayed with a wood handled brush.

Grocery Store Flowers

You don’t need to visit a florist for stunning fall blooms. Many grocery stores carry affordable and beautiful fresh flowers that are inexpensive and can be picked up at the same time you buy milk!

Fall floral display using an inexpensive grocery store flower bunch.

Grab a bunch, and arrange them in a mason jar or vase. Another fun way to display grocery store flowers is to take one bunch of flowers and divide it into multiple single blooms.

Faux Flowers

If you prefer low-maintenance decor, faux flowers are your go-to option. They come in various fall colors and textures, and you won’t have to worry about them wilting. You can also mix faux flowers with real greenery for a lifelike arrangement for your kitchen island countertop.

A fall kitchen centerpiece consisting of faux pomegranate stems and pip berries.

Fall Wreath

Don’t neglect your kitchen’s entrance! Hang a fall wreath on the back or front door with a hook. This is a simple addition that doubles as a warm welcome to all. It’s like rolling out the welcome mat for autumn itself.

A fall wreath with yellow and gold berries and leaves hanging on the back door to the kitchen.

Wine Corks

Wine corks themselves are not just specifically for fall. But their natural colors and cork texture make them an easy addition to your kitchen space. 

kitchen fall decor ideas: A glass terrarium filled with wine corks.

A Great Idea! Collect corks over time and display them in a simple glass jar on your counter. One of the best ways to hold onto special memories is to write the date of special events directly on the corks as you use them!

A Fall Coffee Station

Your morning brew deserves a touch of fall too. Arrange your coffee station with fall-themed mugs, copper-colored measuring spoons, and your favorite pumpkin spice coffee. It’s like a daily dose of autumn in your cup.

Ground coffee stored in  glass jars in the kitchen.
kitchen fall decor ideas: A large mug with the phrase "Hello Pumpkin" filled with coffee and sitting beside a woven faux pumpkin.

If you love coffee, try this Smoked Butterscotch Latte recipe! It’s one of my fall favorites!

A Smoked Butterscotch Latte

Simmer Pot

There is nothing like a yummy scent in a cozy fall kitchen! Create a simmer pot with cinnamon sticks, orange peels, cloves, and a dash of vanilla extract. Let it simmer on the stove, and your kitchen will be infused with delightful fall scents.

kitchen fall decor ideas: A simmer pot full of apples, oranges, cinnamon sticks, and cloves.

Try experimenting with different simmer pot recipes to change up the scents in your kitchen. Consider adding slices of apple or cranberries for a fruity twist!

Bar Stools

Place a cozy throw blanket or a plaid shawl over the backrest of your bar stools for an extra layer of warmth and style. It is a little touch that will make your kitchen feel extra cozy!

kitchen fall decor ideas: A bar stool seat draped with a grey, red, and black plaid scarf.

Fall DIY Decorations

You know I love a good DIY project and the fall months are a perfect time to get creative!

Design your own DIY fall wreath, paint some faux pumpkins, or add wrap fall-inspired pieces with colored embroidery thread. It doesn’t have to be complicated…sometimes the best ideas are simple ideas!

kitchen fall decor ideas: Bundles of wheat wrapped with colored embroidery thread.
A white pumpkin nestled into a grapevine wreath.

Did you know...that you can decorate faux pumpkins using nail polish as paint?

Check out this fun and easy DIY fall pumpkin project using nail polish!

Glass Pumpkins

I’m a little obsessed with glass pumpkins. (Ask my husband!) I just love how they look when light hits them!

A blue glass pumpkin sitting in front of a kitchen window.

I hope you consider adding glass pumpkins to your decor. I have had great luck finding them at Pottery Barn, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and even at flea markets and thrift stores. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and are always so unique and interesting!

 Arrange glass pumpkins in front of a window or natural light source for a stunning visual display. Or, try filling a clear glass pumpkin with string lights or fairy lights for a magical and whimsical glow.

A cup of coffee sitting on kitchen table beside a pair sunglasses.

Now you see…your kitchen is more than just a place for cooking; it’s the heart of your home! Infusing it with the warmth and charm of autumn not only makes it feel cozier but also creates a welcoming space for family and friends to gather. 

Let your creativity shine and embrace the beauty of the season.  Happy fall and happy decorating!


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  1. So many great ideas, but the one I most absolutely love is for the nail polish pumpkins. Those are just stunning! And I love your suggestion to add blues to the traditional Fall colors. I’m a huge fan of everything blue, and it creates a really nice balance.

    1. I know that you love blue! I love blue and orange together so I think it is a fun color combination for fall. It’s no surprise that I chose blue nail polish for the abstract painted pumpkins! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  2. I am really enjoying your post – so many great ideas, recipes and inspiration. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for Halloween!

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