Decorating a Colorful and Cozy Guest Bedroom

We all want our guests to feel welcome in our homes, and what better way to do that than by giving them their own cozy guest bedroom!

Today, I’m sharing our guest bedroom that went from drab to fab with the help of some color, pattern, and texture. Here are some ideas for how to create a cozy, comfortable, and stylish guest bedroom that will make your visitors feel right at home!

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The art print "Morning Read" features a woman reading a book with her feet up while drinking a cup of coffee.

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I’m not kidding.

The relaxed setting in the art print above, “Morning Read”, is one of my favorite positions for reading a book.


Now, drinking a cup of coffee upside down is a bit of a trick…but it can be done!

Comfy, cozy, with a pop of color…this is my vibe.

This is how I want guests to feel when staying at our home.



And with a little jolt of color that energizes the energy, the vibe, and the personality of the room.

Whether entertaining guests for the holidays or any day of the year, here are some ideas for creating a colorful, cozy guest bedroom!

Creating a Colorful and Cozy Guest Bedroom

Let’s all yawn together.

It’s ok. You won’t hurt my feelings.

The room is ready boring and bland.

It has been waiting for a make-over for a couple of years.

But in good news, the navy velvet headboard is a keeper!

And the marble and gold side tables are perfect as bedside nightstands.

The "before" photo of the bare guest bedroom. Ready to be turned into a cozy guest bedroom.

Best yet, the entire room is a blank slate ready for an infusion of colorful personality.

Wall Art as Your Inspiration

When choosing the color palette of a room, artwork is a really good place to start.

Wall art is very personal.

The subject, the orientation, the color…these are all very personal choices. It is why artwork is so very important in a room.

You may choose a figurative piece…

or photography…

or a textured abstract.

Whatever you choose, take the colors, mood, and vibe to give you direction in decorating the room.

A bold and colorful wall art canvas by artist Windy O'Connor is hanging above a blue velvet headboard.

In this case, I fell in love with this canvas by artist Windy O’Conner. This particular piece is full of bold blues, silvers, a hint of orange and a healthy shot of fuschia pink.

From Artwork to Bedding

Because the canvas was frameless, I gave this wall art a little glow-up with a “make-it-work” framing moment.

A bold piece of wall art needs some strong bedding to balance it out.

Be intentional and pull colors from the artwork. Get creative with bedding layers.

I mean…layer it on!

The navy blue headboard is the perfect backdrop for this colorful Marimekko bedding set that is full of blues, pinks, oranges, yellows, and greens.

Hello personality!

Buying a duvet cover and pillow sham set is a great way to get good value with your bedding.

But, we need more layers…

I added the coordinating navy and white stripe Marimekko sheets as well as some pillowcases and another duvet cover with a thin navy stripe from Ikea.

Stripes on stripes work when they are a different scale from each other.

Two abstract blue and white lamps completed the all-important bed for this colorful, cozy guest bedroom.

I just want to jump into this bed and starting reading my current novel!

Layered bedding with various stripes and patterns create a comfy and cozy bed in the guest bedroom.

Color Can Be Cozy in a Guest Bedroom

While the wall art and the bedding serve as the most important focal point in the room, spreading the colors around the room will help to give the room balance.

The multi-colored duvet sitting on the end of the bed.

I didn’t have a dresser for the room and really didn’t want to buy one.

So, I created my own!

This “dresser” was created from a bench, a piece of beveled glass, and two storage baskets.

Storage and counter surface in one fell swoop!

The natural elements are, for the most part, quite neutral in color.

Adding the brightly colored lotus flowers bring some “pop” into the setting and reference the colors in the duvet.

And, just like the layered bedding, I layered the mirror against a framed crewel embroidered art piece.

Layers…equal cozy…even with hard surfaces!

A dresser created from a bench, a piece of glass, and two baskets holds brightly colored lotus blossoms.

Not wanting to forget the opposite wall, I had to give some thought on how to fill this awkward spot between the bathroom door and the entrance door.

A simple, metal and glass etagere fills the space and gives opportunity to add more interesting and colorful artwork.

Guest necessities like extra blankets and open surfaces (I always want a spot to put my jewelry!) are always a nice touch for visitors.

A metal and glass etagere serves as a bookcase to hold more wall art, extra blankets, and give guests storage options in their cozy guest room.

Wall Art can take all sorts of forms.

A simple palm leaf branch is a great way to fill a tiny wall space that “just needs something!”

Do you notice how the green of the palm branch ties in with the framed green cheetah wallpaper as well as the spot of green in the duvet pattern?

Sort of a subtle triangle of green!

And, don’t you love how the orange-red coffee cup really “pops” from the etagere because of the orange-red in the duvet?

Color cross-pollination!

A palm branch hanging on the wall fills an awkward space.

A Reading Nook

Pardon the toes…

..and the yellow overhead lighting…

This is me a year ago trying to figure out what to do with this space that is opposite the bed.

Love the chair.

But it looks pretty lonely all by itself!

A "before" shot of the reading nook that sits opposite the bed. Ready to be turned into a special spot in this cozy guest bedroom.

Every reading nook needs a great chair, some fluffy pillows, and a cozy, textured throw blanket!

There is strong color pulled into this area as well.

However, it is texture and pattern that makes this spot so welcoming.

From the fur pillow to the tasseled throw blanket to the zebra faux fur rug…this space just invites you to have a seat and get cozy!

A chair with cozy pillows and throw blankets is a welcoming spot for guests to relax.

Adding something really unique to a room is important!

It is like a fun reminder of the personality of the host…you!

I think I have tried yoga twice in my lifetime…but I love this sculpture of the yoga lotus position.

Yoga might not be my thing, but interesting sculpture is!

This lotus pose sculpture is a unique addition to the room and looks great beside these triangle color blocked curtain panels.

Plus, it references those colorful lotus blossoms on the dresser!

A little blue velvet ottoman is a great place to prop your feet!

Our cat loves this spot!

A blue ottoman sitting on a zebra pattern rug in the reading nook.

Guests aside…I plan to spend some time in this room myself!

Here is a great idea you should try…spend the night in your guest room!

You will become aware of anything the room needs before guests actually arrive and you will appreciate the details you have already included!

Yes, there are bold colors in this room. Yet, when paired with luscious layers of pattern, natural wovens, and soft, comfy materials, this cozy guest bedroom is a comfy, peaceful respite for any guest…or resident!

A seating area in a cozy guest bedroom.

If you’re looking for a way to add some life and color to your guest bedroom, don’t be afraid of using bold hues. A pop of color can really make a room feel cozy and inviting.

I suggest layering different textures, patterns, and colors to create a visually stimulating space that your guests will love.

And if you need any more inspiration, don’t forget to check out the Sonata Home Design Pinterest board for ideas!

Oh, and don’t forget to leave a little message for your guests!

A wooden cut-out of the word "Cheers!" sits on a bedside nightstand table in this colorful and cozy guest bedroom.


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  1. Missy, your guest room looks fabulous! I absolutely love how you created your dresser! What a creative idea!! This bedroom will be such a treat for your guests!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I really appreciate your kind words! I came very close to buying a dresser but just did not want to spend the money. The bench and glass were “orphans” in our basement and, thankfully, the glass was long enough. I just bought a couple of baskets to finish it off. I saved a lot of money on it! Thanks so much for reading, Kim!

  2. Wow! Missy this is gorgeous! I really love how you created ‘something from nothing! The dresser is amazing and any guest would feel so cozy and comfortable here! ✨️

    1. I’m always so glad to find another home decor “color-lover”! I always admire neutral decor and have often tried it in our home. However, bit by bit, color always manages to creep in! Thank you so much, Kim!

  3. Missy, Your guests are going to be so thrilled with such a fabulous room to lay their heads in! Your creativity is so inspiring! From the dresser to the reading nook, and all the amazing pops of color! It’s such a fun space! Happy day, Donna

    1. Thanks so much, Rachel! I fell in love with bedding immediately and knew I wanted to use it in one of the bedrooms!

  4. Honestly when I saw your first photo—I didnt’ want to scroll further—another boring white/gray/blah room. And then you POPPED it to the MAX…how fun. Color is my favorite thing in the whole world and you definitely made this a great room! Just bet you smile every time you walk in. Hugs, Sandi

    1. You made my day, Sandra! I love decorating with color and love connecting with others who do as well! Thank you so much for your kind words! Have and awesome (and colorful) day!

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