9 Easy Spring Home Decor Ideas

Looking for some easy Spring home decor ideas? With just a few easy changes, you can stylishly update your home for the spring season.

Let the countdown begin! As the days start to get brighter and warmer, it’s hard not to feel inspired to switch up your home decor for spring! I’ve got some easy spring home decor ideas that are sure to freshen up any living space. From colorful accents to natural touches, these simple projects will bring a breath of fresh air into your home while adding stylish flair—letting you bid farewell (for now!) to winter blues.

An hourglass filled with sand and sitting against a backdrop of white snow.

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Are you ready for Spring?

I’m suffering from my usual February “Is it Spring yet?” mindset.

Do you hear me, Spring? I’m ready!

There are just certain times of the year when the onset of a new season is palpable.

The shift from winter to spring is one of them!

It might still be winter outdoors (brrr!) but spring is blooming inside our home!

I have 9 easy spring home decor ideas that will have you jumping for springtime joy!

1. Front Door Spring Decor

You caught me!

There is no snow on the ground and ice on the driveway and I’m hanging a basket of spring florals on our door!

I may be crazy but I am determined to add some springtime flair to the door.

I think the key to a welcoming front door is in the color!

Color beckons you from the sidewalk.

And front door color signals to the world where your decorating vibe is headed!

Purples, pinks, yellows, and green…this basket sends out a big “Welcome” to the season as well as to family and friends!

A front door basket full of spring florals.

Don’t forget a bow!

Purple and pink faux flowers in a front door basket is a great spring decor idea.

2. Spring Decor Blooms

Let spring bloom inside your home with flowers!

Until the real flowers are breaking ground, take advantage of the many amazing faux florals that are available.

My favorite?


My ultimate favorite?

Bright pink tulips!

Tucked within a sea of blue and white ceramics, these pink tulips grab your attention and cheerfully signal “Spring!”

Pink faux tulips sitting in a sea of blue and white ceramics is a colorful spring home decor idea.

Flowers on a kitchen island are always a good idea!

Pink blooms in glass bud vases creates a spring home decor centerpiece.

Add some flowers to your kitchen sink work area.

This sweet flower pot comes from Trader Joe’s and makes washing dishes a cheerier task!

Sweet pink flowers sitting with some dish washing soap and hand soap by the kitchen sink.

3. Plants

If you are a plant lover, you probably nurture your plant babies all year long.

When spring rolls around, consider propagating some of those plants!

The easiest way…lots of plants can be propagated by simply snipping leaves and plunking them in water.

Give it a little time and you will roots curling underneath the greenery…springtime renewal!

Propagated pothos plant leaves sitting by a warm window.

Also, consider moving plants to windows that give the best light.

Light sources change from season to season and your plants will thank you for paying attention.

This fiddle leaf fig (my first and favorite) spent the winter in my office where the light was best.

I love seeing beautiful light on the green leaves!

Now that the days are lengthening, the bright indirect light is best in the kitchen. We will wait for spring together!

A fiddle leaf fig plant is living spring home decor when displayed by a window.

4. Pillows

Possibly the easiest way to transition spring home decor is through pillows.

I’ve packed away the heavy plaids and course textured pillows and am embracing pillows with the light bright feel of spring.

Blue and white works for me year-round but especially in the spring!

The light and airy pattern of these stacked pillows will give any room a lift!

Blue and white pillows are an easy way to refresh your home decor for Spring.

This cobalt blue chair is the perfect spot for a chinoiserie pillow.

This pillow was one of my “souvenirs” from our trip to Charleston last fall.

I call it my “hurricane pillow” and consider it one of my favorites! (Ask me sometime about my tour of Charleston during a hurricane!)

A blue and white chinoiserie pillow sitting in a cobalt blue chair.

5. Green Moss

When I think of spring, I think of green grass, green leaves on the trees…and green moss!

These green moss spheres displayed in a wood dough bowl are a great way to bring springtime green into your home.

Green moss spheres sitting in a wood dough bowl are versatile Spring home decor.

And who wouldn’t love this green moss bunny tucked into an arrangement with more green moss!

Guess what?

A moss covered bunny sitting in a white planter with faux flowers.

There are actually two little bunnies!

They are ready for spring too!

Two moss bunnies double as Spring home decor and Easter decor.

6. Artwork Refresh

Give your walls a springtime refresh with artwork!

Whether muted or bold tones, any color paired with white will give your wall a sense of lightness.

Take it a step further and frame your artwork in a white frame as well!

Blue and White wall art displayed as Spring home decor in a laundry room.

Nothing says “Spring” more than a brightly colored butterfly!

This gorgeous monarch butterfly print from Urban Garden Prints is spending Spring in “The Dot Room.” (My craft studio)

A colorful butterfly wall art piece hanging in a craft studio.

7. Table Centerpiece

It seems like I just packed away all of the holiday dishes and napkins…time to set the table with some spring-y vibes!

White plates, rose gold chargers, fresh napkins, and bright crystal goblets seem to catch the light of the day.

Truth be told, this light is the reflection from the snow outside. (I’m not picky about the source of great light!)

I might sound like a broken record but break out the “good china” and USE it! Better to hold yummy food than to gather dust!

A light and airy table setting with glass goblets.

Don’t forget the centerpiece!

I combined three placemats to create this table runner that holds red tulips from Trader Joe’s!

Red tulips create colorful spring home decor when sitting on a table runner.

8. Books

I am a sucker for a beautiful book jacket.

And, I do not have the willpower to say “no” to a beautiful garden book.

Display them!

Let the garden inspiration jump off the pages and inspire you for your future spring and summer garden!

Garden books double as reading material and Spring home decor.

You don’t need to keep them closed!

Open a garden book to a favorite page and place a favorite plant or flower nearby.

Spring inspiration!

A garden book sitting on open on a coffee table with a fluffy fern sitting on top.

9. DIY Spring Decor

If you can’t buy it, DIY it!

Here are some of my favorite DIY projects that are great spring home decor ideas!

This Painted Wicker Basket project.

Bright pink tulips sitting in a painted wicker spring decorative basket.

These Spring Decoupage Bottles

A DIY spring decor project for your home using glass bottles, napkins, and decoupage.

How about Mini Tabletop Greenhouse for all of those springtime plants?

An open air plant greenhouse made from photo frames.

This A Moss May Day Basket

A May Day basket covered with springtime green moss.

Whew! Who knew there were so many simple and creative ways to spruce up your home for this season?

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some pretty blooms and a book to give your space a springtime feel.

Fill it with plants, pillows, and pieces of art that will have you feeling refreshed and re-energized.

Don’t forget that wonderful DIY decor project you’ve been dying to try out. Liven up your homes with hints of green moss and special spring table centerpieces.

Let’s transform our abode into the springtime sanctuary it deserves to be.

A sweetberry bush with raindrops on the leaves.
It will still be a couple of months before we see all of this green…dreaming now!

Spring will be here soon, my friends! In the meantime, decorate using some of these easy spring home decor ideas and kick off the warm weather right!


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9 Easy Spring Home Decor Ideas

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