Spray Paint Projects that are Fun and Easy

Spray paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform items in your home. Here are 12 fun and easy spray paint projects to try!

Give me a can of spray paint and I am a happy camper! These 12 spray paint projects are quick, easy and feed my need for instant gratification!

We all have things in our homes that we love.

Some may be mainstream and some may be more quirky in nature.

You know…the fish-shaped pitcher that your grandmother gave you.

Or, the purple and pink tray that you picked up at a yard sale.

Remember how excited you were when you bought those brown and rust Tuscan candlesticks?

Decorating Evolution

Styles and trends change…and so does our design aesthetic!

I love a traditional, classic style.

But I also love color!

And, I also love the unexpected and enjoy incorporating some whimsy or quirkiness into a room.

For example, I love Beethoven!

As in…my Beethoven bust!

He is chipped at the base and always has a very stern look on his face. (He looks great with a wreath on his head at Christmas time!)

But he is a reference to my love of music, classic design, and the perfectly imperfect home accent!

A Beethoven bust is the next spray paint project.
Me and Ludwig!

I’m going to give Ludwig a BIG makeover…with spray paint!

After all, spray paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform an item instantly!

While I do need to be patient during the drying time, there is something so SATISFYING about spray painting!

How to Spray Paint Anything

First, prep your painting area. You need an open space with lots of ventilation. Outdoors is always best but a room with lots of open windows can work as well.

Let’s give Beethoven a makeover!

Second, choose your spray paint. I always like to use one that is a combination paint/primer. It saves you a step!

Third, shake the paint can well for about 60 seconds. Consider it a good arm workout for the day!

Shake, shake, shake!

Next, start spraying LIGHT coats on your object. This is where you need patience and not let yourself get “spray heavy.”

Last, give the piece one last spray coat (hit those detail spots!) let it dry between coats and you will get nice, even coverage.

Scroll down to see the finished Beethoven displayed in our living room!

The possibilities for spray painting are endless! I thought I would share with you some of my favorite spray painting projects. In fact, I have 12 to show you!

Stay tuned so you don’t miss Beethoven’s big reveal!

1. Spray Paint Project + Candles (or at least the Lids)

Who knew that the wood lid from a jar candle could be so handy?

In fact, it makes the perfect coaster!

Transforming wood jar candle lids with spray paint.

From Candle Lid to Coaster

2. Wallpaper

Wah Wah. This cd tower storage unit has seen better days!

Wood cd tower project that needs spray paint.

Combine spray paint and wallpaper to create an updated set of drawers for a nightstand, dresser, or in the case, a dated cd storage tower. You can see this project here!

3. Stick on Stencil

While this rocker is chock full of child rocking memories, it was time for a refresh!

Brown wood rocking chair spray paint project.

Reinvent an old chair with spray paint and a peel and stick monogram. I had so much fun with this DIY Rocking Chair Makeover!

4. Spray Paint Project Refresh

Yard and estate sales can be treasure-troves!

Refreshing yard sale finds with spray paint.

I found these metal topiary cages at a yard sale. (The tall rusty things in the back!)

But they were bent, rusted, and needed a little TLC. Spray paint to the rescue. In the end, these refreshed cages saved my flower bed from my energetic dog. See how in this post about When My Dog Trampled My Garden.

5. Stripes

If you had told me 6 months ago that you could spray paint stripes on wicker, I would have shaken my head and thought you were a little nuts.

Spray paint stripes on this white wicker chest project

Wicker Trunk Magic by Spray Painting Stripes

6. Gold Leaf

It’s a pear.

Yes. A pear.

Give me some spray paint and gold leaf and watch the transformation begin!

Turning a tuscan pear into a contemporary sculpture with gold leaf and spray paint.

How to Gold Leaf Anything

7. Metal

Some metal house numbers proved to be the inspiration for this file cabinet spray paint project.

Metal house numbers can be spray painted.

A File Cabinet Makeover in 3 Easy Steps

8. Styrofoam

A last-second dollar store find led me to this fall wreath project.

Spray painting a styrofoam wreath form

Fall Wreath in 3 Easy Steps

9. Spray Paint Project + Thrift Finds

This thrift store dresser was in really good shape and, actually, would have been fine as is.

Except, I needed a black dresser! What a difference spray paint made!

Even a large vintage wood dresser can be spray painted.

Closet Makeover Using Project Leftovers

10. Spray Paint Projects + Hardware

I haven’t done a blog post on our fireplace project yet so you will get the first reveal!

You can choose the greatest tile in the world, but if the hardware doesn’t work with it…uh oh!

Rather than buy new hardware…spray paint it!

Fireplace screen with gold hardware that can be spray painted a hammered grey.
Finished Fireplace with painted hardware

11. Spray Paint + Tricky Spots

Furniture feet can be tricky to paint. Curves, grooves, and edges can take FOREVER to paint if you are painting, drying, and turning to get each side covered.

Spray paint is the solution in this bookcase makeover project!

Using spray paint is a good way to paint wood bun furniture feet.

An Easy and Dramatic Bookshelf Makeover

12. Busted!

Oh, my beloved Beethoven! Time to wake up in technicolor!

Beethoven bust with can of Colorshot spray paint.

ColorShot spray paint in the color “Hello Handsome!” This was destined for Ludwig! (Colorshot has AMAZING colors from which to choose!)

Whoo Hoo! My favorite spray paint project so far!

I don’t know whether to play the BLUES on the piano or take him to a BLUE MAN GROUP concert!

Colorful? Yes!

Quirky? Yes!

Unpredictable? You bet!

Beethoven bust has been spray painted with Colorshot "Hell Handsome."

I am so in love with my blue Beethoven! It is so fun moving him around the room!

Happy spray painting, my friends!


Bonus Spray Paint Project!

Here is an awesome spray paint project that transformed an outdoor pot. (Again with the BLUE? How about a PINK and GREEN plant!)

Prepping a terra cotta pot for painting.
Painted pot with flowers.


  1. You are always so enthusiastic and full of inspiration!!! I have so many projects that could use a can of spray paint. Thanks for all of your great ideas!

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