A Fall Wreath Idea in 3 Easy Steps

Jump into the spirit of autumn and use this easy fall wreath idea inside and out!

I don’t normally think of the dollar store as my inspiration for a fall wreath idea.

Yet, the dollar store has a strange hold on me. My favorite is Dollar Tree as it always has a great selection and is very conveniently located.

I typically stop by every couple of weeks to pick up dog treats, floor cleaner and reading glasses for my husband. (To replace the ones our dog chews up!)

However, once there, I find myself wandering the aisles with amazement at everything that costs only ONE DOLLAR!

Furthermore, I catch myself staring at items that I did not intend to buy but somehow make their way home with me.

Once, a complete dish set of four place settings ended up in our kitchen. Can you guess which of these plates are from the dollar store?

Dollar store dishes
The two blue and white floral plates are from the dollar store!

Another time, I loaded up on skeins of yarn so I could make pom poms for some outdoor pillows.

Speaking of pom-poms, you can see my pom-pom pillow project here!

Pom pom pillows
Pom poms completely transformed these outdoor pillows.

A couple of weeks ago, I caught myself staring at styrofoam wreath forms at the dollar store.

Nothing fancy.

Just 9″ styrofoam wreath forms.

What could I do with those?

And, as I often do, I bought a couple of them without knowing what I would do with them.

Well, after all, they are only a dollar each!

A Fall Wreath Idea Takes Shape

The next step in figuring out what to do with my random purchase is to raid my office closet. Surely something will jog a thought.


I rediscovered a spool of brown suede leather stripping that I had bought on another “I can do something with this!” shopping trip. Then I found the black leather lacing spool just tucked underneath.


The idea was born and I didn’t look back.

Styrofoam wreath form with suede and leather lacing spools
For your convenience, an affiliate link for the leather lacing spools can be found here.

In fact, three easy steps later, I was hanging my wreath on an outdoor metal lantern.

Supplies Needed

  • Styrofoam wreath (Hello dollar store!)
  • Spray paint (I used black.)
  • Spool of leather lacing (I chose brown.)
  • If desired, a spool of leather lacing in a contrasting color (I chose black)
  • Various faux flower and/or greener stems (also found at the dollar store!)

Step #1

Spray paint the styrofoam wreath in a color that you don’t mind peeking through the laces. (The laws of physics don’t allow full coverage on a round form so the background color will show a little.)

Spray painting a styrofoam wreath form

Are you a fan of spray painting like me? You might like this…12 Spray Paint Projects that are Fun and Easy!

Step #2

Wind the leather lacing around the wreath form. No need to glue or pin. I merely tucked the beginning and ending threads under the leather as I wound it around.

Wrapping suede lacing around a styrofoam wreath form.

Just keep winding…just keep winding…

Covering a wreath form with suede lacing.

Step #3

Gather your faux flowers or leaves (or both) and tie them to the side of the wreath form with the contrasting leather lacing.

I used just a simple knot. No fuss!

Tied faux flowers with leather lacing.

Hang your new fall wreath creation on any window, door or doorknob.

My wreath found a home on the front of a metal lantern that sits atop a planter on our front porch.

Fall wreath attached to lantern.
Fall Wreath displayed on lantern door.
Suede wreath displayed on front porch.

Check out how I displayed this wreath in our bookcase…Decorate Your Shelves for Fall

And, if interested, here is the tutorial on the Bookcase Makeover!

The total cost for this fall wreath idea was about $20.

Have I mentioned…I love the dollar store!

Good thing I have another wreath form and supplies…I have another lantern to adorn!


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