An Unexpected Way to Decorate Your Front Door for Fall

Take a cue from your closet and discover an easy and creative way to decorate your door for fall!

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What is it about a front door that is so appealing?

Truth be told, I have a small obsession with front doors.

I love to check them out from afar when I walk the neighborhood.

The front door design board pages in my HGTV magazines are my first viewing go-to when each issue arrives.

The “Exterior” board on my Pinterest is full of gorgeous doors and beautiful decorating ideas that I aspire to.

And, let’s admit it…the best door decor opportunities are in the fall and during the holidays.

With school starting and the first cooler evenings, I am ready to open the door…to Fall Door Decorating!

It’s in the Bag!

Let’s go for something beyond the usual wreath.

Don’t get me wrong…I love a stunning wreath!

But I’m thinking something more utilitarian, but still stylish.

How about…my handbag!

This will be the perfect “base” for a door decoration! The woven material and pops of color already make me think of autumn!

Woven bags are all the rage right now and I see such beautiful ones every time I am shopping online or in person.

Building the Bag

This particular bag hangs beautifully from an adhesive hook on the door glass. However, a wreath hanger will work just as well.

Doesn’t it already have a pumpkin shape? Whee!

With this arrangement, LAYERING is the word of the day. I am using faux stems but you can go full fresh or even half fresh/half faux.

First, an all-around eucalyptus backdrop.

The second layer consists of a couple of magnolia leaf stems tucked in asymmetrically. I love that you can see some of the brown under the leaf. It looks so real!

Nature is not always symmetrical and neither is the door arrangement. So, a differently shaded eucalyptus stem gets tucked into one side and popping up higher than the rest.

Now the fun part…COLOR! I do not know what this faux flower is, but I know that I love it. I will call it my “orangey spiky zinger!” (If someone knows the name of this flower, please let me know in the comments!)

I could add a ribbon bow? Hmm…what ribbon? I went through all my ribbon and nothing was grabbing me.

Then, lightbulb! My favorite tassel charm instead of a bow!

Oh, the colors!

In addition to accessorizing my purses, I have used this tassel as…A Wicker Trunk Tassel Handle What a fun project that was!

You can see the tassel charm here.

The Final Result

Voila! One stunning door!

The best thing about this is that the bag works equally well year round. I can just change out what I put in it each season!

Happy Door Decorating!



    1. Hi Tracey! Thank you so much! I found the faux magnolia at a shop called Nell Hills in Kansas City. (If you have never been there, put it on your bucket list!) While I bought the magnolia a year ago, they may still currently carry it? You might try emailing them at [email protected]. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    1. Thanks, Becky! It was a fun project…and a fun project to photograph because I had just gotten my hair cut with you!

  1. Missy – So clever! I love it. I love to admire doors too. In Ireland doors were in more than half my pictures!

    1. Hi Regina! So we belong to the “door lover club!” So many fun and interesting doors! Thanks for reading!

  2. I must admit that you threw me with the purse at first. But once the florals were added, it turned into a beautiful addition to your beautiful blue door. Beautiful and so very creative! Thank you for sharing at #omhgww. See you next week. Pinned.

    1. Hi Clearissa!
      Thank you so much! I was a little skeptical myself when I started to put it together. However, the more I added to it, the more I loved it. Thank you so much for reading and sharing!

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