15 DIY Wallpaper Crafts for Creative Home Decor Projects

Have you ever looked at a leftover roll of wallpaper and wished it could be more than just wall décor? Dig into these easy and fun wallpaper crafts and discover how to transform those beautiful patterns into stunning, functional home decor pieces for your home!

Unrolling. roll of wallpaper for DIY crafts as a white dog looks on.

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I’ve always been a sucker for a bold wallpaper. The brighter the colors, the crazier the patterns, the better!  

My dining room walls are a testament to that. 

And my powder room…

And my craft room…

You get the point!

Bold wallpaper in a dining room - Sonata Home Design
Woman taking a selfie photo in the mirror of a half bath powder room with green and white wallpaper.
A daybed sitting in front of a wall with blue and white polka dot wallpaper.

But what about all those leftover scraps after a project, or that perfect roll I can’t quite bring myself to use on a whole wall? 

That’s where wallpaper crafts come in! These are easy DIY wallpaper ideas for which you don’t need rolls of wallpaper.

You might have heard of wallpaper crafts for kids. These are wallpaper crafts for adults!

Today, we’re going to explore some creative ways to transform those leftover pieces into unique and functional items for your home. We’re talking easy projects!

It’s a win-win: it’s a great way to use up some extra wallpaper, and you get some amazing new decor pieces that reflect your love of color and pattern. Let’s get started!

Craft Wallpaper Ideas for Unique Decor In Your Home

So, you’ve got your leftover wallpaper stash in hand (or maybe you snagged a new roll specifically for this project!). Now what? 

Here is a whole host of fun projects that use wallpaper and add some serious personality to your space!

Decorative Wallpaper Bowl

I’ve had people who were amazed that this bowl is actually covered with wallpaper! 

DIY wallpaper bowl crafts with blue and ivory paper.

The project literally calls for leftover wallpaper scraps and only takes about an hour to make. 

It cost me a mere $5!

You can see the wallpaper bowl project details HERE.

Such a quick and easy way to take an inexpensive dollar-store bowl and turn it into a beautiful work of art!

Here are some fun ways to style your new wallpapered bowl:

  • Fill with fruit and display on your kitchen island.
  • Style with decorative balls with interesting textures.
  • Fill with pinecones! For summer, use bleached pine cones.l For winter,  spray the pinecones with metallic paint. And for fall, leave them in their natural state. Each way will look amazing in your bowl!
  • Use the bowl to store colorful yarn balls, keeping your knitting or crocheting projects organized and adding a pop of color to your craft space.
  • Keep it simple by using the bowl as a catch-all for keys, loose change, or other small items you tend to misplace.

Wallpaper Covered Books

If you are of a certain age, you might recall covering your textbooks at the beginning of each school year. I love covering my books with basic grocery sacks and then decorating the books with markers and stickers.

The same premise goes for covering books in your home for a lovely and cohesive decor touch. Simply fold and cover your books with small pieces of wallpaper!

Crafted book decor using wallpaper to cover the books.

For this project, I love to use a white textured wallpaper that enhances the visual interest in a bookshelf where I want to feature other interesting pieces of decor or vintage treasures.

I can’t tell you how many times guests have zeroed in on these covered books.

So simple and yet so stylish!

Wallpapered Bookshelves

Don’t stop with the books. Wallpaper the bookshelves!

Or at least the back of them!

DIY wallpaper Bookshelf.

This is a fantastic use of wallpaper that will give your room an interior design pattern punch without the commitment of papering an entire wall.

So choose a design that is a little more daring…you can always change it later it you want!

This bookcase got a total makeover with paint and wallpaper.

You can see all the details HERE.

Drawers of Wallpaper

You will love the pattern surprise when you open the drawers of this project!

Drawers lined with wallpaper on the sides.

While the wallpaper is not seen on the exterior of this repurposed wood CD tower (because I donated all of our CDs!), it gets the spotlight when you open the drawers and see the glorious pattern!

Take a look at how simple this wallpaper drawer project is HERE.

From Humble Utility Cart to Chic Bar Cart

Grab a basic utility cart from Amazon, Ikea, or other big box stores, and turn it into a chic bar cart or side table with old wallpaper!

wallpaper crafts: a utility cart covered with blue and white wallpaper.

As paper crafts go, this project takes a little more measuring and cutting of smaller pieces, but the effort is well worth it!

Check out the project details HERE.

I love to use this as a portable bar cart in our kitchen.

But I also love to style it as an additional side table in the living room.

Or, keep it true to its original intent and create the most unique craft cart!

Table Lamp Makeover

Do you have a lamp that could use a makeover? Consider transforming the shade with some peel-and-stick wallpaper!

A lampshade crafted with green and white peel-and-stick wallpaper and grosgrain ribbon.

I had leftovers of this bold modern wallpaper that I had used in our powder room makeover. I also had a fairly blah lamp with a shade that had yellowed over time. The good news was that the shade was in really good shape.

No craft supplies are needed (Ok, scissors!)and the project is so simple! Just cutting and rolling.

You can see full details of this project HERE.

The leftover wallpaper has a bold and graphic green pattern that is beautifully featured on the shade.

You can style your new lamp in the same room as the wallpaper pattern. Or, use the lamp in a completely different room and “cross-pollinate” your color and pattern throughout the house!

Speaking of Lamp Shades…Wallpaper Lampshade Wreath

Once I discovered how easy it is to wallpaper a lampshade, I decided to take it a step further and create a wallpaper lampshade wreath!

wallpaper wreath crafts made from a lampshade.

This DIY project is great for hanging on a covered porch (Note: this is not a weatherproof wreath!), displayed on an interior wall, or styled as a unique table centerpiece!

Check out the wallpapered lampshade wreath project details HERE.

You can also personalize this project for a particular season or holiday.

It is so fun to create handmade pieces that are completely and totally unique to you!

From Tabletop to Table-Wow

Believe it or not, this table is made from lampshades and wallpaper. It is one of my favorite one-of-a-kind items.

A side table crafted from two lampshades and covered with wallpaper.

While the lampshade base is a very fun and unique project, you can wallpaper the top surface of pretty much any table.

Whether you choose a modern paper pattern, a whimsical pattern play, or one from the arts and crafts movement, this is one of the perfect ways to use wallpaper scraps.

You can learn how to make this table HERE. (lampshade table tips included!)

Wall Art Masterpieces

Create your own original art with wallpaper!

While the wallpaper pattern might not be of your creation, how you frame it can be!

Wallpaper framed in gold frames.

Imagine Victorian pattern wallpapers displayed in vintage frames.

Or a favorite abstract wallpaper in a streamlined modern frame.

A simple wallpaper cutout becomes instant art!

Get some tips on how to frame wallpaper HERE.

Tray Chic

You don’t need to think beyond a pair of scissors for this project!

Simply cut a piece of wallpaper to slide into the bottom of a tray. You could change this out to a different wallpaper pattern every day of the week if you wanted!

A pink and orange tray lined with wallpaper.

Banish Closet Boredom

Once upon a time, there was a small closet in a hallway. 

The closet was an organizational disaster with home decor and cleaning stuffed into it willy-nilly.

It gave the heroine of this story (Guess who?) a few anxious moments when she would open the door to a horrible mess.

Guess what saved the day?

Peel and stick wallpaper sheets from the dollar store. The DOLLAR STORE!

Now this heroine can open her closet designated for home decor without fear of her favorite chinoiserie vase hitting her on the head! She has decided that wallpaper is indeed one of the most powerful tools in transforming a boring and disorganized space!

A closet reorganized and decorated with wallpaper sheets in an ivory and brown chevron pattern.

See how to use dollar store wallpaper sheets HERE.

Even More Wallpaper Craft Inspiration:

  1. Magazine Menagerie: Breathe new life into old magazines by using wallpaper to create decorative covers for storage boxes. Group them together for a stylish and personalized magazine rack.
  2. Picture Frame Flair: Update plain picture frames with a touch of wallpaper. Use contrasting patterns for a bold statement or coordinate with the artwork for a cohesive look.
  3. Coaster Canvas: Transform plain cork coasters into mini works of art by decoupaging them with your favorite wallpaper scraps. This is a quick and easy project for adding a splash of color to your coffee table.
  4. Tech Organizer Delight: Tame those tangled cords! Use wallpaper to decorate cardboard boxes or magazine holders, creating stylish organizers for your phone chargers, laptop cords, and other tech essentials.
  5. Updated Step Stools: Line each step of a step stool with your favorite wallpaper. You could use one pattern or make each step a different pattern!

Alright, that’s a wrap on this wallpaper craft extravaganza! By now, you’re probably itching to grab some scraps and unleash your inner decorator. 

wallpaper crafts: A piece of chinoiserie wallpaper in a black frame.

Remember, these wallpaper craft ideas are just a springboard to get your creative juices flowing. 

So don’t be afraid to mix and match ideas, add your own personal touch, and maybe even come up with a simple wallpaper crafts haven’t even been thought of yet! 


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  1. I want to try every single one of these projects now. The hard part is deciding which one to do with the leftover wallpaper I have available. I definitely made post-it notes for my project binder using these ideas. Thanks so much for sharing fresh inspiration each week. This post will be a feature at the next party. #HomeMattersParty I also subscribed to your email.

    1. Oh, you are so nice, Donna! I’m glad you liked the post. Be sure to let me know which ones you try! Thank you so much for the feature!

    1. Hi Soma! It is a great way to use wallpaper without a huge commitment! I hope the wallpaper stripping goes quickly for you!

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