Introducing “The Dot Room”: Colorful and Whimsical Craft Room Ideas

Discover oodles of craft room ideas that are both stylish and functional in this colorful and whimsical craft room christened “The Dot Room.”

Introducing “The Dot Room!”

Over the past few months, I have been slowly creating a craft/project/hobby room for myself and my business.

A place where I can create…

…perhaps read…


…and get something done without having to cart all of my supplies around and commandeer the kitchen island!

Call it my indoor “She-shed!” (Oh, how I have longed for one of these!)

Now that it is complete and ready for project making, I invite you to take a tour of the “Dot Room” and get some craft room ideas that you can use in your own creative space.

Bonus Room Redefined

This room is connected to a guest bedroom.

We never quite knew what to do with it so it became a “Don’t know where else to put it so put it in the bonus room” storage room.

Do you have a room like this?

After 18 years in the house, it was time to give it a purpose. Let the craft room ideas flow!

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An empty room with a lone chair sitting in the middle. The new craft room space.

Walls and Floor

Let’s face it, one of the primary issues with a craft room is storage. But before you get to the meat and potatoes of the room, why not consider how your walls and floor can surround you with inspiration.

I love wallpaper so decided that this would be a feature of the room. This “Dot” peel-and-stick wallpaper from Target called my name immediately!

Planning the craft room design and hanging the wallpaper was my first step.

Wallpaper with navy blue dots on a white background.

In order to not overwhelm the room and to save some money, I wallpapered only the window wall and the nook space.

Then my love of color took over and I added this pink, green, and blue rug. (Yes, you can lay a rug over the carpet!)

The background of the room was set!

The craft room with the dot wallpaper installed and a pink, green, and blue rug on the floor.

My Craft Room Storage

Storage is probably the most practical of considerations for any craft room. Mine was no exception. I need places to store all of my stuff!

This is a small room with some weird angles. I kept my main storage area low to the ground and consolidated it to avoid the slant ceilings.

These open-shelf storage units were a lifesaver! At just the right height, they came in different widths so I could customize what I needed for the storage wall.

Baskets, boxes, trays, and jars give lots of options for storing supplies of all shapes and sizes.

Vintage garden prints from Urban Gardens are helping me turn my suburban home into a country estate …at least in my mind! You can read about them here!

White craft room storage unit filled with craft supplies.
  1. Pegboards – These allow you to hang your tools in a consolidated space with easy access. Don’t forget to add some pretty elements to keep your inspiration going. Books, wallpaper or fabric samples and other inspiring “bits” can easily co-exist with a hammer and screwdriver!
A white pegboard filled with tools such as a hammer, pliers, level, tape.
These are my favorite pegboards from Ikea. Who knew a pegboard could be elegant!

2. Cubbies, Baskets, and Boxes – Open storage can be a really good thing. As a visual person, I am much more likely to use something or know where something is if I can see it!

Fill cubbies with various baskets, boxes, and trays.

I love to incorporate used candle jars as storage. These are great for keeping small supplies in one place.

A two-tiered tray holding craft supplies.

Ribbon Storage

This ribbon rack hanging on a corner wall is a leftover from Sonata’s brick-and-mortar days.

A ribbon rack holding various ribbons in lots of different colors and patterns.

So glad I saved it!

A tray holding a pitchers of tulips and several skeins of pink and orange yarn.

The Craft Room Furniture

The furniture for the craft room also needs to be very functional. But still beautiful and inspiring!

A hand-me-down dresser got a major makeover with some new paint and hardware.

And then there is the table…covered in blue foil leaf!

You can read the story of the blue leaf table here!

An emerald green dresser sitting in front of a blue table.

This colorful pom-pom tassel charm is the perfect whimsical detail to hang from the dresser knob!

A close-up of a multi-colored pom-pom tassel hanging on the knob of the green dresser.

This bulletin board allows me to sit at the table and see my to-do list as well as inspiration for my next project. You can see how I turned a ho-hum bulletin board into inspirational wall art!

The craft room bulletin board holding various bits of decorating inspiration.

The Craft Room Nook

One of the interesting and challenging areas of the room is this little off-shoot nook.

I considered another work table for the space. However, when I discovered that the daybed from another bedroom fit the space, the function of the area took an unexpected twist!

One of those twists is this amazing butterfly print from Urban Garden Prints!

Why a bed in a craft room?

The craft room nook with dotted wallpaper, a black daybed with white coverlet, and a butterfly print hanging on the wall.

Here is what I can do in this space!

  • Hand-sewing
  • Make pom-poms
  • Wind yarn (I actually do this a lot!)
  • Create mood boards
  • Read design books
  • Video my new Instagram Live weekly spot: Decorating on the Dot!…Wednesdays on Instagram at 2:00 pm (CST) You are invited!
A close-up of the butterfly wall art hanging above the daybed in the craft room nook.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my new craft room. Honestly, this is the most organized and “put together” it will ever be.

Photo of Missy in the craft room.

Time to create, make a mess, and keep on dreaming!



  1. Absolute perfection!! I can’t think of anything that would make this space more beautiful…you have done an outstanding job on it! I love the dots, all the color and the little nook is like a hideaway! 😁 I would be in total heaven to have a space like this! I hope you enjoy every moment you spend in here!

    1. Oh, Pat! Your comments make my heart sing! Thank you so much! I don’t know that I have ever had so much fun decorating a room. Look for upcoming projects created in this room!

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