A Quick Summertime Dough Bowl Idea…or Any Bowl For That Matter

Discover a simple, quick, and fun summertime dough bowl idea (or any type of bowl) that will transport you poolside in a hot minute!

It’s hot outside!

And a little too soon for my liking.

I am one of those people who like my temps between 72 and 78 degrees.

90 degrees and above have me scurrying inside where I am spoiled by the air conditioner.

Unless there is a swimming pool!


Since I don’t have one in my backyard…

And, since I am not wild about wearing a bathing suit…

I created a little poolside centerpiece indoors using my dough bowl!

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A Summertime Dough Bowl Idea

I needed a little inspiration for my summertime dough bowl idea. After all, a rustic dough bowl doesn’t necessarily scream “pool time!”

An empty dough bowl sitting on a stack of red books.
You can see a similar dough bowl HERE.

So, I look to my “indoor pool!”

This table in my craft room had gotten a fancy new blue foil makeover. The blue foil top is so reflective and always reminds me of a pool of water. The perfect inspiration for my poolside dough bowl centerpiece!

Not familiar with “The Dot”? Check it out here!

A blue foil top craft table is the inspiration for this summertime dough bowl idea.

Everything looks great on this table! However, I think I need to swap out coffee for something cooler!

A coffee cup sitting on top of the blue foil table.

Bring out the Pool Noodles!

To elevate the bowl (literally, elevate!), I used a pool noodle purchased at a dollar store and some duct tape.

A pool noodle and duct tape sitting on a table.

A quick twist of the pool noodle and it is easy to wrap the tape around the ends to create an instant circle. I then shaped it into an oval to fit the dough bowl shape.

The pool noodle ends taped together with duct tape.

The dough bowl “floats” inside!

I “shopped” my house for beachy items that I could use to style the bowl.

Shades of blue pebbles and the dough bowl are the key pieces in this summertime dough bowl idea.

The glass pebbles in shades of blue give me pool vibes and look so pretty in the bowl. I love the contrast between the rustic wood and the pretty glass!

There is a functional purpose for the pebbles that you will see very soon…

Shades of blue glass pebbles sitting inside the dough bowl for the summertime dough bowl idea.

A summertime beach towel adds color and pattern!

Everything Needs a Purpose

The centerpiece needs a purpose. And, that purpose is to hold food and drink!

Cupcakes and sodas!

Blue foil cupcake liners and firework cupcake toppers bring in pool colors and celebration vibes!

Function Alert: You might notice that it is the blue glass pebbles in the bowl that elevate the cupcakes and sodas so they sit evenly. Use pebbles like this any time you need to elevate or even out a surface of a bowl!

The completed summertime dough bowl ideas: Cupcakes and sodas in glass bottles sitting on top of the blue glass pebbles in the dough bowl.

Ready for some fun in the sun!

Indoors or out!

Happy Summertime Fun!


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