A Colorful Christmas Bed Makeover with Black Dog Salvage

Looking for a fun way to give your bedroom a Christmas makeover? Give your bed a holiday makeover with Black Dog Salvage furniture paint and some colorful Christmas decor.

Follow along and see the transformation of an old bed frame into an eye-catching piece of decor. Read for more tips on how to bring the spirit of the holidays into your bedroom.

A bedpost painted with Black Dog Salvage Emerald Green furniture paint.

Have you recovered from Thanksgiving and eaten up all of your leftovers?

I think I am still in a post-Thanksgiving food coma.

As in, I just want to lay in bed in my pajamas.

But I also want to keep decorating for Christmas.

I think I can do both though with this bed frame makeover that I want to share with you.

And I want to introduce you to a new line of furniture paint that knocked me off my socks….and into a new bed!

***Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint gifted me some of their amazing furniture paint and sealer that I am excited to share with you. This post contains affiliate links that enable you to explore their beautiful furniture paint line and earns my business a small commission with each purchase.

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint logo

Take a look at this bed frame “gem.”

Vintage or just old and outdated? Or both? What is your vote?

This headboard and footboard were my husband’s bed frame when he was in high school.

And in his first apartment…

As well as our bedroom as a newly married couple. That’s 33 years ago…does this make us “vintage” or just old?

It is solid, brown, and shiny!

The "Before" photo of a brown wood headboard and footboard.
This bed has lived many lives!

We moved onto a different bed frame as time progressed and this ended up in our basement…for years!

Since we recently moved my daughter’s daybed from her bedroom to my craft room (so I can snooze between projects!), we needed a new bed frame for this bedroom.

Guess what got a makeover!

Black Dog Salvage Paint

Last summer, I discovered an amazing line of furniture paint.

Have you ever watched the tv show “Salvage Dawgs?

In the show, they disassemble old buildings and salvage architechtural pieces to be reused and repurposed.

Now they have an amazing paint line!

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint

Write it down! Or, click on it and check out all of their beautiful color palette and color recipes!

And write this code down to get 20% off a BDSFP purchase. SONATA20

Whether you are a seasoned furniture painter or crafter…or are painting for the first time, this is a paint you need to try!

Mixing paint colors with a Black Dog Salvage paint brush.
I’ve never painted with a round brush before. I like it! See it here!

Why Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is So Good

This paint is different from any paint I have worked with and there are some key benefits to these differences!

  • Low VOCs and low odor
  • Water-based
  • Can be brushed or sprayed
  • Can be used over varnished, lacquered, stained, metal or glass surfaces…no priming needed! ( Can you see why this is the perfect paint for my lacquered wood bed frame!)
  • It is self-leveling so it dries to a smooth matte finish…no brush marks!
  • And, my favorite thing…Paint Recipes!

This paint makes an old furniture piece come to life and magically hides any surface blemishes…or mistakes by the well-intentioned painter!

My Favorite Benefit

There are so many things to like about this paint line.

However, my favorite thing about BDSFP is that its colors are mixable.

You can create your own palette with black, white, or other colors in the line!

The bedroom where this bedframe will end up is a darker grey color. So, a strong color is needed for balance.

I finally decided on the BDSFP “Emerald City” recipe. (This is not an easy decision…so many great colors!)

Furniture Paint color sheet.
See more colors HERE!

One part “Go Green” plus two parts “Keep It Teal” equals beautiful “Emerald City!”

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint in colors "Go Green" and "Keep It Teal"
You can see Go Green and Keep It Teal here!

I sanded the frames just a little bit…mainly just over some chips and scratches.

Total time… about 5 minutes. I just scuffed it up a bit.

Lightly sanding the headboard.
Light sanding outdoors.

The painting was easy and quick because I didn’t need to prime and the paint is self-leveling.

Two coats and I was done!

The footboard with BDSFP Emerald Green.

After 24 hours of dry time, I added a couple of coats of the BDS Guard Dog topcoat.

Doesn’t the name just say it all?

Guard Dog protection for the makeover bed! (This comes in a satin or matte finish.)

Black Dog Salvage Guard Dog Topcoat
You can see Guard Dog Topcoat Paint Protector HERE.

Help for the Novice or Pro

Did I mention how helpful the folks at Black Dog Salvage are?

So helpful that they publish this free Ultimate Painting Guide.

Can we say invaluable? You better believe it!

It includes everything from brush techniques to color theory to creative color combinations!

Take a look HERE!

Bedroom Christmas Cheer

For years I decorated every room in the house for Christmas…except the bedrooms!

Now I really like to give our bedrooms a little Christmas cheer.

My preference is to keep it simple.



Just the right amount of color and cheer to say “Merry Christmas!”

A welcoming "Be Our Guest" pillow in a bedroom chair.
Have a seat!

To balance the beautiful, strong green color, I added a grey and white french ticking coverlet to the bed.

Topping it off is a festive plaid quilt with soft greenery outlining the footboard.

Green garland draped across the top of the painted footboard.
Who says old can’t be made new again?

Draping some felt letters with a Christmas salutation livens up his abstract wall art.

And, every bedroom can always use a little “Fa la la!”

A cheerful "Merry Christmas" message hanging above the painted headboard.
Ready to jump into bed!

I am in love with this green!

The old, shiny brown tones are gone and the bed frame has a brand-new look!

A Painted footboard post.
Emerald green + plaid equals “Merry Christmas!”

More Christmas Bedroom Ideas

Here are some more Christmas bedroom decorating ideas:

  • Bring in a Christmas color scheme
  • Add Christmas colors and patterns to the bed with quilts, coverlets, and pillows
  • Drape garland on the bed or on the window frame
  • Add some white or multi-colored Christmas lights to a drapery rod
  • Bring in a small tree and add some fun ornaments
  • Add a cozy throw
  • Don’t forget a Christmas-scented candle! (And don’t forget to put out the flame!)

You can jump in…Be My Guest!

The refreshed headboard and footboard in "Emerald Green" Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint.
This refreshed bed frame looks so much better!

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint for the Win!

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is the perfect paint to use on furniture and home décor projects. The paint goes on smoothly, is easy to work with, and covers incredibly well.

I am so pleased with the results of my headboard project using this paint!

If you are looking for high-quality, affordable paint to use on your next furniture or home décor project, I highly recommend Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint.

You can order the paint online using this BDS affiliate link. Type in the code SONATA20  for 20% off your order!

So don’t wait any longer – get started on your next DIY project today!

As for me…time for bed!


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A colorful Christmas bed makeover with Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint


  1. My favorite part is the greenery you’ve added to the bedframe! I, of course, love all the color as well. 🙂 Our house has lots of Christmas color and puts my husband and I in the holiday mood.

  2. Oh, Missy!! I just love your beautiful green bed!! It’s just perfect — what a great shade of green! I’m excited to use Black Dog Salvage paint as well! You’ve inspired me with your gorgeous green bed!!

    1. Thank you, Kim! I’m so glad you like it! This paint is so forgiving…and sometimes I need painting forgiveness! Lol!

  3. What a great idea to repurpose an old bed! Even better that you don’t have to do lots of prep work before painting!

    1. Thank you, Wendy! Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint makes it so easy by giving paint “recipes!” I felt like a paint chemist!

  4. Missy, the bedroom looks terrific all dressed up for Christmas! I am loving the Black Dog Salvage paint! It gives great coverage and the cleanup is so easy!! Great transformation!

    1. What a wonderful and fantastic surprise! Thank you so much, Donna! I love the Fabulous Friday Link Party!

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