Free Printable Project Planner for Your Room Makeover

Are you planning a room makeover? Do you struggle with knowing where to start? Is it a struggle to decorate your home so it feels like “you?” This free printable project planner to help you stay organized and on track!

Full of ways to get inspired and find your focus, I can help you turn your dream room into a reality!

A 2023 calendar planner

I just bought and filled out my new calendar planner for the year!

I do keep a digital calendar but…call me “Old School”…I love a physical calendar.

Dentist appointments, family birthdays, zoom meetings, and project deadlines have all been carefully added.

Calendar planner open to January

By February, there will undoubtedly be additions, deletions, and an overall general feeling of “too much!”

But it sure feels good now!

And, of course, there are the annual “New Year, New You” resolutions to be considered…

Is it time for a Room Makeover?

So often, my resolutions or goals revolve around a room in the house.

A room that is perhaps a little worn, a little tired, or a little dated.

Or even an empty room.

Last year, I emptied this room (formerly full of so much “stuff”)…

An empty room ready for a makeover using the free printable planner.

and gave it a makeover and turned it into a DIY studio that I call the “Dot Room.”

An update room after its makeover.

This project involved lots of elements…

  • Paint
  • Wallpaper
  • Furniture
  • DIY projects
  • Storage
  • Lighting
  • Floor Rug

Even though the room was not a major renovation, I needed to be organized!

Whether big or small, any room refresh or makeover works so much better with a clear vision and organization.

Not quite sure where to start with your room?


As a “Happy New Year” gift, I’m sharing my printable room makeover planner with you…FREE!

Free Printable Project Planner for Room Makeovers

Click here, download, and print this now!

I am giving this to you, my friends, as a gentle nudge (ok, a push!) to take a good look at a “tired” room and get going with its makeover.

The first page of the room makeover printable planner.

The five pages include the following pages:

  • Room Vision – Time to dream and brainstorm the direction of your room makeover!
  • Room Design Plan – From walls to furniture, fixtures to textiles, this page helps you define the details.
  • Room Checklist – I always love a good checklist! This is the spot to start the list of what stays and what goes!
  • Budget List – We don’t always like the “B” word but setting a budget is always important!
  • Shopping List – My favorite list of all!

It might be just one page that you need.

Or, you might want to jump in and use all of them!

Use for a larger project…

Or use for a bedroom “I need new pillows” refresh!

I’m using it myself this new year for a half-bath project. It is not a major project. But sometimes, at least for me, it is the smaller projects that can get spread out over too much time if I’m not organized enough.

The five pages of the room makeover printable planner.

Click HERE to get the FREE Printable Project Planner for a Room Makeover!

I would love for you to share your room project idea(s) in the comments!

Also, be sure to let me know if this printable is helpful to you. I want this to be something that is of good use to you!

Happy Dreaming!

Happy Planning!

And, Happy New Year, my friend!


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Free Printable Project Planner for your Room Makeover


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