How to Creatively Style Pillows on Your Sofa

Creatively style your pillows on your sofa by using pillows in a variety of shapes, textures, patterns, solids, and colors.

Looking to creatively style pillows for your sofa? Ditch the matching pillows that came with the sofa.

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Whoa! That is a strong statement right out of the gate! Ditch the matching pillows?

What? No chit-chat about how much I love pillows? (A lot!)

Or how many pillows our dog Bentley has chewed up? (A LOT!)

No, we are going right to my best pillow styling tip: Ditch the matching pillows that came with the sofa.

Now your sofa is a blank slate and you are the pillow arranging ARTIST!

So, start with a blank sofa.

A brown leather sofa without any pillows.

This is our new leather sofa that I ordered from Amazon. We could not be happier with it. Soft, stylish, and perfectly scaled for our room…I can’t say enough good things about it. You can see the details and order it HERE.

Our living room makeover kind of centered itself around the leather sofa. You can read about it here. A Living Room Revamp that is Bright and Colorful

Some of you have asked about our rug. It is possibly one of my favorite things in the room! You can see the rug HERE.

Now, on to the pillows!

Let’s Style Pillows on Your Sofa!

Think of all the pillows you own.

I’m guessing you miss have quite a few?

Sometimes is a good idea to “Marie Kondo” your pillows to really take inventory of what you have.

That’s right! Throw them into one big pile and you might be amazed at the number.

A pile of pillows in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures.

You might also be amazed at the combinations that you didn’t think of before.

A Neutral Style for Your Sofa Pillows

When I say “neutral”, I really mean blue. LOL!

Neutral may mean something completely different to you.

But, basically, it means you have selected one color to be presented in various shades, patterns, and textures.

So, for my neutral blue pillow scheme, I am focusing on shape, pattern, and texture.

Always texture! (This is what keeps it from becoming boring and makes you want to snuggle in!)

Square pillows. Check!

Rectangular pillows. Check!

White textured pillow. What?

Yes, I am including a white textured pillow to serve as a backdrop and to provide needed texture. Plus, the white pillow “pops” against the brown leather and the blue pillows “pop” against the white pillow.

A neutral color palette is used to style the pillows on this sofa.

Don’t hesitate to throw in other textures like this white faux fur throw rug. Oh, it is so deliciously soft! You can order the faux fur throw rug HERE.

A close up of neutral pillows used to style the sofa.

A rectangular lumbar pillow is always a great change of pace when it comes to the shape and size of a pillow. It pairs beautifully with a square pillow. You can see a similar pillow HERE. Also, another one HERE.

Styling a sofa using navy blue pillows.

How about some COLOR when your style your pillows for your sofa?

Maybe you would like to add a little color to the arrangement? (Now we’re talking!)

Create your arrangement with these three types of pillows in mind. Texture, pattern in both large and small scale, and solid.

In this arrangement, the blue lumbar pillows serve as both a textural and solid pillow. The other pillows pull their color from the large square abstract pillow in the corner.

Do you see it? Texture, pattern, and solid!

Creatively styling a sofa with colorful pillows.
Close up of brightly colored pillows in oranges, blues, and browns.

This is one of my FAVORITE pillows! It goes with everything! You can see it HERE.

A navy blue stripe pillow with a leather stripe in the middle.

Here are some other pillows that are similar to the photo:

An abstract pillow in blues and oranges.
You can order this HERE.
A gold pillow with ivory embroidery.
You can order this HERE.

How about some BOLD color?

Ok, time to break out the bold color!

Pinks, greens, reds, and blues…set against a classic leather sofa…

It works!

Styling pillows in very bold colors for a sofa.

This brightly colored stripe pillow from Boutique Rugs is another one of my favorites. I move it to different spots throughout the house and it always works! You can see a version HERE. (Get 60% off with the code SONATA60)

A brightly colored pillow in blues, pinks, and reds.

Holiday Pillows

Looking for a clean, crisp holiday look? (Yes, the holidays are coming!)

Take a couple of crisp pillows with lots of texture and use as a backdrop for one holiday statement pillow.

This plaid snowflake is quite dramatic surrounded by the other comfy white pillows.

A white pillow with a red plaid snowflake in the center.

I found this pillow at Costco but you can see a similar one HERE.

A red and black plaid snowflake on a white pillow.
You can see this pillow HERE.

Now if I can only get the family to put the pillows back in the same place after they have been sitting there!

Suggestions anyone?


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