Create A Colorful Thanksgiving Table

Use color and texture to create a colorful Thanksgiving table that is sure to get a happy “Wow!” from your crowd.

Nothing makes me happier than a pretty Thanksgiving table. Even better is a colorful Thanksgiving table!

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The leaves are turning color and we are headed full steam into the holiday season.

And, just around the corner…

glorious Thanksgiving!

A burning bush with red leaves beside a white porch.
Glorious autumn color!

My heart fills with joy and my mouth starts to water just saying the word!

With gathering and gratitude as the focus, the Thanksgiving table is so very important.

Even the act of setting the table is an opportunity for feeling and expressing gratitude for the blessings we enjoy.

From Halloween to Thanksgiving…

My mother always set the Thanksgiving table at least a week in advance. Additionally, she would cover the entire table with clean white sheets so dust did not settle on her beautiful tablescape.

So, our dining room looked a bit like a haunted house in the week prior to Thanksgiving. Boo!

Guess what…it works!

The table settings are covered with a white sheet to keep them dust free.
I could last a few days but not a whole week!

This year, I decided to amp up the table’s color palette beyond my usual russets and golds.

We finally finished redecorating in the dining room so it is EXTRA FUN to plan the Thanksgiving table! Here is the link if you would like to see the project.

A Dining Room Makeover: One Dilemma After Another

Don’t get me wrong…there will still be russets and golds. However, there will also be blues, greens, pinks, and…well, more blues!

Let’s Create a Colorful Thanksgiving Table!

Instead of a regular tablecloth, I am using an extra-large throw blanket that is full of gorgeous color and texture. It has all the colors I love in addition to having great textural loops and tassels.

The texture might scare some people on a Thanksgiving table. However, this blanket is machine washable. So, bring it on!

For added protection, faux leather chargers add will catch spills and help to define each place setting with classic texture.

A textured throw blanket used as a tablecloth is the perfect tablecloth for a colorful Thanksgiving table.
I love the loops and tassels on this throw!

The older I get, the more nostalgic I become. Are you the same way?

I find myself borrowing my mother’s dishes for special holidays and events.

These dishes are a beautiful interpretation of the famous artist Van Gogh’s painting, “Wheat Field with Cypresses.” Obviously, perfect for Thanksgiving!

Colorful plates in a blue and white pattern as well as artwork by Van Gogh.
The Van Gogh patterned dishes belong to my mother. The blue floral plates came from The Dollar Store!

What special dinnerware are you hoarding? We tend to save special dishes for special events and sometimes…gasp…they get forgotten altogether!

Break it out, baby!

I love to use coasters for some fun additional layering on the table. Casual wooden plates under the cup and saucer add texture and a nice contrast to the formal dinnerware.

Patterned china cup sitting on a saucer and wood coaster.
These little wood plates serve as a cool “coaster” for the cup and saucer.

The blue sky of the plate is, undoubtedly, my inspiration for adding blue to the table. (In addition to blue being my favorite color!)


Blue pumpkins? Why not!

While we are at it, let’s add turquoise, teal, and lavender!

These are a great value set from Amazon. You can see them here.

A teal colored velvet pumpkin sits on a place setting on this colorful Thanksgiving table.
The velvet pumpkins are so versatile. Use them everywhere!

These abstract pumpkins add a nice shot of pattern and break up the solid-colored pumpkins. Believe it or not, I painted them using nail polish! You can see how to make them HERE.

Painted pumpkins.
Pumpkins painted with water and nail polish!

A eucalyptus garland and orange Chinese lanterns bring in fall color in a not-so-subtle way!

Here are some things you might consider adding to your Thanksgiving table:

  • Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins!
  • Charger plates that anchor each place setting and catch any spills from the plate
  • Think outside of the box when choosing a tablecloth. Try a large blanket, yardage of fabric, or even curtain panels.
  • Include unusual color in your tablescape. Compliment russets and golds with navy, purple, blush pink, and teal!
  • Keep extra plates on hand in case of last minute guests. It is the time for sharing!
A colorful Thanksgiving table.
Now we just need all the yummy food!

I don’t say it enough. I am reminded every day of how grateful I am for YOU! Thank you so much for going on this journey with me and allowing me to share my home decorating thoughts and projects with you. I am truly grateful!

Missy holding a navy blue velvet pumpkin.
I am grateful for you from the bottom of my heart!


p.s. Need a quick dining room chair makeover? The Simplest Dining Chair Makeover

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