How to Decorate Your Home with Bead Garland

Transforming your living space into a cozy and inviting haven often involves adding the perfect touches of charm and personality. One delightful way to achieve this is by knowing how to decorate with bead garland in your home. 

Bead garlands are not only versatile but also bring a touch of elegance and playfulness to any room. Let’s explore different ways to decorate your home with beaded garland!

How to decorate with bead garland: Jumbo glass bead garland styled in a rattan basket.

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The first time I laid eyes on a decorative bead garland, I wasn’t in love.

I just couldn’t figure out any purpose for it. 

 It doesn’t hold flowers, hang on the wall, or give off a lovely fragrance. (I adore decorative home accents, but I’m all about multitasking with decor!) 

Yet, as I kept encountering them, something changed, and I found myself liking them more and more. Then, it dawned on me—TEXTURE! 

From the smoothness of the wood beads or the opaque color of the glass to the raw, rough jute tassel, bead garlands bring a versatile layer of color and texture that elevates whatever they rest upon. 

Count me in! If you’re curious about how to jazz up your space with a bead garland, I’ve got some fantastic ideas to share! 

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Bead Garlands on a Vase

Start wrapping, my friend!

Don’t overthink it. Just start wrapping a wooden bead garland around the top of a vase and let it cascade naturally from the neck.

Picture it as jewelry gracefully draping over a cozy cardigan.  (Coco Chanel would undoubtedly approve!)

You can incorporate multiple bead garlands of varying lengths for a cascading effect. Let them elegantly drape down the sides of the vase, creating a whimsical and playful display. 

How to decorate with bead garland: White bead garland wrapped around the neck of a blue and white vase.

Bead Garland In a Dough Bowl

The beauty of a dough bowl lies in the rough texture of the wood combined with the textures of whatever you put in the bowl.

Adding beads to a dough bowl display serves to layer fabulous texture upon fabulous texture!

To start, consider draping the bead garland along the inner edges of the bowl, allowing it to spill gracefully over the sides. You can add other pieces of everyday decor to the bowl or leave it as is for a simple look.

This intentionally haphazard placement instantly adds a lovely layer of texture to your centerpiece. 

For a more intricate look, intertwine multiple strands of bead garlands within the contents of the bowl, creating a delightful and textured arrangement. Don’t shy away from mixing bead garlands of different size beads, colors, and materials to achieve a dynamic and visually appealing composition.

A dough bowl display with beads and round decorative balls.

How to Decorate with Bead Garland On a Lamp

Again, don’t overthink. Just loop it!

For a traditional lamp, decorate the neck of the lamp by simply wrapping the garland around a couple of times and ending with a hanging loop

For a lamp with a non-traditional shape, play with the lines of the lamp. Start to wrap the length of your garland around the top of the lamp and work your way down, letting the jute tassels hang decoratively on either end. 

Choose bead garlands that complement your room’s color palette or opt for a contrasting pop of vibrancy. 

Also, consider the scale of the bead garland to the lamp you are decorating. For a larger lamp, choose a garland made of large beads. Likewise, small beads for a smaller lamp.

The interplay of light and beads will create a captivating ambiance, making your lamp a unique and personalized statement piece in your home decor. 

A bead garland draped on a desk lamp is a unique way of knowing how to style and decorate with bead garlands.

Of course, the ultimate use of wood bead garlands and lighting would be a chandelier! Often considered to be a boho-style element, this type of chandelier looks amazing in homes with a southern style, farmhouse style, or traditional style.

A wood bead chandelier.

Wood Garland Around a Candlestick

Instead of 30 seconds, this one did take me about a full minute to create. The lip of the candlestick did not stick out very far so I played with the twists and layers of the white garland.

I managed to get three loops around the candle and created a stacked bead look for the side of the candle. The garland is wrapped so the ends of the jute tassel are hanging asymmetrically.

Blue candlesticks wrapped in white bead garland. How to decorate with bead garland.

Beads and Books

Well, so far, we have wrapped it and looped it. Now it is time to just pile it!

You could pile your wooden garland on top of a beautiful coffee table book.

Or, find several books with interesting covers or book jackets and decorate them with garland in a coordinating color.

This blush pink bead garland ties in beautifully with the pinks in the book jackets.

I’m not sure that E.M. Forster had this in mind when he wrote his books but it sure looks good!

Decorating a shelf with a  bead garland sitting atop a stack of books.

Create a Bead Garland Curtain Tie-Back

This started as an experiment.

I wasn’t sure the beads would stay.

But they latched onto each other in the garland like best friends and became a very functional tie-back for a curtain!

Just one loop…as if tying a shoe…and the beads held!

I love how the brown beads bring out the brown stripe in the curtain panel!

Blue and brown curtain panel held back by a brown wood bead garland to decorate a window.

How to Decorate with Bead Garland Using Glass

Clear glass often enhances and showcases whatever you put in it.

And bead garlands add an element of warmth to whatever it sits upon.

For this asymmetrical glass bowl, I gathered two bead garlands in different colors and stashed them in the jar. Then, I pulled the tassels out slightly so they hung gracefully.

Could. Not. Be. Easier!

How to decorate with bead garland by piling two bed garlands in aan asymetrical glass vase.

Style Bead Garlands with Some Whimsy

My 9th-grade English teacher wore them.

So did my mother.

Even I have worn them!

Here, a stylish eyeglass garland “chain: is attached to stylish “eyeglasses.” Every house has them, right?

Possibly not. But the idea is to look for spots in your home that can use a little chuckle.

Now my gold frames sport a wood bead garland chain that has been draped on top of the piano.

I chuckle when I walk past these each day!

How to decorate with bead garland: A Gold eyeglass sculpture sitting in aa puddle of a bead garland made to look like eyeglass beads.

Celebrate the Holidays with Bead Garlands

With the changing seasons comes the fun of decorating for the holidays.

With Easter just around the corner, these paper-wrapped eggs look adorable stacked atop a garland of blue sea glass beads that are casually draped from a plant pedestal.

A simple yarn-wrapped heart looks charming nestled on top of some books beside a marble bookend and a beaded garland.

Blue glass bead garland used to decorate aa bowl with patterned Easter eggs.
A wood bead garland nestled beside a red yarn heart. How to decorate with bead garland for the holidays.

How to Make a Bead Garland

Creating your own DIY wood bead garland is an easy DIY project that allows you to tailor your garland to your personal style.

A wood bead garland with jute tassels.

Supply List

  • An assortment of beads in different sizes, shapes, and colors—this diversity will add visual interest to your garland. 
  • Jute twine
  • Needle with a large head
  • Scissors

The first step is to measure the jute twine to your desired length and knot one end. Next, thread the jute onto your needle and begin threading the beads onto it. 

Experiment with patterns and color combinations as you go, ensuring a unique and personalized touch for your DIY bead garland.

Last, once you’ve threaded your last bead, tie a knot on the other end to secure the beads in place. You could add a tassel at this point or leave it in its simplest form.

​More Ideas for How to Decorate with Bead Garland

Still need more ideas? Try these simple solutions!

A tasseled bead garland draped over the edge of a dresser drawer.
  • Fill a decorative bowl.
  • Let the bead decoratively spill over the edge of a dresser drawer.
  • Wrap around the necks of glass jug vase or a decorative vessel.
  • Nestle amid other home decor on tiered trays.
  • Fill in empty spaces around other home decor in bookshelves, coffee tables, and bedroom dressers.
  • Wrap and drape around a staircase newel post.
  • Incorporate into an outdoor dining tablescape.
Large glass bead garland sitting in a blue and white chinoiserie bowl to decorate the top of a dresser.

Wrapping It Up with Bead Garlands

So, have those action-packed verbs leaped off the screen at you?

Wrap, drape, loop, stash, pile…the possible verbs are endless!

The real secret to knowing how to decorate with bead garland isn’t so much in the HOW but the WHERE!

Give your home a once-over, and unveil all the spots where you can (insert verb from above) a garland!

And if you’re drawing a blank, worry not—I’ve got some “eyeglasses” you can borrow to help you see the potential in every nook and cranny! 


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How to Decorate Your Home with Bead Garland.

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  1. Thank you for the fantastic tips on decorating with bead garland! Your creative ideas and step-by-step guide have inspired me to add a touch of elegance to my home. I love how versatile bead garlands can be, whether draped over a mantel, incorporated into table centerpieces, or used as wall decor.

    Your blog post not only offers valuable insights into home decor but also sparks creativity and encourages readers to personalize their living spaces. I’m excited to try out these ideas and see the transformative impact of bead garlands in my own home. Keep the inspiring content coming! Cheers to beautiful and unique home decor!

  2. Thank you for sharing these timely ideas because I got these beautiful wood beads garland and have no idea what to do with it. 🙂 Also, thank you for link the seaglass garland, because if it is sea glass, I am there.

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