How to Make a DIY Pool Noodle Christmas Ornament Wreath

If you love getting creative with seasonal craft projects, then this DIY  Christmas ornament wreath is just the project for you! This unique take on a classic holiday decoration is not only beautiful and eye-catching – it’s also easy to make…with a twist. You won’t need any special tools…just a few tools,  ornaments, and two pool noodles!

It’s such a wonderful way to get into the festive spirit, so don’t hesitate – grab your pool noodles and start crafting!

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: A glass jar full of Christmas ornaments.

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Hi Friends!

A beautiful holiday wreath is one of the hallmarks of the Christmas season. Whether a fresh pine wreath or a wreath full of red berries, these Christmas decorations just say “Tis the Season!” from your front door or interior space.

Creating your own DIY Christmas wreaths is so satisfying and a great way to personalize your holiday decor. And this DIY wreath is made with pool noodles!

I was a little skeptical at first. After all…pool noodles???

But it works! And, the best part is that you can pick up your supplies at a dollar store.

Supplies Needed

  • 2 Pool Noodles
  • Duct Tape
  • Christmas Ornament Balls (You can choose one color or many different colors.)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Hula Hoop
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Garland or Picks

What Kind of Ornaments Work Best?

Round shatterproof ornaments are probably your best choice for your DIY ornament wreath. Choose one size that will be your primary ornament. I chose medium-sized ornaments for my base ornaments. You will also want some small ornaments and even some mini ornaments to fill in gaps as you go along.

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: Rows of ornaments for sale at a store.
Ornament ball sets are often the best value.

Choose ornament balls that will fit within your Christmas color scheme!

Make the Wreath Form

Two pool noodles equal one wreath form!

Create a circle from two pool noodles with duct tape as the magic connector! Because pool noodles can have a mind of their own, here is an easy way to tape the ends together using duct tape.

First, cut two or three pieces of duct tape, about 10″ long. Lay one of the pieces vertically on the table.

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: Gathering supplies to include two pool noodles, duct tape, and scissors.

Join the pool noodle ends on the duct tape with each end taking half of the tape’s width.

Roll the two pool noodles along the length of the tape keeping it taut as you go.

Use the other strips of tape to secure the connection. Ornaments can be heavy…you want your wreath form to be secure!

Using duct tape to attach the ends of two pool noodles together.

Repeat for the other two ends of the pool noodles.

If you are struggling with some stubborn pool noodles (sometimes they just don’t want to bend!), give them a few twists and turns in order to “warm them up.” This helps them to be more pliable.

For Added Security

You are about to attach a whole lot of ornaments to semi-soft pool noodles…they need a little extra structure for security.

​Give your wreath form for structure by attaching a hula hoop to the back! I tried to use hot glue and honestly, strong duct tape worked best in securing the hoop to the form. This worked like magic in giving this large wreath added strength.

Attaching a hula hoop to the back of the pool noodle ornament wreath with duct tape.

Add a Hanger

Before you go any further, you will want to attach a hanger for your wreath. This is important to do prior to attaching the ornaments so the hanger is embedded within the ornaments and will stay strong and in one place.

Take a piece of jute and double it up. Wrap it around the pool noodle and wrap the extra ends around the loop. Tie it off in a know and your loop is complete.

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: Adding jute covered wire as a hanger for the pool noodle ornament wreath.

Attach the Ornament Balls

Time for the most fun part…attaching the ornaments!

Using your hot glue gun and glue sticks, glue a row of ornament balls to the outside of the wreath form. Mix and match the colors according to your wreath’s color scheme.

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: Using a hot glue gun to attach ornament balls to the pool noodle wreath form.

Be sure to put the glue on the ornament and not directly on the wreath form. The pool noodle form could melt a little if you hold the glue gun on it for too long.

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: Christmas ornament balls glued to a pool noodle wreath form.

For the second “row”,  glue ornament balls to the inside of the wreath form. I actually created two inner rows to give my wreath extra fullness.

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: Three rows of balls attached to the circular pool noodles.

Now, start to fill in the center with ornaments. Once you get the larger ornaments glued to the form, start to attach smaller ornament balls in various sizes.  This helps to hide any gaps between the larger ornaments.

Shimmering multi-colored ornaments.

You will find that as you use the hot glue gun, you will have lots of glue strings. Just pull them off as they cool so the ornaments stay clean and clear.

The great thing is there is no set pattern for how you arrange the ornaments. Get creative with the colors you use and vary their placement on the wreath shape.

This is truly the fun part! Get creative with the colors you use and vary their placement.

Always Better with a Garnish

Whether you use bits of garland or small picks, take the opportunity to fill in smaller gaps with other decorative bits.

Small berries, pine cones, tinsel, tiny ornaments…anything festive to fill in gaps and add festive texture!

Small ornaments in different colors, sizes, and textures.

Metallic picks are a great choice for giving your wreath a little bling!

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: Metallic gold picks.

Just tuck them in the tiny spaces!

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: Gold picks added to the wreath.
Look at all of that festive color!


There are a few potential issues that might arise with your new ornament wreath. It is made from pool noodles after all… you might have a few questions.

Can I Hang My Ornament Wreath Outside?

Hanging your wreath outside works best if you live in a temperate climate. Since we live in the midwest where winters can be brutal, I leave the wreath outside only until the temperature drops below freezing.

That being said, we sometimes have Decembers that are well above that temperature and it is ok to hang outdoors. (Wreaths are easy to take in and out!)

If an ornament falls off because of the glue cracking…just glue it back on!

How Many Ornaments Do I Need?

The answer to this question really lies with the type and size of ornaments that you use. My wreath used about 120 medium-sized ornaments and then I filled in with smaller ornaments.

How Can I Make This Wreath Inexpensively?

This wreath does take a lot of ornaments!

However, I found that by watching sales, using coupons, and searching the bottom of Christmas storage boxes, I was able to find a lot of ornaments very inexpensively!

I was able to find larger packaged sets of ornaments for 50% off that gave me more value than buying smaller packages. I also found sets of small ornaments a Dollar Tree.

Does This Wreath Last?

Yes! This Christmas ornament wreath has stood the “test of time” and the “wear and tear” of the season in our household!

Styling Your Christmas Ornament Wreath DIY

Now that you have this gorgeous wreath, it is time to show it to the world! There are many different ways that you can display and showcase your pretty wreath.

Hang on a Window

If you’re looking for a way to spread holiday cheer to your neighbors, why not hang your pool noodle wreath on your outside window?

This is such a simple and festive way to show that you’re in the holiday spirit, and it’s sure to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who sees it.

Such a great way to dress up your home for the holidays!

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: A pool noodle ornament wreath hung outside on a window.

A Dining Table Centerpiece

While most people think of wreaths as being hung on doors or walls, they can also make a dramatic statement when displayed horizontally on a dining table.

A pool noodle Christmas ornament wreath laid horizontally on a dining table.

Lay your wreath on your dining table or console table and fill the middle with a beautiful pot, tiered tray, or even a small Christmas tree!

A blue and white pot surrounded by Christmas ornaments.

Fireplace Focal Point

I love a wreath above a fireplace mantel!

It is a festive focal point that brings holiday cheer to any household.

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: A pool noodle ornament wreath surrounded by glass trees on a fireplace mantel.

But what’s the best way to display your Christmas ornament wreath DIY?

Some people like to hang it from a ribbon, while others prefer a more minimalist look. (if that is even possible with this wreath!)

I started to display my wreath by hanging it from a hook but discovered that it worked best to just prop it on top of a couple of books.

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: A pool noodle Christmas ornament wreath.

I guess that is the beauty of a heavier wreath!

A pool noodle ornament wreath displayed above a fireplace.

Double the Fun!

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a wreath hanging on a mirror!

Not only does it add a touch of holiday cheer to your home, but it also provides the perfect way to show off your Christmas wreath.

Hanging a wreath on a mirror is also a great way to double the amount of light that reflects off of the wreath, creating an even more dazzling display.

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: A Christmas wreath displayed on a large mirror.

Now that you know how to make a pool noodle Christmas wreath, it’s time to get crafty!

Christmas ornament wreath DIY: A pool noodle Christmas ornament wreath hanging on the front of a large mirror.

Your stylish, DIY Christmas ornament wreath is complete! I hope you had fun creating this stunning Christmas decoration by using pool noodles instead of a pre-made form! It was truly fun to create this wreath together for the holiday season.

If you love working with pool noodles, and ornaments, you should also try making this DIY Pool Noodle Ornament Centerpiece!

Hopefully, it added more memories to your list of traditional holiday activities and will become one of your favorite things. Just imagine how wonderful it will look hanging on your wall or door this season. 

With its vibrant colors and lush texture, this Christmas Ornament wreath is sure to light up anyone’s day. Have a very merry DIY Christmas and don’t forget to decorate your home with this beautiful easy DIY Christmas ornament wreath!


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        1. Give it a try, Cathy! It is really fun to make! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Merry Christmas (and Happy Thanksgiving!) to you as well!

  1. Wow!!! Missy!! This is incredible!!! What a ‘wow’ moment this HUGE wreath makes…it’s for sure a state-ment making piece! This is so good and your tutorial was super easy to follow., Pinned!!

  2. This is such an impactful piece! Impressive – who wouldn’t be in the holiday spirit if they had this wreath hanging in their home? Bravo!

    1. Thank you so much! I know it has gotten me into a holiday mood already! I appreciate your kind commentss!

  3. This wreath is gorgeous! I love how versatile it is by hanging it inside/outside and using it as a centerpiece for your table. LOVE!

    1. Thank you, Nelda! It was so fun to make. We had it above the fireplace for most of the Christmas season last year. This year, I think I will keep it on my dining room table. Thanks so much for your kind comment!

  4. Every year my 4 grandchildren and I make a Christmas gift for Mom and Dad. They are now 2 in college; 1 graduating high school and 1 in the 10th grade. They still want to continue our years ritual. I love this idea for them. Approximately how many balls in assorted sizes did it take to make this wreath? With 4 grands, I need to be a little frugal but would be easier if I had an idea how many balls that I might need to purchase. The rest of the supplies is very self explanatory. Thank you for your help! A loving Nana,

    1. Hi Lu, What a lovely tradition! I used 4 of the large ornament containers from Hobby Lobby and bought them at %50 off. (So each was $20) The rest of the ornaments I got a the dollar store. With shopping sales, the wreath did end up costing me just under $100. This is definitely a more expensive project but I keep seeing similar wreaths in stores for hundreds of dollars. And, this wreath is such a focal point for my holiday decorating, I know I will use it for years to come. That being said, I do think this would be a lovely gift from your grandchildren! I hope you have fun with it!

    2. Hi Lu! I’m so sorry for my slow response. I needed to do a little research to remember how many I used!

      The main ornaments were purchased from Hobby Lobby in their economy ornament packages. I think there were 24 ornaments in each package and I used 4 packages. I waited to buy them until they were 50% off. The rest of the ornaments were from the dollar store or from my own ornament stash. My best estimate for the number of ornaments I used is probably around 130-140. The wreath is definitely not a cheap one to make but we love it so much and I definitely think it is worth every penny! (I also shop sales year round.)

      You could make a smaller wreath using just one pool noodle but I have to admit that I love the drama of the size. I love the tradition that you have created with your grandchildren. You are creating such beautiful memories with them! Please let me know how the project goes if you decide to make it. I would love to see a photo!

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