A Colorful Christmas Home Tour

As you settle into your sweet swirls of eggnog and start to don those festive woolen mittens, please join me on my Colorful Christmas Home Tour.

Find inspiration on how to deck out your home with a whimsical and colorful Christmas decorating scheme that will make your celebration more delightful than ever!

Green wreaths hanging from kitchen counter stools.
Welcome to my colorful Christmas home tour!

Welcome to our Christmas Home!

The boxes have been unpacked and festive Christmas decorations are now sprinkled throughout our home.

Christmas trees are up and Bentley only chewed up two ornaments!

There are some spots in the house that I decorate the same each year.

And there are areas that got a completely new look this year.

But each room got the “Merry and Bright” treatment with some vibrant Christmas color!

Let’s Start in the Kitchen

Anyone who visits our home starts in the kitchen!

Isn’t that where everyone heads to in your home?

This year, I added simple green wreaths to the glass front cabinets as well as all of the counter stools in the kitchen.

Bold red velvet ribbon is the only wreath embellishment but it still packs a punch in the kitchen!

A colorful Christmas home tour of the kitchen.
Welcome to the kitchen!

Decorating the kitchen island is one of my favorite things to do.

With a red and white runner spanning the length of the island, it seems the perfect spot for a small open-air mini greenhouse, colorful trees, and charming flocked reindeer.

Our family tradition is to serve clam chowder soup on Christmas Eve so it is the perfect time to use my mother’s blue and white soup bowls!

Blue and white soup bowls decorate a kitchen island for Christmas.
Soup, anyone?

I just LOVE having a Christmas tree in the kitchen!

This champagne-colored tree is decorated in shades of pink and is beautiful to see from the inside as well as outside from the street.

A kitchen island decorated for Christmas beside a Christmas tree is the first room you see on this colorful Christmas Home Tour.
A little snow outside would be nice!

From the kitchen, you can see into the Dining Room!

A soup bowl with decorated napkin inside.
I grew up eating soup from these bowls on Christmas Eve.

Deck the Dining Room

One of the best decisions we made in our kitchen renovation was to open up the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.

With the addition of the case opening, this is the view from the kitchen. (I get to see another Christmas tree!)

The dining room decorated for Christmas.
The view into the dining room from the kitchen.

The upside-down Christmas tree sits in this spot every year. I consider putting it in another spot every year but this is really the PERFECT spot for this tree!

The upside down Christmas tree is a favorite spot on this colorful Christmas home tour.
Love the tree by the window!

More wreaths on the chairs as well as wreaths on the windows outdoors!

My husband surprised me with this gorgeous poinsettia plant and it is perfect as a dining table centerpiece.

The dining room chairs decorated with wreaths.
Simple wreaths brighten the slip-covered chairs.

A Merry and Bright Living Room

Welcome to our living room, all decorated for Christmas!

The living room is the most colorful room on this Christmas home tour.
Join me by the fire!

This year, I made a dramatic Christmas ornament wreath out of two pool noodles! And we love it above the fireplace!

Adding lots of multi-colored trees ties in well with all of the bright colors in the wreath.

An ornament wreath made from pool noodles sits atop the fireplace.
The focal point of the living room is the fireplace.

A small flocked tree in a blue and white fish bowl sits atop the piano again this year.

Last year this tree was decked out in a cacophony of color. This year we are enjoying the simplicity of just beautiful white lights and color from the other side of the room reflected in the pier mirror behind it.

The blue chairs are decked out with comfy pillows with a Christmas tea set between them.

Can I offer you a cup of coffee? Tea? Hot cider?

A lighted tree sitting on top of the baby grand piano.
Blue is a great color for Christmas decorating.

On the opposite side of the room, we have our decorated family Christmas tree.

If you look closely, you can all of the cherished handmade ornaments that we have collected over the year.

This is always my favorite Christmas tree in the house!

The family Christmas tree sits in a corner behind the sofa for this home tour.
The family tree is my favorite!

We haven’t had snow yet, but we still love a fire in the fireplace!

This colorful Christmas home tour shows a welcoming living room conversation area.
The fire in the fireplace is so cheerful!

So does Bentley!

Our dog, Bentley, warming himself beside the fire.
Bentley’s new favorite spot in the house.

Now, we are ready to join Bentley and enjoy the festive Christmas decor in the house!

A colorful Christmas home tour for all to enjoy.
Bentley says “Have a seat!”

Thank you for joining me for a tour of our colorful Christmas home!

Whether you’re just starting to get into the Christmas spirit or are already feeling overwhelmed by all of the decorating that needs to be done, I hope this home tour has given you some ideas and inspiration.

I had so much fun putting it together, and I hope you enjoy it too!

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about how I did something or if you need help with your own Christmas decorating.

Have a very merry Christmas!


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    1. Thank you, Regina! It is sometimes a little hard to get started with all of the decorating but, once I get started, it sure is fun!

  1. Your home is beautiful, festive and whimsical!!! I love all of the color!!! It’s absolutely gorgeous! If I lived closer I’d knock on your door and ask for a cup of hot chocolate!😉 Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

  2. Missy your home is amazing! I love how you pair vibrant color and patterns with something neutral (such as your dining room table and chairs or your leather sofa) and it works so well! Your upside down tree is fantastic and is perfect for the space. So happy to be on this home tour with you! I know my subscribers are going to love your style!

    1. Thank YOU for organizing this blog share! It has been so great to see each home and get inspired for the holidays!

  3. Your home is gorgeous, Missy! I love your style and how you incorporate color into every space. Your Christmas decorations are perfect for your home. I would love to have room for a tree in my kitchen, and I love the pink decorations that yours is sporting!

      1. Missy, I loved every room in your home and enjoyed this tour so much! I cant wait to see more of your gorgeous home!! Merry Christmas!!

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