How to Choose Your Christmas Color Scheme

It’s Christmas in July!

Too soon? Not for me! I love thinking about the upcoming holidays and planning for all of the fun decorating that is in store! And, I love planning my Christmas color scheme for the year!

I have some very talented friends who are joining me today in sharing Christmas decorating ideas. Don’t miss any of their posts. I promise…AMAZING!

If you are hopping over from Cindy at DIY Beautify…Welcome! It is so fun to share Christmas in July ideas and Cindy is not short on fabulous inspiration!

Christmas in July is all about the anticipation but in my mind…

…it is also about the planning!

Does anyone else feel like, once July 4th is over, the world hops into warp speed?

Back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving…Christmas!

So, embrace Christmas in July and start the planning now! Starting with…

…your Christmas color scheme!

Choosing a Christmas Color Scheme

Selecting the colors you will use in your Christmas decorating is one of the joys of the season. Even when it is 6 months in advance!

So many options!

Multi colored ornament balls on a wreath.

If you are like me, you have a few boxes of Christmas decorations…”few” being an understatement!

Of course, you will want to use what you have purchased, created, collected, and stored over the years.

But sometimes it is a good idea to step back and re-imagine how they can be used within a new color scheme. Here are some inspiration sources:

  • Find inspiration in what you already have. Sometimes that could mean a single ornament, a special family photo, a travel souvenir, or a favorite keepsake.
  • Look at your holiday gift wrap! What colors and patterns have you been drawn to when wrapping packages in the past?
  • Check out your pillows. The decorative pillows you use in your home are a certain give-away to colors that you love!
  • The same goes for your closet! What colors do you wear every day? Chances are…if it looks good on you, it will look great in your holiday home!
  • Open your photo albums. Nostalgic decorating never goes out of style! Take a walk down your childhood Christmas memory lane and recreate your favorite color combos.
  • Choose a special ribbon or ribbons that you really love. Pull colors from the ribbon and then USE the ribbon in your Christmas decorating. It becomes the literal “thread” of your home!
  • Jump onto Pinterest for a never-ending stream of color inspiration. (Wink, Wink…Would LOVE for you to follow Sonata Home Design on Pinterest! I have lots of ideas!)

So what are good color schemes for Christmas?

Oh, my friend, I’ve got you! Let’s pull some colors from the crayon box!

Traditional Christmas Color Scheme

Red, green, silver, and gold are traditional Christmas colors that will never go out of style!

Here is a tip…incorporate various shades of these traditional colors for a modern twist.

This ornament wreath has all the red, green, and white goodness! But notice that there are several shades of green, several textures of red, etc.

The ornaments themselves range from lights to darks with lots of fun textures and color tones.

Missy pointing toward a wreath made up of red, green, and white ornament balls.

Red and white are cheerful, whimsical, and energetic!

A red bow with white pom poms.

Add some shades of blue to your red and white palette!

Red, white, and blue is an effective Christmas color scheme as evidenced by this red, white, and blue ornament ball.

This pillow and throw get a traditional twist with a bold black and white buffalo plaid pillow.

The key here is that the pillow is edged in red. I want to jump into this cozy goodness with a book, hot chocolate, and our dog!

A red throw blanket, white pillow, and black and white plaid pillow.

Speaking of Plaid!

No, plaid is not a color, but it often incorporates many of the traditional Christmas colors.

Your use of plaid can be as small as a ribbon on a lantern…

…or as bold as an entire bedding collection!

Traditional red and white plaid gets a little kick from some blue…

This Christmas color scheme consists of a red, green, and blue plaid that is displayed in a primary bedroom's bed.

And Now for Some Blue!

Let’s invite the color Blue to the Christmas party!

Blue can reference a midwest falling snow or bi-coastal ocean waves, Frosty the Snowman, or North Pole elves!

The color blue pairs beautifully with silver, white, and any icy shade in between.

A blue and white ornament hanging on a tree.

Blue is also fantastic with shades of green!

I love the combination of blue and green with a little metallic silver. Perfect with Christmas greenery!

A package wrapped in the Christmas color scheme of blue and green paper and ribbon.

And then there are the Pinks!

“Millennial Pink” has had a wonderful moment in the decorating world.

And it is not quite done yet!

Expanding the palette to include other shades of pink will create visual interest.

Take it further and layer pinks with gold, champagne silver, and brown. Oh so hip!

Throw in a little animal print and we’re really getting jazzy!

Pink and animal print ornaments on a champagne gold Christmas tree.
A wreath made of pink, gold, and animal print ornament balls.

Color Madness!

Why not go crazy with color! Bright reds, purples, pinks, blues, greens…

A Christmas color wheel!

Jewel tones are especially nice at holiday time because of their bold impact.

Multi-colored decorations with Christmas lights are magical!

A glittery ornaments in the colors of pink, purple, red, blue and green.

This ornament wreath is chock full of jewel tones that give unlimited license to use color at Christmas!

This multi-colored ornament ball wreath display a multi-colored Christmas color scheme.

Don’t forget the neutrals!

Whites, creams, ivories…this lovely neutral palette is calm, peaceful, welcoming, and fresh.

Remember, texture is your best friend when decorating with neutrals.

Also on the BFF list for neutrals are silver, gold, and sage green.

Oo La La!

A white snow globe with reindeer inside.

So, start dreaming and planning now for your Christmas Color Scheme.

Because Christmas is really right around the corner!

Thank you for spending some early holiday “cheer” with me!

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  1. As I said before, you are absolutely my number 1 go to account to learn how to design with color! You are simply amazing. Thank you inspiring me to get out of my neutral box!!! Super happy to be hopping along with you!

    1. Thank you, Crystal! That means so much to me! Color makes me happy and the holidays are an excuse to really go crazy with color. Thanks so much for Christmas “hopping” with me today!

  2. So many beautiful ideas Missy! I love them all! p.s. your link to my post has an error, can you double check it please (I think the “L” is missing at the end in HTML).

    1. Will fix it right away, Cindy! Thanks so much for being a part of this blog hop. Great to meet you and follow you!

  3. Missy, I love your bright, colorful Christmas decorations! Everything is so beautiful and inspiring! I see you have a love of ball wreaths too. I love making these to coordinate with whatever my holiday decor is that year. And thanks for the chuckle about a “few” boxes of Christmas decorations, because same girlfriend, same, lol!

    1. There is no way to say “when” when it comes to accumulating Christmas decorations! Thanks for a great blog hop! I am so grateful to be included!

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