A DIY Centerpiece Idea Using Christmas Ball Ornaments

The holiday season is all about spreading joy, creating memories, and, of course, getting crafty! I am excited to share one of my favorite ideas for creating a DIY centerpiece using Christmas ball ornaments!

This creative project is not only an easy but also budget-friendly and fun way to use colorful ball ornaments and the ever-popular pool noodle!

Christmas ball ornaments ideas used to creatte a holiday centerpiece.

I finally have our main Christmas tree decorated and am now turning to decorating the rest of the house. I’m always looking for creative ways to tie in the color scheme of the Christmas tree.

I changed up the color scheme of the Christmas tree so now have lots of ornaments that need a decorative holiday home. Blue, pink, green, and red ornaments…these are the perfect colors for DIY Christmas decorations that can be moved throughout the house.

​Last year, Christmas balls in different colors were my inspiration for creating a giant Christmas wreath using a pool noodle as the base. This wreath is still one of my favorite projects! But now it is time to give it a twist!

DIY pool noodle Christmas ornament wreath

I decided to take the same pool noodle idea and create a smaller, portable centerpiece that can be displayed just about anywhere in the house. This is a quick and easy DIY and is a great project if you need Christmas ball ornament ideas.

​Supply List for Christmas Ball Ornaments Centerpiece

Here is what you need:

You can use old ornaments or you can purchase new ornaments for this project. I purchased most of my ornaments from a craft store when they were half-price and then supplemented them with ornaments from the dollar store.

Containers of multi-colored ornaments.

How to Make a DIY Christmas Ball Centerpiece

Creating the Centerpiece Base

Let’s start with the pool noodle. The first thing to do is to cut it in half!

Of course, if you have a super long table, you can leave it as is. However, by cutting it in half, you will be able to use this on your dining table as well as other surfaces throughout your house.

As you know, pool noodles are wiggly-wobbly and need some structure when using it as a base. (I used a hula hoop when I made my pool noodle wreath!) To give this pool noodle some structure, we are going to use an old wood broomstick handle. (You could certainly use any other type of wood stick but a broomstick seemed to be a really great idea!)

A broom handle that has been cut to size.
Pushing an old broom handle into the center of a pool noodle. Christmas ball ornaments ideas

Using a handsaw, carefully cut the broomstick to the same length as your pool noodle. Then, push the broomstick into the center of the pool noodle.

Pushing a pool noodle onto a cut broomstick.
A broomstick handle inside a pool noodle. Christmas ball ornaments ideas

I’ll be honest, when I started to push the broomstick into the pool noodle, I thought this would be an easy task. After some twisting and pushing, I found that the easiest way is to place the broomstick end on the table and push down on the noodle to get it on. 

Bicep workout aside…It is amazing how solid the pool noodle is with the wood stick inside!

A reader gave me a tip to spray the broomstick with WD-40…Brilliant idea!

Adding the Christmas Ball Ornaments

Using a glue gun, start to glue ball ornaments to the side of the pool noodle. I angled each ornament with the top of the ornament facing downward toward the noodle.  

Gluing an ornament to the side of a pool noodle Christmas ball ornaments ideas.

With just a dab of hot glue, the ornament top was attached but not seen from the top.  Continue to glue ornaments to the sides and around the ends of the perimeter of the pool noodle. Every once in a while, add a thin line of hot glue between ornaments to make sure they are secure.

Once you have the perimeter covered with ornaments, start to stack and glue ornaments upward to create a gentle dome of ornaments. This is where you can play with the size of the ornaments, alternating large and small ornaments.

Placing hot glue on an ornament.
Gluing Christmas ball ornaments to the perimeter of a pool noodle.
Stacking Christmas ball ornaments on top of a pool noodle for holiday swag and centerpiece ideas.

Continue gluing until the pool noodle is covered and you have the ornament cluster effect that you like.

Hot gluing ornaments to a Christmas centerpiece.


You can take it a step further by filling spaces between ornaments with small metallic stems and clumps of green moss.

Christmas ball ornaments ideas: Gluing metallic picks to a centerpiece.
Using hot glue to attach metallic picks.

The metallic and organic combination gives the centerpiece an added layer of texture that gives the project depth and dimension.

Tucking green moss into the spaces between Christmas ball ornaments.

​Some other embellishment ideas could include:

Ideas for Decorating with Your Christmas Ornament Balls Centerpiece

There are so many different ways that you can use your new holiday decor!

Festive Dining Focal Point

Certainly, the dining table is the absolute spot to showcase a brand-new Christmas centerpiece!

A Spode Christmas plate is a table setting idea to place in front of Christmas ball ornaments centerpiece.

I went for a cozy touch by draping some translucent red fabric right at the heart of our dining table, creating the perfect backdrop for the ornament centerpiece to steal the show. And you know what adds that extra dash of holiday magic? A string of twinkling battery-operated lights! Picture this – as the evening sets in and the lights are dimmed, our table comes alive with the festive spirit.

To tie it all together, I mirrored the vibrant colors from the ornament balls in the layered dinnerware on the table. It’s like a symphony of colors and textures, creating a visual feast that’s as inviting as it is festive.

Now, with the table all decked out in its holiday best, we’re ready for the magic of Christmas Eve! 

Cheerful Greetings: Transforming the Front Hall for the Season

Creating a dazzling holiday display in your front entryway is like sprinkling a bit of magic to warmly welcome family and friends. 

Taking a cue from the delightful dining room tablescape idea, I decided to add a delightful twist this time. Under the centerpiece, I nestled a layer of evergreen, introducing a touch of organic texture that brings the festive spirit to life. It’s like bringing a bit of the outdoors inside, right into the heart of your home. 

Christmas ball ornaments ideas for the front entry way.

The carefully chosen centerpiece and the vibrant evergreen backdrop work together to transform your entryway into a cozy holiday haven. Every little detail contributes to the festive atmosphere, creating a magical entryway that sets the perfect tone for the holiday season!

A Festive Fireplace Mantel Display

I absolutely love showcasing this centerpiece, especially on our cozy fireplace mantel!

Christmas ball ornaments ideas on the fireplace mantel.

Believe it or not, our mantel is on the narrower side, but guess what? This centerpiece fits like it was made for it, turning our mantel into a dramatic focal point that steals the show. To up the cozy factor, I like to sprinkle in some fairy lights and place a couple of nutcrackers around – it’s like adding a sprinkle of magic to this small yet impactful project. 

a Christmas ornament ball centerpiece placed on the fireplace mantel beside two nutcrackers.

And here’s a fun idea – you can nestle in a few more handmade ornaments or other glass ball ornaments that perfectly complement the plastic ball ornament centerpiece. It’s all about creating a charming holiday haven right on our mantel!

Christmas Kitchen Cheer

Oh, let me tell you, the kitchen is my favorite place when it comes to Christmas decorations – it’s the ultimate hub where we spend most of our time!

There’s something so magical about infusing the heart of our home with that festive spirit. And you know where the magic happens? Right on our kitchen island!

Christmas ball ornaments ideas in the kitchen.

This beautiful ornament centerpiece takes center stage, turning the kitchen into this enchanting holiday haven where we cook up scrumptious meals, share hearty laughs, and simply enjoy each other’s company. It’s the perfect recipe for holiday joy!

And here’s the best part – you can jazz it up even more! Surround the centerpiece with additional DIY ornaments to make it extra festive, or if you’re feeling the less-is-more vibe, just leave it as is. Either way, the kitchen becomes this warm and inviting space that truly captures the essence of the season!

Holiday Home Sparkle

I hope you’re feeling as inspired and excited as I am to bring a touch of holiday magic into your home! I’ll bet you have some clever ways you would display this ball ornament decor piece!

Whether you choose to create a captivating centerpiece with Christmas ball ornaments on your dining table, transform your mantel into a winter wonderland, or let the heart of your home shine with a beautiful arrangement on the kitchen island, this is the perfect craft project to bring a personal touch to your holiday decor.

Lighted Christmas ball ornaments centerpiece ideas in the foyer.

Get your family members involved in making this project. Kids of all ages will love it!

 From twinkling lights to vibrant colors, Christmas ornaments contribute to the warmth and joy that define this magical time of year. So, let your creativity soar with a few ornaments and a pool noodle!

Wishing you a season filled with laughter, love, and the unmistakable magic of Christmas! 

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hey Missy, this came out so beautifully. I love the bright colors and fell in love with the look and length of it. It would look beautiful on any table, entry way or even a kitchen island. Great job.

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