Bold and Beautiful Half Bath Makeover Ideas

Are you feeling a little “meh” about your half bath? If so, here are just the pick-me-up makeover ideas for you! I love to make small spaces feel bold and beautiful and found the perfect opportunity by joining the Spring 2023 One Room Challenge.

I’m excited to share how our tiny, dark half bath went from lackluster and drab to bright and bold with this 8-week showstopper transformation! Get ready to spice up your powder room with some style and pizzazz inspiration!

A gold beaded mirror frames against green and white wallpaper.

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What is the busiest room in your house? 

Did you say your kitchen? Me too!

And the second busiest? 

In our house, it is probably the half bath that is down the hall from the kitchen and is the tiniest room in the house.

It was also the darkest. Here is just a reminder of what it looked like!

The "before" photo of the half bath before its makeover with dark walls and poor lighting.

Did the sink work? Yes. And did the toilet work?  Yes.

Did the room have style? Nope!

Personality? Natural Light?

Nope! Nope!

The room left me a little cold and definitely needed a little love.

A vanity sink faucet handle marked "cold."

As a participant in the Spring 2023 interior design One Room Challenge, I was thinking that giving a tiny bathroom would be a quick and easy project to do.

The One Room Challenge logo

How hard could it be to design such a small space with only 25 square feet? Let’s just say I underestimated this smaller space project.

The design was set and everything ordered but I ran into all sorts of issues because of a sink that went missing in shipment and an unexpected leak that did some damage to the floor.

The good news is that the sink arrived and this little guest bathroom is complete! 

Photographing the room with such limited floor space has been a challenge but I’m excited to give you a tour and share some amazing half bath makeover ideas!

Half Bath Makeover Ideas

Bold colors, pattern, an illusion of more space, and a sense of energy and movement…these were the goals for this little bathroom. I set out to transform the space with the following half bath makeover ideas:

Wallpaper with a curvy pattern…

Stunning gold wall sconces with a graceful arching curve…

A marble vanity with gold pipes…

A faucet with an elegant gold curve…

The grandeur and personality of large wall art…

All tucked into a teeny-tiny 5’ x 6’ room!

Half bath makeover ideas shown with green and white wallpaper, a marble top vanity sink, and gold metal accents.

The Half Bath Wallpaper

This amazing wallpaper from Spoonflower caught my eye immediately. The abstract emerald green circles are like dancing drama against the pristine white background! This is a pop of color that swirls around you and gives energy to the small half bath.

Unrolling the green and white wallpaper.

Going with a large-scale pattern for such a small room may seem counter-intuitive. However, that is what makes this unlikely partnership work. The large pattern actually creates an illusion of space making the room seem larger…and TALLER! 

In sharing this idea with others, I would inevitably get asked…”Are you putting the wallpaper on all four walls?”


Some might say “crazy town” but I love the feeling it invokes. Motion and movement and colorful whimsical energy! If there is one room in your house to try this, a powder room is the perfect place to go for it!

Applying wallpaper with a white background to dark blue walls was a slight concern. However, this worry disappeared when I opened the box of wallpaper from Spoonflower. Their paper has substance and is definitely high-quality. 

Also, I discovered the best primer for dark walls. There is no hint of any blue coming through this paper!

The Half Bath Sink

The old pedestal sink was fine but I had two complaints. First, there was little actual flat surface space (try balancing a glass dispenser on an angled, gridded soap space!). Second, the pedestal was too short for me and my tall-ish family.

This bathroom vanity sink with a brushed gold faucet by Water Creations has been on my wishlist for a long time! It took some patience to get it here, but it was worth the wait!

A curvy gold faucet in the Sonata Home Design ORC Powder room makeover.

The vanity top has much more surface space which can now hold a soap dispenser, a small plant, or a hand towel.

The gold faucet reflected in the half bathroom mirror.

The underside of the vanity is open so you can see all of the glorious gold pipes! 

Gold pipes on the sink are a half bath idea to make a small room feel larger through reflection.

A classic sink calls for a classic mirror! 

To go with a funky mirror would have been too much given the wallpaper, so I chose an arched mirror with a gold bead mirror frame.

Half Bath Makeover Ideas for Storage

You can’t talk about half bath makeover ideas and not talk about storage!

Storage in a small bathroom can be a problem. Here are some ways that I added storage to our teeny-tiny powder room.

Increased Vanity Surface Area! This is prime real estate for soap and lotion dispensers, paper guest towels, and small decorative items.

A vanity with lots of surface area is one of the good half bath makeover ideas.

Don’t forget the area on top of the toilet. Currently, this underutilized space holds a sweet green plant. But it is the perfect place for hand towels, toiletries, and other bathroom necessities.

Use baskets or decorative bins to corral smaller items like towels, toilet paper rolls, and cleaning supplies. Place them on open shelves or inside cabinets for a neat and organized look. I used one large basket under the sink for extra storage.

Half Bath Makeover Ideas - Toilet paper stored in a woven basket and set underneath the vanity sink.

Other half-bath storage ideas:

  1. Wall-Mounted Cabinets: Utilize wall-mounted cabinets or medicine cabinets with mirrors to provide storage space for toiletries, medications, and other bathroom essentials. These cabinets help keep items organized while also serving as a mirror for grooming.
  2. Wall Hooks: Install wall hooks or adhesive hooks on the back of the door or on empty wall space to hang towels, robes, or even small storage baskets. This helps keep items within reach while maximizing floor and counter space.
  3. Vanity with Storage: Choose a vanity with built-in drawers or cabinets to store toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other bathroom essentials. Or, as my dream sink, opt for a vanity with an open shelf or towel bar to maximize storage options.
  4. Under-Sink Organizer: Utilize the space beneath the sink with an under-sink organizer or storage bins. These allow you to sort and store items such as cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, or personal care products while keeping them easily accessible.

Half Bath Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom is incredibly important and makes such a big difference in the function and aesthetic of the room.

This is, after all, where we check our hair, refine our makeover, and give ourselves a “Let’s take on the day” wink! We need a vanity light that enhances the room and our faces!

Overhead lighting can sometimes create shadows that I don’t want on my face. Wall sconces solve that problem beautifully by dispersing the light evenly on the face without shadows. Definitely a better look for me!

This tiny half bath is full of bold ideas that create a feeling of energy in the room through wallpaper patterns that are large and curving. generously provided two of their Castell Curved Arm Wall Sconces in aged brass. (They also come in black.) With a nod to mid-century modern design, the sconces feature a single frosted glass globe that is artfully suspended from the gracefully curved arm.

I considered thoughtfully how high to hang the wall sconces and found the sweet spot!

The LED bulb casts a warm glow that softly illuminates the room and my face in the mirror. 

Not only are they modern and stylish, but they also continue the curved energy of the wallpaper and the faucet. Thank you,!

The Best Way to Hang Wall Sconces in a Bathroom

When it comes to hanging wall sconces in a bathroom, you want to strike the perfect balance between functionality and style, without any “shocking” surprises. 

Start by selecting the right location for the sconces, keeping in mind the height and proximity to other fixtures in the room. 

Ideally, they should be placed at eye level, approximately 60-66 inches from the floor. Make sure the sconces are symmetrically positioned on either side of the mirror or vanity, providing balanced lighting. Be sure to use a level to check the vertical and horizontal lines.

Installing the wall sconce.
Measuring the wall sconces with a level to make sure they are evenly placed.

As always, it is a good idea to ensure that the electrical wiring is safely and professionally done, adhering to local building codes. 

Install wall anchors or use existing studs for a secure mount. After mounting the sconces, connect the wiring according to the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional electrician if needed. 

Finally, let the sconces shine their light and bask in the glory of a well-lit bathroom!

Half Bath Artwork

Don’t let the fact that a room is small keep you from hanging artwork that is large!

Artwork is the jewelry of a room and one of the best finishing touches in a room. Hanging large wall art in a small room can actually work wonders for the space. It adds a bold focal point that draws the eye and creates a sense of depth, making the room appear larger than it actually is.

Peacock wall art from Urban Garden Design in gold frame.

This proud peacock was provided by Urban Garden Designs and loves being front and center when you enter the powder room. 

Urban Garden Designs feature gorgeous fine art prints with a focus on nature. I love their classic themes with vibrant pops of color!

The navy background behind the peacock is a great color complement to the green wallpaper design. 

And the gold frame is a bold reference to the sink faucet and plumbing.

The wall art called "Peacock Fan" from Urban Garden Designs.

It’s a clever trick to play with scale and proportion, adding a touch of drama and personality to your surroundings

Time to embrace the power of large wall art! 

One Room Challenge Complete!

I love the new life and finished look of the half bath! This Spring 2023 One Room Challenge was my way of showing just how much personality and color you can add to a half bathroom with the help of some fun wallpaper, chic sconces, eye-catching artwork, and classic fixtures. I love sharing these half bath makeover ideas and hope you have been inspired to spruce up your own powder room space. 

Special thanks to and Urban Garden Designs for helping to make this half bath both bold and beautiful!

Remember, when it comes to designing your home, dare to be daring. Let yourself let go and be fearlessly creative with every stroke of design genius. (You are a genius, you know!)

Don’t decorate your home as if you are renting from the next owner! Have faith in yourself and push the boundaries of what is possible for creating beautiful spaces that express who you are and that fill your heart with joy. 


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    1. AHHH! Thank you Traci! That means so much to me because I know how much you love color! Thank you!

  1. Such an amazing new look! The gold accents are so elegant, and the wallpaper makes it feel like you’re entering a secret garden! I love how everything is so beautiful without sacrificing comfort and functionality! You have inspired me to start thinking more seriously about how to upgrade my own tiny bathroom space.

  2. Absolutely stunning! The green wallpaper with that peacock is so fun. And HELLO sink! Love everything!

    1. Thank you so much, Madeline! Yes, the sink was a major headache to get in but I now have a love relationship with it! LOL!

  3. Oh my gosh, Missy, you nailed it! This renovation is absolutely stunning. The pattern, the gold, the sink,….it’s all gorgeous. You have inspired me with your words about ‘the next owner’ …I need to get going on my guest bath! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Tina! It was such a fun project! (even when the sink was lost in shipment!) I’m so glad you like it!

  4. In Sonata style, you made this space sing! Your color combinations coupled with your hardware choices are on beat! Nice work….. now what space do I want to do next?

    1. LOL! You know me too well, Tonya! I am already trying to decide on the next project! We just just redid out patio so I think I will focus on decorating that!

  5. Oh, Missy!! It’s so gorgeous!! What a beautiful transformation! I absolutely love all of your choices and know you must be so pleased! Enjoy your beautiful room!

    1. Thank you, Kim! I’m so glad you like it! It was definitely a fun project and we are really enjoying the transformation. I think I am checking my hair just a little more often! LOL!

  6. Missy this is just perfect and so you. I love it. The lights are gorgeous- everything is- you must be so happy with the result

    1. You are so thoughtful, Anita! Thank you so much! We are loving the lights! (no shadows makes me look younger!) Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  7. Such beautiful choices! So polished and much personality into one tiny space. I love it! Can you see me cheering at the finish line?!! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  8. Missy, your powder room turned out wonderfully! I love the pops of green with brass, I am one of those classic lovers who thinks brass never goes out of style. Despite your set backs, everything turned out perfectly! Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us!

    1. Thank you, Cara! I think I love the room even more because of the setbacks! And yes, gold and brass never goes out of style!

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