7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Easily Create a Bathroom Spa Experience

Are you needing some pampering at home? (Yes, you do!) Here are 7 budget-friendly ways to easily create a spa bathroom experience using inexpensive items.

I was in my 40s before I had my first pedicure in a salon.

Almost 50 when I had my first massage at a spa.

For some, I would be considered a late bloomer in the world of professional personal grooming. For others, I am a “lucky duck” to ever walk into a spa at any age!

Admittedly, I do love a pampering moment and love the ambiance of a spa. I have often wondered…”Why does this self-care have to be restricted to going somewhere else? Why can’t I do this at home?”

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A bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner placed in a shower niche.

Well, my friend, I can!

And, so can you!

Whatever size bathroom you have, large or small, here are some very simple, budget-friendly ways to create a bathroom spa experience that you can enjoy every day at home!

1. Spotlessly Clean

Sorry, my friend, to start with something so mundane and unexciting, but here is the truth…

The foundation of feeling pampered and rested is the lack of dirt in the room.

You don’t want to be soaking in your bubble-filled bathtub only to notice the cloud of dirt in the corner behind the door.

Buzz kill!

Obviously, this is a chore you need to do anyway, but give the room an extra little “shine-up” when doing your usual cleaning.

Let your room shine!

A chrome sink faucet

2. Organize Bottles, Jars, and Brushes

You may be a soap and water person or, like me, you have found the perfect (or several perfect) bottles of magic to help you look and feel good.

But they take up space and can look oh-so-cluttered!

To combat beauty tool clutter, I gathered make-up brushes into a vintage mint julip cup with brow pencils, and eyeliners in another.

Lipsticks are kept in a colorful tray and everything is gathered onto one glass-bottomed tray…a container holding containers!

Use glass jars, a small basket, or even a special teacup to gather your beauty tools and keep them looking spa-lovely!

Everything is gathered neatly into one place and can be found easily.

Face wash, lotions, serums, make-up brushes, and make-up gathered onto a tray for a budget-friendly bathroom spa experience.

3. White Fluffy Towels

White towels!

A spa experience calls for the whitest, fluffiest towels you can find.

Then, take it a step further…tie them with a satin ribbon or even have them monogrammed. (My talented mother-in-law monogrammed these for us!)

And, here is a home stager tip: Slip a dryer sheet between your towels to give your bathroom the scent of clean, fresh cotton. Budget-friendly scent!

A budget-friendly bathroom spa experience starts with fluffy white bath towels. These white towels are monogrammed with the initials MNB.

4. Live Plants

Adding live plants to the bathroom brings an important element of nature into the bathroom.

As human beings, we need to connect with nature and sometimes a live plant is the closest we can get.

Plus, plants love all the humidity in the bathroom and will thrive!

This pothos plant was started from a cutting from another plant. It was FREE!

The green leaves of a pothos plant.
Budget-friendly bathroom spa experience.

5. Bath and Shower Goodies

Pretty soaps shouldn’t just be for guests! And, the market is chock-full of budget-friendly soaps, bath oils, and bathtime bubbles.

Natural soaps sitting in a bathtub tray are perfect for a budget-friendly bathroom spa experience.

My friend Susan of Hen and Horse Design gave me this beautiful Oatmeal and Honey Lavender Shea Butter handmade soap. You need to try this! Amazing soap and so pretty!

And, if you are wanting the softest skin in town for pennies…


Just pour a scoop of Epsom salts into the warm bathwater. Bathtime gold!

Epsom salt in a glass jar. 
Budget-friendly bathroom spa experience.

Epsom salts are inexpensive and come in all sorts of different scents. (Avoid using if you have a bathtub with jets.)

Not kidding… you will have the softest skin in town!

Epsom Salt in a glass jar with bag of Epsom salt behind it.
Budget-friendly bathroom spa experience.

Don’t neglect the scent in the shower!

For a few dollars, you can purchase a bunch of fresh eucalyptus at the grocery store. (Trader Joe’s is my favorite!) Tie a bunch to your showerhead and let the shower steam go to work.

Shower time will smell SO good! (and it wakes you up in the morning!)

A bunch of green eucalyptus hanging from a shower head.
 Budget-friendly bathroom spa experience.

6. French Anything

Perhaps I have watched too many episodes of “Emily in Paris” but I am well aware of the French philosophy that quality is paramount.

Quality ingredients, quality shoes, quality time, and quality self-care…the French are on to something that deserves our attention.

So, bring a French element into the bathroom that reminds you of this lovely philosophy. French script is always a good idea as it immediately gives off French vibes.

Shop your favorite thrift or vintage shops. Or, grab a marker or stencil and create your own French inspired decor!

These apothecary jars have charming French labels and can hold the inexpensive Epsom salts!

A white apothecary jar with French script on the front.

This little tray holds some of my jewelry and reminds me to channel my inner “Coco Chanel!”

A blue and white tray that says "Paris is always a good idea."

7. Toilet Tissue

I saved this little detail for the end.

Toilet Paper?

Not because it is most important (well, maybe it is?) but because it is a “spa” detail that is free other than the cost of a rubber stamp or, in my case, an embossing tool.

Here’s how to give your toilet tissue the spa treatment!

Fold the corners of the toilet tissue back to form a triangle.

Folding the end square of a roll of toilet tissue.

Wet your embossing tool or rubber stamp with water and…

An embossing stamp with the image of a tree.


Pressing the embossing tool onto the folded toilet tissue.

This makes me smile every time! And, this process is oddly satisfying!

The embossed toilet tissue.

Stamp an entire package of toilet tissue all at once and you have spa elegance at the ready!

Embossed toilet tissue stacked on a sf is a tiny detail that creates a budget-friendly bathroom spa experience.

Any spa experience is about the details. And these details don’t have to cost a lot of money.

So, turn your bathroom into a personal spa! You have earned it!

A wide shot of a bathtub. 
Budget friendly Bathroom spa experience.


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  1. Love this post! Especially the toilet paper trick! I can’t wait to try it! I’ll be organizing my guest bathroom this summer and hope to incorporate that! I’ll pin it now, so I don’t forget! Thanks, Donna

    1. Hi Donna! Thank you so much! I never thought I would become obsessed with “embossing” toilet paper but it is strangely therapeutic! LOL! Have fun organizing your guest bathroom!

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