How to Make a Sweater Weather Candle Wrap

It’s Sweater Weather! Learn how to make this easy sweater weather candle wrap!

Is there anything better than pulling out your sweaters in the fall? Give your home decor the vibe of sweater weather by making a snuggly candle cozy.

Sweaters help to bring in cool weather right along with falling leaves, crisp autumn apples, and earlier evening darkness.

Bring it on! I am a sucker for a great sweater and am ready to snuggle in with some hot tea, a good book and…

a cozy candle!

Even better…how about a cozy candle wearing a sweater wrap!

You know, those adorable (and often expensive) jar or pillar candles you see in stores that are wrapped in a sassy nordic sweater cozy.

Don’t Buy It! Cut It Up!

Not possessing the skill of knitting, I decided I am pretty good with a pair of scissors.

And I own way too many sweaters that I have not worn in years.

I found this old gem in the back of the closet. I bought it on a clearance rack years ago (for $8!) but it never really fit me well. So, I never really wore it and it was just gathering dust.

It was destined for the donation pile.

Find an old, no longer worn sweater, or do some digging at your local thrift store to find a sweater to dissect!

Cardigan sweater that will be cut up to create a candle cozy.

This sweater was going to be donated BUT, I really love the sleeve!

I mean, I really LOVE the sleeve! (I think that is why I bought the sweater in the first place!)

Obviously, perfect for jar candle sweaters!

The multi colored, striped sleeve that will be cut from the sweater to create a sweater weather candle cozy.

How to Make a Candle Wrap

First, measure your jar candle and decide how tall you want the cozy to be.

Also, decide what section of the sweater sleeve you want for the candle or jar.

Finally, do a quick measure on the sweater sleeve, grab your scissors and start cutting!

For this first one, I cut “mid-arm” as well as just above the cuff.

Cutting the sleeve from the sweater.

For this candle, I wanted a finished edge.

So, I tucked the top edge of the sleeve tube in toward the candle and did a large basting stitch to keep it in place.

Using a basting stitch to create a rolled edge.

The bottom of the sleeve naturally curved in around the bottom of the candle jar so I didn’t have to do anything more. It literally HUGGED the jar!

The sleeve cuff naturally curls around the bottom of the jar candle.

Dressed for sweater weather!

The finished sweater weather candle wrap on a jar candle.

The remaining sweater cuff fits this candle perfectly.

No sewing at all! I just slid it onto the jar!

The remaining cuff used as a candle wrap for a shorter jar candle.

But What About the Rest of the Sweater?

The original sweater has some great components that should not go to waste.

Namely, the cool animal print and big buttons!

How about another candle wrap!

The remaining sweater fabric in an animal print.

In order to incorporate the buttons and buttons hole, I measured the diameter of the candle and cut a rectangle of fabric that includes those parts.

Cutting the animal print sweater fabric.

I decided not to hem the top edge as I like the rougher, uneven edge.

Incorporating the sweater buttons into the candle wrap.

Next, I wrapped the fabric around the candle, and hand sewed a quick whip stitch to connect the edges on the backside.

Last, I gathered the corners of fabric on the bottom of the candle into bunches and ran some stitches through.

Nothing fancy!

Sewing the bottom fabric to create the candle cozy bottom.

I love how this faux candle from looks with its animal print sweater!

This candle is from their Infinity Collection. Battery operated with a timer and so realistic! You can see if HERE.

Animal print candle wrap with button.

Remember the two jar candle wraps from earlier?

Look at the colors outside! The perfect backdrop for sweatered candles!

Set of two jar candles with candle wrap made from sweater sleeve.

Decorate your home with candles for fall, winter, holiday…any time of year that is sweater weather!

A Reminder: Never leave your lighted candles unattended!

Striped sweater fabric in black, grey, red, and pink.

Wouldn’t this make a lovely hostess gift?

Striped sweater fabric in  green, yellow, and pink.

I love these so much I decided to cut up another cardigan that was threadbare and falling apart. The button was already on the sleeve of the cardigan…adorable!

Candle wrap in pink plaid.

You are invited to take 20 seconds and enjoy these COZY candle flames!


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P.S. Need a good jar candle recommendation? Here is a great one for sweater weather gifting and decorating!

Who wouldn’t love a Red Apple Wreath Candle!

You can see it HERE.


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