Three More “Super Power” Holiday Gift Guides

I am sharing Part 2 of my Holiday Gift Guides Extravaganza!

Holiday giving…here we come! With six weeks till Christmas(you heard me…SIX weeks!),
it is definitely time to start shopping. I have three more holiday gift guides that can help!

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I have a super power.

It’s a good one.

As a former a brick and mortar retail storeowner, I discovered this superpower.

My superpower???
Choosing gifts that people love and creating really good holiday gift guides from which to shop! While shopping at market, I could scan a showroom in minutes and find those special gift gems that elicit shouts of joy when opened.

In full transparency, this superpower is not foolproof.

I once gave my husband a lamp.

Yes, a lamp.

There was no shout of joy.

More like an empty thud of silence.

Lesson learned! Since then I have strategically honed this superpower.

And, YOU get to benefit from it! Enjoy these three holiday gift guides to inspire your holiday gift-giving!

Last week, I shared these Gift Guides:

Merry and Bright Decorating Gift Guide

Sisters, Cousins, and Aunts Gift Guide

Doodle Dog Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide for the Entertainer

I thought of my sister as I shopped for this Gift Guide for the Entertainer.

You see, she is the ultimate entertaining queen and loves to add a creative twist to any event.

More importantly, she is always thinking about the guest and what would be fun for her guests!

Obviously, I always love being invited to her house!

Gift Guide for the entertainer logo

Here is what on THIS Gift Guide for the Entertainer:

  1. This yummy Limoncello Kit
  2. These patterned Salad Servers
  3. This “oh so chic” Flatware
  4. This fanciful Edible Glitter Dust
  5. These gorgeous Agate Coasters
  6. This inspiring culinary book Beautiful Boards
  7. These charming Bread Plates
  8. This stylish Buffalo Plaid Apron
  9. This unique Color Dipped Cheese Board
  10. This vintage style yet modern Blue Tooth Record Player
Holiday Gift Guide items for the entertainer

Holiday Gift Guide for the Avid Reader

Books lovers are a special group of people in my heart.

They are curious, imaginative, and trained at setting aside time to explore another time, place, and experience.

Choosing a book for a fellow reader can be challenging. You don’t want them to read the first page and immediately decide…”meh.”

However, there are lots of fun book-related gifts that are a joy to give! (and to receive!)

Holiday Gift Guide for the avid reader logo.

How about these great gift ideas for the avid reader:

  1. This super fun 100 Books Scratch Off Poster
  2. This sassy Literary Insults Chart
  3. This scented Library Collection Candle (available in different authors)
  4. This versatile Set of 3 Conceal Floating Bookshelves
  5. This beautiful Reader Sculpture
  6. This handy dandy Book Page Holder
  7. This sassy Reader Wine Glass
  8. This practical Neck Reading Light
  9. These calming Novel Teas
Holiday Gift Guide items for the avid reader.

Gift Guide for Him

Raise your hand if this statement is true…

Shopping for HIM can be SO HARD!

I see all those hands up in the air!

Finding that “just right” gift for my husband is always the challenge of the season.

And, on top of that, his birthday is in December.

And, now I have a son-in-law! (He is actually fairly easy to shop for. Thank goodness!)

This is perhaps MY most important gift guide!

Holiday Gift Guide for Him logo.

Here is what is on Gift Guide for Him:

  1. This Personal Grilled Pizza Maker
  2. This handsome Genuine Leather Dopp Kit
  3. This fun Vintage State Postcard Puzzle
  4. This cool Urban Map Glass
  5. This historical sports Football Book
  6. This best-selling Sock Subscription
  7. This fun 100 Movie Scratch Off Poster
  8. This relaxing Shiatsu Neck Massager
  9. This set of Kabob Grilling Baskets
  10. This must have 3 in1 Charging Station
Gift items for him.

Hopefully, my Holiday Gift Guides superpower has been helpful!

Of course, as I look at these gift guides, I am struck by the fact that there can be a lot of crossover between guides.

My wish list includes gifts from all of these lists!

Happy Shopping!


P.S. Would you like to make some gifts for your friends and family? Here are a couple of ideas!

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