How to Decorate for Halloween with Fireplace Bats

If you’re looking for a fun and hair-raising way to decorate your fireplace for Halloween, look no further! This quick and easy decorating diy will show you how to decorate with paper or plastic Halloween fireplace bats for a hauntingly elegant room focal point!

You’ll have a spooky scene that is sure to impress your guests and give you a little fright in the night. So let’s get started!

A fireplace with pumpkins lined up on the mantel.

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There Are Bats in the House!

I am not a fan of bats.

Real ones, I mean.

Yes, I know they are relatively harmless and eat lots of annoying insects but…

… they scare me!

My single close encounter with a bat was in a charming mountain cabin rental.

This is me in the mountains. Carefree and Bat-Free!

Missy sitting on a rock in the mountains.

But once in the mountain cabin…cue “Dramatic Bat Music!”

How this bat got into the cabin, I have no idea.

And, since I ran screaming outside and left my husband and daughter to take care of the situation, I never really found out.

Neither bat nor human was harmed.

Later, I found out that bats would sleep and cling to the backs of the shutters all day long! Eek!

What is the Significance of Bats on Halloween?

These elusive creatures have long been associated with the spookiest holiday on the calendar for a good reason. With their nocturnal habits, mysterious flight, and, let’s face it, a slightly spooky aura, bats perfectly encapsulate the essence of Halloween.

A Halloween pumpkins with paper bat wings.

Their presence symbolizes the thinning veil between the living and the spirit world. So, when you see those Halloween bats adorning decorations, know that they’re not just there to give you the creeps; they’re there to weave the magic of Halloween into every corner of your spooky home!

How to Apply Halloween Bats to a Fireplace

Armed with courageous spooky inspiration, I decided to continue decorating the living room for Fall by adding a little Halloween vibe.

Using bats!

This little decorating project calls for harmless paper or plastic bats.

You can cut out your own…

…or just order this inexpensive set of 3D decorative wall bats.

Plastic bats with double sided stickers are perfect for a Halloween Fireplace.

This set of bats comes with 4 different sizes and little sticky tabs for attaching. The tabs held for the most part but a few did fall to the ground. For a stronger stick, you can use some tacky putty to adhere to the bats.

Just bend the bats at the scored line by the wings and attach one of the small double-sided stickers.

The bats have a shiny side and a matte side. I chose the matte side for a more realistic look.

Because of course, I love a realistic bat at Halloween!

Bending the bat wings and attaching the double sided stickers of the Halloween Fireplace Bats.

Bats in Flight

Once all of your bats are taped up, it’s time to start attaching them to the fireplace and surrounding wall.

Start at the fireplace opening and work your way up and out diagonally, placing the bats so it looks like they are flying up and out.

Let’s face it…within the context of Halloween bats, the houndstooth tiles on our fireplace actually look like bats! So, I started placing my bats on the white surround as a continuation from the tile.

This guided me in the direction of my bats, but you can go any direction you want.

I continuously stepped back to check on the bat’s progress and changed their position occasionally.

Once you’re satisfied with the placement of your bats, step back and enjoy your handiwork!

Halloween bats attached to a fireplace for spooky decor.

Stick bats to the fireplace tile, the surround, or any decor that happens to be in the line of fire.

This bat found a resting place on a mantel pumpkin!

A plastic bat stuck to a pumpkin.

These are the kind of bats that I like to have hanging around the house!

Plastic bats attached to a fireplace and surrounding wall for spooky Halloween decor.

There you have it! A quick and easy way to decorate your fireplace for Halloween. This fun and festive project is sure to make anyone do a Halloween double-take, and it’s something that the whole family can enjoy!

So put on some spooky music, grab some candy, and get ready for a hauntingly good time!


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Plastic bats attached to a fireplace for Halloween decor.

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  1. Well, how darn cute is this? I love it, Missy! I don’t usually decorate for Halloween, but whenever I see fun ideas like this I think that I need to start. I’m going to share a photo and link to your spooky bat mantel with my readers this Saturday for my week in rewind post. I think they’ll love it too.

    Happy October!

    1. You know, Jen…I normally don’t do a whole lot with decorating for Halloween either. But these bats just captured my attention and were super fun and easy to do. Thank you so much for sharing the post in your Saturday rewind. I will look forward to reading your whole post!

    1. Such a fun link party! I am glad to be part of it! Thanks so much for checking out my Halloween bats!

  2. So cute Missy! I opted for buying them too – so much easier. My daughter made her own and covered our window and made it look like they were coming up through a vent. It was creepy!!! I love how yours look and liked that you even applied them to the pumpkins!

    1. Thank you! This was really fun to do and so easy! We are empty nesters but still love to decorate for Halloween!

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