Happy New Year 2022!

It’s a New Year!

Happy New Year, 2022! Welcome to the new year!

Fresh year, a fresh start, fresh page on the calendar!

Are you looking ahead to the next 12 months?

When I look at the months on the calendar (I’m old-school with my calendar….I’ve got to hold it in my hand!), I am thrilled with the possibilities!

A snowy Happy New Year house

Last year seemed to be the year of painting. And, with all the painting, sprouted all sorts of wonderful projects. You can see a few of them here.

A Bold and Dramatic Fireplace Makeover

How to Hand Peel and Stick Wallpaper

How to Style Glass Front Cabinets

From walls to doors to trim, I felt like our hands had sprouted paintbrushes that were permanent appendages.

Living Room overview

Even Bentley got into the act!

Bentley the dog says Happy New Year with a paintbrush in his mouth.

Here are just a few other 2021 projects that involved painting…

A Bright and Colorful Living Room Revamp

Fun and Easy Spray Paint Projects

Spray Painted Wicker Trunk Project

Currently, I’m working on my 2022 content calendar for Sonata Home Design. Do you want some hints?

2022 Teasers…

  • Craft Room Creation
  • More Wallpaper Projects (of course!)
  • Decorating with Color
  • Upholstery Revisited
  • Front Door Makeover
  • Patio/Backyard Refresh
  • DIY and craft projects
  • Display ideas
  • LOTS more stirring in my brain!
What better way to say Happy New Year than with some beautiful pink tulips

As I say “Happy New Year!” and plan for 2022, I have decided to choose my “word” for the year.

New Year’s Resolutions are new and fresh in our minds.  I make several every year.  Unfortunately, they are often the same ones each year.  (weight, exercise, balance, etc.)

I am still making New Year’s resolutions but have decided to try the tradition of focusing on just one word.  One word that will be my empowering theme for 2022.

What is my 2022 word?


With this word, I hope to take the cap off of self-doubt, pre-conceived parameters, and self-inflicted boundaries.

I wrote it down in my journal, printed it on my favorite bookmark, and put it on a sticky note in the car.

However, the strongest reminder for me is this wall art that hangs in my office. Every time I look at it, I see possibility, abundance, adventure, and no limits.

Wall art of woman with flowers flowing from her eyeglasses.


2021 has shown me that I can do hard things. (Technology!) I can try new things. (Starting a blog!) I can step outside of my comfort zone. (Video!)

Maybe this past year has given me a taste of what I can do when I open myself up to the possibilities.

There is so much I have planned for 2022 and I want to invite you to come along with me.  We can be limitless together!

What is your word for 2022?

photo of Sonata Home Design owner Missy Noonan.  She wishes you a Happy New Year in 2022.

Happy New Year, 2022!

Cheers to you and to the New Year!


    1. Thank you, Renae! I think you are amazing as well. Look at all that you have accomplished this year! Happy New Year!

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