How to Make an Easy DIY Boho Pom Pom Throw Pillow

Are you tired of looking at the same plain sofa cushions every day? Why not get creative and add some boho style to your living room with a DIY pom pom throw pillow? This simple craft project is great for homeowners, crafters, decorators, and anyone who loves interior design. 

With just a few materials and minimal effort, you can easily create an eye-catching accent pillow that will give any space an on-trend bohemian vibe. So let’s get started – grab your supplies and let’s make this fun DIY project!

A DIY boho pillow sitting on a patio chair.

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Setting the table for dinner has its rewards.

A table place setting is a combination of everyday habit and rhythm…’The fork goes here..the napkin here…”

But it is also a time for mental creativity…sometimes with surprises!

“Wouldn’t it be fun if I laid the napkin here?”

“How about a vintage plate there?”

“Couldn’t I make throw pillows out of these jute placemats?”

A table setting using jute placemats as its base.

Light bulb moment above my head for question #3!

I use these jute placemats for table setting all the time.  All. The. Time.

Natural color, nubby texture, circular shape…they are the perfect basis for a fun and versatile DIY boho pillow!

Two jute placemats sitting on a kitchen countertop.

I’ve seen adorable boho pillow covers and lumbar pillows in a similar style in retail stores. Using jute placemats seemed a perfect way to make my own!

Why These DIY Pillows Are So Easy and Inexpensive

  • Jute placemats are easy to find.
  • No sewing machine is required.
  • No need for fabric glue or zipper closure.
  • No pillow insert or pillow form needed
  • Takes about 30 minutes to make
  • The best part? It is a fun way to upcycle 


Where to Find Jute Placemats

Once you are aware of jute placemats, you will see them everywhere!

Decor stores, craft stores, online stores…they can easily be found once you actually look. I’ve even seen these at the thrift store.

For your DIY boho pillows, the best jute placemats are those that are flexible. A board-like placemat would be very challenging!

How to Make a DIY Boho Pillow

You can make this pillow in just a few easy steps!

Take two jute placemats and line them up with each so you know they are basically the same size. This type of placemat can vary from one to another so try to get them in similar sizes.

There are no right sides to these types of placemats but you might want any sort of visible tag to be on the inside.

Cut a long length of jute twine and thread an upholstery needle

You can certainly try to use a regular needle with a large head. I found the upholstery needle to be perfect for this project because of its length and ease of threading. I had one in my craft stash but they are inexpensive to buy.

Find a starting point on the outside of the placemats and start to hand sew the placemats together using a whipstitch. This is basically an “over-and-under” stitch that ties the two placemats together.

Using an upholstery needle to hand sew two jute placemats together to create a DIY boho pillow.

Work your way around the perimeter of the placemats and stop when you are about two-thirds of the way around.

At this point, you start to stuff the pillow with polyfill stuffing. No need for a pillow insert!

How much you use is up to you. I wanted my pillow to be fairly thick so I used about a half bag of poly-fil. 

Once you have the stuffing inside, continue to hand-sew the placemats together.  Finish with a basic knot at the end.

Stuffing polyfill in between the sewn placemats
Tying a knot once the two placemats have been sewn together to create the DIY boho pillow.

At this point, you have a pillow that could be styled as is. In fact, a basic jute pillow is a great idea for adding texture amidst other textiles and pillows.

A completed DIY boho jute pillow with no embellishment.

But I took one more step with my pillow to give it a boho feel. 

Pom poms!

Making DIY Pom Poms

Making pom poms is easy with an inexpensive pom-making kit. My kit has four different sizes and I have used them all for different projects.

Making pom poms with navy blue yarn for the jute placemat DIY pillow.

The instructions that came with my kit were very clear and easy to follow. But I always think it is easier to see one made in time.  There are a lot of youtube videos showing you how. Here is my own!

DIY Boho Pom Pom Pillow

Once you have the pom poms made, just tack them onto the pillow using the upholstery needle.

I attached 10 navy blue pom poms to the perimeter of this pillow.

Using the upholstery needle to attach pom poms to the perimeter of the DIY boho pillow.

The pillow looks great layered against other pillows on our sofa.

A jute placemat pillow made with DIY pom poms.

And, I attached two larger, multi-colored pom poms to the center on either side of this jute pillow. I used multi-colored yarn and love how it turned out!

A boho Diy pillow project that uses two jute placemats and aa multi-colored pom pom.

How to Style Your DIY Boho Throw Pillow

While I love the boho look, I do not consider this to be my prime style of decorating. If your style is boho, this pillow is certainly an easy way to add more boho vibes. If not, here are some ways you can incorporate the style into your existing decorating style with your new boho accent pillow.

A DIY boho pillow with a pom pom in the middle.
  • Pair with a larger existing pillow in your home.
  • Mix and match with other pillows of different patterns, colors, and textures to create a cozy and eclectic look. 
  • Layer your pillows on sofas, chairs, or even on the floor for a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. 
  • Place near faux fur throws, chindi rugs, and floor pillows.
  • Scatter your boho pillows on outdoor seating areas, benches, and swings. 
Two boho style pillows that were made with jute placemats and pom poms as a DIY project.

More Fun DIY Projects with Jute Placemats

There is more you can do with jute placemats!

I had found this Lazy Susan at a thrift store and picked it up for a couple of dollars. It was in good shape but the stenciled top was not the look I was after.

After spray painting it black, it took about 30 seconds to attach a jute placemat to the top of the Lazy Susan with a hot glue gun.

A thrifted Lazy Susan with a blue and white quote on the top.
The underside of a thrifted Lazy Susan.
A Lazy Susan that has been spray painted black.

While this would be a great idea for serving food at the dinner table, I chose instead to place various plants on top. Just a quick turn and each plant is ensured the bright indirect light they love!

A jute covered Lazy Susan that is covered with green plants.

Now that our new patio is in place and I know which plants will work best, I had fun decorating one of my planter pots by gluing jute placemats together to create a boho “wrap”. The jute texture looks great amidst the plants!

A grouping of outdoor potted plants.
Jute placemats wrapped around a black planter pot.

Creating a boho-style pillow and other home decor from jute placemats is a simple and affordable way to introduce an element of bohemian vibes into your home decor. 

Plus, these projects require minimal effort and next to no sewing skills!

With just a few simple supplies, it’ll only take about half an hour to create something beautiful that will last for a long time in your home- why not get creative and put your own spin on the design? Go ahead– create your own unique boho pillow today!


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Easy DIY Boho Pom Pom Throw Pillow

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    1. I’m so glad you like it, Leslie! Each pillow took me about a half hour to make. Instant pillows!

    1. You know me, Susan…given the opportunity, I would add pom poms to just about anything! LOL!

  1. Very clever way to make jute pillows. Opens your mind to several other ways to make pillows. I have a few square placemats that are perfect – maybe with a rope trim. You are so inspiring Missy.

  2. I love the blue pom pom pillow and LOVE the multicolored pom pom in the middle of the other pillow!! So fun!

  3. Missy, these are so cute! They turned out great. Thank you for sharing this DIY, I’m always looking for things to make.
    Visiting today from Unlimited Linky 119 #8&11

    1. Hi Paula! I’m so glad you like the project! This was a super fun project that was perfect for a non-sewer like me! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  4. BRILLIANT ideas, Missy!!
    We will be featuring you starting Wednesday at the Creative Crafts Linky Party! Pinned and shared!
    Creatively, Beth

  5. I think this is an absolutely amazing concept and they are so stunning. Thank you for the instructions, I’ll save this for later and make a few of these during the winter when there will be more free time for such things. Just lovely!

    1. I’m thrilled that you like the project! They have become my new favorite pillows and they really are so easy to make. Please share when you make them. I woould love to see what you do!

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