Let’s Make a Simple Small Flower Arrangement!

Who likes flowers?

I do! I do!

And, who likes flower arrangements that are simple and easy?

We do! We do!

My husband came home with flowers. (One of the many reasons we have stayed married for over 32 years!)

Plopping in a large vase with water is one option.

But why should only one room benefit from the flowers? Let’s spread the floral love around the house!

A small flower arrangement featuring pink roses.

Here is What You Need for your Small Flower Arrangement

When I say simple, I mean simple! You just need a few things…

  • Small glass vase or jar. I found mine at a dollar store. With a dozen blooms, I used 4 small vases. Mason jars also work beautifully!
  • Ribbon of your choice. I love a bold black and white stripe ribbon. This ribbon is actually leftover from a Christmas tree that I recently packed up for the year. You can see this ribbon HERE.
  • Flowers of your choice. In the cold gloom of January, Trader Joes to the rescue!
  • Natural, fresh cuttings from a backyard tree!
  • If desired, a few cuttings from a faux greenery garland.
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
The vases, ribbons, and roses used to create the small flower arrangement.

Set a timer! You can create these in minutes!

Missy clipping backyard tree greenery in the kitchen.

Steps to your Beautiful Small Flower Arrangement

  1. Run a small line of hot glue on the center of the glass jar side.
Using glue gun to place glue that will anchor the ribbon.
Looking for glass vases? You can see a lovely set of 6 HERE.

2. Press the end of your ribbon onto the glue. Wrap the ribbon around the jar and glue the other end of the ribbon where the ribbon meets.

Wrapping the ribbon around the jar and gluing.

3. Fill your vase with water.

Trim your flower stems down so the bloom peeks over the top edge of the glass container. I placed three in each vase.

Remove any stem leaves that might sit in the water. Submerged greenery will just get gloopy and affect the freshness of the flowers.

Clipping roses to the appropriate size.

4. Nature to the rescue! Tuck in some green clippings from your yard. We have an arborvitae tree in our back yard that obliged.

Nestle the greenery among the flowers.

Adding greenery to the small flower arrangement.

5. Adding another type of greenery adds depth and texture to your arrangement. Since I have no other “clippable” backyard trees, I cut the end off a faux eucalyptus garland. You can see my favorite eucalyptus garland HERE.

Trust me…the garland will never miss it! Your small flower arrangement will love it!

Adding faux greenery to the small flower arrangement.

What was your time? I’m guessing this took you 2-3 minutes?

Three minute countdown to ADORABLE!

Small flower arrangement displayed on a fireplace mantel.

Perfect Places for your Small Flower Arrangements

There are SO many ways to incorporate these into your home!

  • Place in a grouping on your dining table for an instant centerpiece.
  • Set a few on your kitchen window sill for a fresh, fragrant view.
  • Keep one on your desk, one on your nightstand, and one on the bathroom vanity
  • Surprise your houseguests with several arrangement scattered in the guest room.
  • If you are staging your home for sale, place a few by the sign-in sheet in the front entry.
  • Line them up on your fireplace mantel.

Check out this Valentine Table for Any Day of the Year. Perfect for small flower arrangements!

Fireplace display.

Simple. Fast. And, oh so lovely!


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  1. What a sweet little flower arrangement. I have always felt inadequat in creating floral arrangements.
    Thank you for sharing on omhgww this week. Be sure to stop by with all new post or even archived Valentine posts.
    Have a lovely week!

    1. Hi Karren, Flower arranging can be a little intimidating so I love anything that is simple. Thank you for hosting on omhgww! Always fun to see all the new posts! ~Missy

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