See How I Thrifted and Created A Charming Easter Table Centerpiece

Get inspired and learn how to create a unique Easter table centerpiece using a thrifted votive candle holder, some paint, and some colorful eggs.

Have you seen something like this before? A votive candle centerpiece?

Maybe not in it’s exact form…but something like it?

It is designed to hold votive candles. Maybe you have seen them with fewer votive cups or maybe you have them with more?

I discovered this one at a thrift store and very well may use it for candles.

Or…maybe I could create an Easter Table Centerpiece!

A votive candle metal centerpiece

Here is my “before” video! (Keep reading for the “after!”)

From Candles to Eggs…

I grabbed a can of my current favorite paint color: COLORSHOT spray paint in Extra Guacomole!

Don’t you love the name!

I actually contemplated making nachos as I spray painted the candle holder!

Spray paint can in the color called "extra guacamole"

Always spray paint in a well ventilated area. Fortunately, it was a nice day so I could paint in the garage with lots of fresh air.

The Easter Table Centerpiece consists of the metal votive holder being spray painted in the green color.

One of my favorite colors to combine with green is…


Preppy, perky, and positively perfect!

A spray paint can of "pink peony" goss paint.

Some small terra cotta pots from the dollar store got a coat of pink peony paint!

A terra cotta pot spray painted in peony pink.

A little green Spanish moss creates a tidy little nest for Easter eggs.

Green Spanish moss being added to the Easter table centerpiece.

Faux eggs covered in floral paper napkins are charming nestled into their pots.

And, the pink pots sit perfectly on each candle holder “stand.”

Easter Table Centerpiece Reveal

I love this centerpiece because it works well on any surface!

I can keep it on the kitchen counter or move it to a table as the centerpiece.

Paper covered Easter eggs sitting in the middle of the Easter table centerpiece.

Drumroll for the “after” video!

You may not have the exact candleholder, but this idea can be used with any candleholder with a base wide enough to hold a small pot.

Easter eggs on parade!

Paper covered Easter eggs sitting in terra cotta pots inside the Easter table centerpiece.

Happy Easter!


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