Jumping Into the One Room Challenge – Spring 2022

Join me as I jump into the One Room Challenge – Spring 2022 and completely transform a basic bedroom into a colorful and inspiring guest room.

Call me crazy…I am jumping head first into the One Room Challenge – Spring 2022!

The One Room Challenge Logo

I wasn’t even sure what this was 2 days ago.

Oh, how much I am learning!

As I try to manage to overwhelm of all the amazing and talented designers who are participating, I am also navigating the protocol for the challenge, planning the redesign of our upstairs guest bedroom, and attempting to eloquently inform you, my reader, as to the project goals!

Believe it or not, I am ready to go for it!

I LOVE this! Beyond excited!

What is the One Room Challenge?

The One Room Challenge is a virtual design event with endless room transformations, makeovers, and inspiration!

The goal for each designer is to completely transform one room within an 8 week time period, submit weekly posts showing the progress, support fellow designers, bloggers, and influencers, and gain immeasurable inspiration!

You don’t want to miss this! Open the door and start exploring now on the One Room Challenge Blog!

A door knob to the bedroom. Step on into the ONe Room Challenge!

Admittedly, I am a newbie. A One Room Challenge New Kid on the Block!

And I am ready to jump in, challenge myself, gain a boatload of ideas, and hopefully, send a little of my own inspiration in the universe!

The Room

The room I have chosen to decorate is a guest bedroom that is on the second floor of our house and adjoins my newly decorated craft room.

This bedroom is a basic box of a room with a bed, two lamps, a lovely bank of windows and two teeny tiny closets.

The guest bedroom queen size bed with navy blue headboard.

It is functional and comfortable but certainly does not match the colorful energy of the adjoining craft room.

I love my colorful new craft room. And, I would like the adjoining guest room to have the same fun, playful vibe.

Need a reminder of the craft room? Take a look!

The One Room Challenge project will continue the vibe of the new, colorful craft room shown here with blue dot wallpaper and a green dresser.

In fact, the craft room is really inspiring me as I develop this bedroom project.

Creating a Craft Room: The Dot Room

Story of the Blue Leaf Foil Table

Dresser Storage Makeover

I will be keeping this blue headboard in the bedroom because…well, it’s my favorite color: Blue!


Navy blue headboard

…Because it coordinates perfectly with this canvas by one of my favorite artists, Windy O’Connor!

Wall canvas by artist Windy O'Connor with bright blues, greens, oranges, and yellows. Perfect for the One Room Challenge!

Our dog, Bentley, is excited about One Room Challenge!

Our sheep-a-doodle dog, Bentley, is ready for the One Room Challenge!

Every room transformation needs a plan…

One Room Challenge Bedroom Plan

  1. Bring bold color and pattern to the room through wall art, bedding, and decor accessories
  2. Create a functional storage table using a garden bench and baskets
  3. Seating area by the windows
  4. Layer a textured rug over the carpet
  5. New side tables and unique lighting
  6. Create a consistent color flow from the bedroom to the almost finished craft room
The One Room Challenge mood board with multi-colored bedding, eclectic artwork, and classic accessories.

I will be posting each Wednesday about the room’s progress! Won’t you join me on this journey?


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the One Room Challenge Blog! You are going to find a TON of home design ideas and inspiration! See you there!


  1. I’m so excited for you! I love the art and the headboard already so I’m sure it’s going to be beautiful! Your use of color is my jam and very inspiring. Can’t wait to see the transformation! 😁

    1. Thanks, Pat! When I saw the artwork, I thought immediately of the blue headboard and thought it was a perfect match! I’m excited to get started!

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