How I Turned Earrings into Unique Home Decor

See how I turned a thrift store vase into a unique home decor accent using a simple pair of stylish earrings.

You never know when the inspiration will hit.

Often, a thrift store is the source of inspiration!

When I found this beautiful silver mercury bud vase at a local thrift store, I immediately started envisioning how I would display it and fill with pretty little flowers.

A thrift store vase with a price tag of $1.97.

As I as paying my $1.97 for the vase (yes! $1.97!), I was directed to the free table and invited to choose something as a thank you for my purchase.

Well, who doesn’t love the FREE table!

These green earrings caught my eye.

Not because I wanted to wear them. (although I would!)

Rather, I loved how bold, colorful, and graphic they were.

Very Art Deco!

And….what if I combine them with my new vase?

Earrings as home decor? I have considered stranger things!

A pair of green, silver, and black earrings that will become home decor.

A 5 Minute Project

All told, this project took me about 5 minutes! Here are the details…

Using a pair of pliers, I twisted off the post of the earrings.

Actually 3 bends back and forth with the pliers was all it took!

The first step in creating earrings as home decor is to use pliers to remove the posts from the earrings.

I lined up the earrings in the direction that I wanted.

This actually took more time than twisting off the posts!

Up, down, this way, that way…this is when my overthinking kicks in and I have to remind myself…”Just decide!”

Earrings glued to silver white vase for unique home decor.

My glue gun worked its usual magic and just a couple dots of hot glue on each earring was enough to secure the earrings to the side of the vase.

After pressing on the vase, I held for about 30 seconds to make sure the earrings were secure.

A hot glue gun attaching earrings to the vase.

This was not rocket science and is possibly the easiest project I have ever shared.

But I like to think that it might send you to your jewelry box (or nearest thrift store) to find the perfect adornment to your home decor!

Earring home decor complete.


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