Obsessed! 30 of My Favorite Home Decor Finds on Etsy

Today’s post is bursting with amazing home finds – 30, to be exact – all discovered on the wonderful world of Etsy. From unique, handcrafted pieces to budget-friendly steals, this list of my favorites has something for everyone!

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Have you ever fallen down a rabbit hole of inspiration while browsing Etsy?

You start with a casual search for, say, a new pillow, and suddenly you’re three mugs deep into a shop filled with adorable handmade pottery.

And wondering where you’ll even put everything you’re virtually adding to your cart!

Yes, my friend, this is one of my favorite rabbit holes!

Today, I’m here to share the spoils (in a non-hoarding way, of course) of my latest Etsy obsessions.

Get ready for 30 of my absolute favorite home decor finds that are guaranteed to add a touch of personality to your space!

(Be sure to read to the bottom to see what is #1 on my wishlist!)

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Let the Etsy Home Finds Countdown Begin!

1. Hanging Basket

Why tuck your produce away when you can beautifully display them in these woven hanging baskets? They come in different sizes and would look fabulous in any kitchen or pantry.

Hanging woven baskets are great home finds for the kitchen.

2. Acrylic Book Vase for Flowers

This acrylic book-shaped vase is made from recycled materials and will add a touch of sophistication to any table or bookshelf. Choose from clear, frosted, or even a dramatic cobalt blue color!

home finds: A glass vase in the shape of a book with the title "The Language of Flowers"

3. Velvet Bolster Pillow Cover

Choose your velvet bolster pillow cover from a list of 26 beautifully saturated colors in any size that you want. (The pillow insert must be purchased separately.)

I chose a gorgeous cobalt blue for our primary bedroom makeover project and I love how it ties all my other pillows together.

Plus, it makes for a great napping pillow!

A pile of multi-colored bolster pillows are fabric home finds.

4. Personalized Watercolor Drawing

Take any candid photograph and have it turned into a personalized watercolor drawing. Keep your special memories alive as a beautiful work of art!

A watercolor drawing of man holding the hand of a child
A watercolor drawing of a man and woman kissing.

5. Customized House Portrait

A customized house portrait is the perfect gift for any homeowner!

A customized portrait of a white house.

6. Metal “hello” Sign

This metal “hello” sign is a staple on our front door. (See the first photo in this post.)

When it is not hanging on our front door, it hangs in the mud room…

…or the kitchen…

…or anywhere you want to say “hello!”

home finds: a metal "hello" sign hanging on a front porch.

7. Nancy Meyers Inspired Garden Basket

You can bet that Meryl Streep carried her fresh homegrown vegetables from her garden into her amazing kitchen with this woven garden basket in the movie “It’s Complicated.” (Movies directed by Nancy Meyers have some of my favorite interiors!)

A woven basket hold a bunch of kale.

8. Pink Peony Candle

Do you love peonies? They are one of my favorite flowers but they just don’t last very long with our Nebraska spring winds. This peony candle looks SO real and would add floral charm to any space!

A candle in the shape of a pink peony is one of the home finds on Etsy.

9. Garden House Book Nook Kit

Look closer! The details in this little miniature garden house are amazing! I’ve always wanted a She-Shed but never had the space outdoors. This might be what I need…and it will fit anywhere!

A garden house miniature is a home find gift.

10. Colorful Square Concrete Candle

Don’t you love an unusual candle? These colorful square concrete candles don’t disappoint in their unique shape and multiple color options!

Multi-colored square concrete candles.

11. Hand-blocked Printed Napkins (50 of them!)

These hand-blocked printed fabric napkins give you so many mix-and-match options. Choose your size and choose the amount. (But I do think 50 sounds like a good number!)

Hand-blocked printed napkin home finds.

12. Emerald Green Poppies Wall Art

I always get asked about this Emerald Green Poppies Wall Art that hangs beside the piano in our living room. It is the right pop of color to balance out the corner. One of my faves!

13. Curvy Statement Mirror

This curvy statement mirror is full of elegance and character…traits we all love in a bedroom, bathroom, or powder room!

A curvy statement mirror is a home find for a bathroom.

14. Handmade Porcelain Dishes

Sometimes the simplest item can be so fascinating. Pop a tea light into one of these beautiful handmade porcelain bowls and watch the light of the flame gently glow through the paler colors. (Dark green and dark blue are opaque.)

Handmade porcelain dishes in various colors.

15. Monogrammed Linen Tissue Box Cover

If I’m honest, I have a bit of a vendetta against plain tissue boxes.

I think it is all my years of teaching with only school grade, beige cardboard tissue boxes in my classroom.

The look of a tissue box is changed completely (for the better!) with a monogrammed linen tissue box cover!

A home finds monogrammed linen tissue box covered with the letter "M"

16. Cobalt Blue Vase

Maybe it’s the color…

Or maybe it’s the shape…

This cobalt blue vase is vibrant, chic, and simply fantastic!

A cobalt blue vase full of dried flowers.

17. Cabinet Door/Drawer Brass Knob Plates

When I gave an old dresser a springtime green makeover, I was on the hunt for interesting drawer hardware.

I found it with these cabinet door brass knob plates.

The knob itself is beautiful but these additional brass plates takes it to the next level!

Brass knobs and backplates.
A green dresser with brass knob handles.

#18 – YES, CHEF! Canvas or Unframed Print

My husband does most of the cooking in our household so I love to occasionally throw out this phrase. (said with gusto!)

Show ’em who is in charge in your kitchen with this bold “YES, CHEF!” Canvas or Unframe Print.

A poster with the phrase "Yes, Chef!" printed on it as a home find in the kitchen.

#19 – Blue and White Coffee Spoons

Call it a little luxury or call it a necessity, you will love these elegant blue and white coffee spoons!

Plus, these make a wonderful gift for the coffee lover in your life!

gold coffee spoons with blue and white porcelain handles.

#20 Minimalist Pantry Labels

Simple and clear…give your kitchen storage jars a graphic makeover with these minimalist pantry labels.

Kitchen jars with pantry labels on them.

#21 – “A Film by Nancy Meyers” Tee

I mentioned my love of Nancy Meyers’ film interiors. (It’s Complicated, Somethings Gotta Give)

Now I can share the vibe with this “A Film by Nancy Meyers” Tee shirt. (I got mine in seaside blue!)

 A woman wearing a tee-shirt that says "A Film by Nancy Meyers"

#22 – Monogram Pillow Cover with Punch Needle Embroidery

My love of monogramming gets a textured lift with this monogram pillow cover with punch needle embroidery. Choose your color and your font!

A pillow with the initials "JRK" monogrammed on it.

#23 – Book Cover Posters

My nephew gave several of these fun book cover posters to my bookworm sister. (She gives me the best book recommendations!)

There are lots of book titles available and they look amazing as a single print or as a book cover collection!

A poster of the book cover to the novel "The Great Gatsby"
A poster of the book cover of the novel "Pride and Prejudice"

#24 – Sun Catcher Ornamental Garden Stakes

Available in different primary colors, these acrylic Sun Catcher Ornamental Garden Stakes will give your garden a whimsical pop of color!

#25 – Bug Off Lotion Bar – Natural Insect Repellent

Do you attract bugs but hate to use bug sprays full of chemicals?

Then you will love the Bug Off Lotion Bar! This insect repellent is made from natural beeswax, mango butter, and sunflower oil…and fits easily in a pocket or handbag!

 A bug repellent lotion bar.

#26 – Super Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

This Super Chunky Knit Throw Blanket is made from Merino wool with each loop measuring 3 inches!

Cozy and decorative for win/win home decor!

A cream colored wool blanket covering. woman on a sofaa.

#27 – Black and White Embroidered Floral Pillow Cover

Made from high-quality microfiber material, this black and white embroidered pillow cover offers a soft and luxurious feel, perfect for lounging or entertaining.

A black and white embroidered pillow found at home.

#28 – Matisse Set of Three Wall Art

No one used color like the artist Matisse! This Set of Three Matisse Wall Art is so vibrant and versatile. Hang individually or display together as a collection.

A set of three wall prints by the artist Matisse.

#29 – Customized Stovetop Cover

When you are not using your stovetop, it becomes prime real estate in your kitchen.

This Customized Stovetop Cover can be easily removed when you need the stovetop and gives you additional counter space when put back in place.

Choose your custom size and have it engraved for a gorgeous addition to your kitchen!

A custom stovetop cover with a personalized name on top.

#30 – Brass-Plated French Bistro Shelves

These Brass-Plated French Bistro Shelves are on my wishlist, bucket list, budget list, and any other list I can cook up. LOVE these!

You can customize these shelves to your space. If you can dream it up, they can probably do it! (And I am dreaming of this for a certain space in my kitchen!

Brass bistro shelves hanging in a home.

And that’s a wrap on my Etsy obsession parade!

I hope this whirlwind tour of home decor gems unearthed some hidden treasures that speak to your style. Whether you crave rustic farmhouse vibes, sleek modern lines, or something altogether more playful, Etsy’s marketplace is a treasure hunt waiting to happen.

Get ready to turn your house into a haven that reflects your unique personality. Happy decorating!


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