Craft Room Storage Solutions in a Small Space

Learn how to maximize craft room storage space in a small room with these efficient, budget-friendly, and attractive storage solutions.

I am so excited to create my new craft room…a dedicated room in our house where I can craft, create, video record, live stream, and decorate with as much pink as I like! I am also excited to share how I am able to create craft room storage on half of a wall!

You heard me…HALF of a wall!

You see, the room I am using is possibly the smallest in the house.

AND, the room has slanted wall angles that minimize storage space opportunities.

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Here is a peek at the first stage of the craft room creation.

Creating a Craft Room: Stage One of “The Dot Room”

There are lots of amazing craft room ideas….mine focuses on utilizing the one wall that is available to me for craft supply storage.

Correction…the one-HALF wall!

Craft Storage On Half A Wall?

See the white wall on the left?

THAT is my available storage wall!

Empty room that will be filled with craft room storage.

Now, I fully intend to create other storage opportunities in the room. However, this wall will be the workhorse storage spot for tools, supplies, and storage.

It all began with measuring carefully the space from floor to slanted ceiling.

58 inches.

Time to divide and conquer!

The lower half of the storage wall will hold baskets, boxes, and bins where I can tuck away craft paint, yarn, styrofoam, wall hanging supplies, etc.

Basically, storing stuff that needs a home but I don’t necessarily want to see.

These white bookshelves are just the ticket!

These three shelf units from Amazon were just the right height for a really great price.

5 shelving units became one large unit when we bolted them together.

They come in various sizes so I was able to create my perfect configuration. Down the road, I could even add a couple more.

You can see the larger bookshelf units from Amazon HERE. And the smaller units HERE.

Now For The Upper Half

26 inches of space left…

Five Ikea pegboards to the rescue! In so many ways!

Yes, these pegboards fit the space perfectly. (I mean perfectly!)

But they also are a goldmine of storage space that is…drumroll, please…attractive!

And, they have all sorts of fun hooks, trays, and other accessories that are amazing storage solutions!

White wall pegboards.

We lined the pegboards up side by side and did lots of checking with a level.

Four hands were definitely needed for this project.

At least I like to think that my holding things in place for screwing in the boards was critically important!

Loading In

I couldn’t wait to start loading the pegboards and shelves!

The first two items…a hammer and a pretty print!

You can have decorative storage! Any opportunity for blue and white ginger jars! (This print is actually from a set of six blue and white chinoiserie prints. You can see them HERE.)

A hammer and blue and white art print hanging on a pegboard.

Here come the rest of the tools!

These are the tools that I use the most and it is good that these are out in the open. Otherwise, I lose them and they end up rolling around in a junk drawer.

A variety of tools hanging on a pegboard for efficient craft room storage.

Loading in the supplies was much more fun than I anticipated.

Fabric bins from a dollar store hold bottles of paint.

A pink fabric bin holding bottles of craft paint.

Glass jars hold clothespins. Aren’t the mini clothespins so cute!

Glass jars holding clothespins are an example of craft room storage.

More glass jars hold pencils, paint pens, and markers.

Pegboard trays hold fun Pop of Color paint pots.

I can’t help myself…every once in a while I tuck in a decorative element. This little pup is actually a Christmas ornament that reminds me of our dog, Bentley. (Oh, if only Bentley could sit this quietly and refined!)

A jar of drawing pens, some colorful paint pots, and a Christmas ornament in the shape of a dog.

Who loves ribbon? Me! And, storing ribbon can also be pretty and decorative!

Craft room storage for home decor books and a stack of pink and white ribbon.

A definite MUST…a place for my reading glasses!

Hanging fabric swatches keeps them front and center in my mind for current or future projects.

Felted wool balls are a new obsession of mine, so I filled an entire jar with them!

Have I mentioned…I am doing what I love! You should too!

A wall art piece that says "Do What You Love."

Part Craft Storage – Part Vision Board

It is amazing what I have been able to store on this half wall. I cleared out my office closet and was able to find an assigned space for most of it.

A craft room storage wall that is fully loaded with needed craft supplies.

I will be adding more storage solutions for the room: a dresser for fabric storage, a wall rack for ribbon storage, and a narrow etagere for a few room essentials…namely, a small tv and a coffee pot!

Mostly storage, this space is also serving as a 3-D vision board that is already giving me some great ideas!

A craft room storage wall that also serves as a vision board.

The next steps in the room should come quicker so stay tuned!


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  1. This looks incredible! An amazing way of utilizing a smal space. Getting inspiration right now for my small NYC apartment!

    1. Thank you, Samantha! I am amazed at how much I am able to pack into just part of a wall! Honestly, these pegboards are one of my new favorite go-tos! I think they would be great in a small NYC apartment! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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