3 Easy Ways to Make Plastic Pumpkin Stems Look Amazing!

As the days grow shorter and the air a little chillier, it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate for fall. Beautiful faux pumpkins are everywhere in our favorite stores and craft rooms. But those plastic pumpkin stems?

Sometimes pumpkin stems just don’t match the beautiful pumpkin because they look…”plastic-ky!” Here are three simple tricks that can make even the most basic pumpkin look amazing! Take a look at some of the simplest ways to add a touch of fall style to your faux pumpkins using easy materials like thread, leather lacing, and rope.

White dollar store pumpkins with plastic stems.
Look at all of the plastic pumpkin stems waiting to be made over!

Raise your hand if you have purchased decorative pumpkins!

And raise your hand if those pumpkins have a plastic, shiny, generic stem!

(I see all those hands up in the air!)

I can’t help myself. I see a plastic pumpkin stem and I just want to give it a makeover!

Here are three different ways to improve those plastic pumpkin stems in about 10 minutes each!

Threaded Pumpkin Stems

I found some adorable blue and white gingham pumpkins at a dollar store but their stems were shiny and one-dimensional.

As a color addict, I love to add shots of color so decided to cover them with…

Embroidery thread!

I had lots left over from my cross-stitching days and the colors…Whoo Hoo!

This could not be easier! As in…it is two steps to “Fabulous!”

Give the base of each stem a little touch of white glue and start winding.

Brushing white glue on to the plastic stem of a blue gingham pumpkin.
Any white glue will work.

You might add a touch of glue here or there as you wind and use a needle to keep the threads in place as you go.

Winding and gluing pink embroidery thread to the stem of a faux pumpkin.
A needle helps to keep the thread in line!

The blue gingham pumpkins are bright and cheerful.

But even more cheerful with a pink, tangerine, or blue stem!

I “threaded” the white pumpkin as well because they look so good sitting nestled beside the gingham pattern.

So cute!

Faux pumpkins on display after their plastic stems have been wrapped with multi-colored embroidery thread.
Such happy pumpkins!

Pumpkin Stems with Jute Rope

What could be simpler than jute rope? It can be found in any home improvement store or dollar store.

Even better…use wired jute! It is malleable and does exactly what your fingers tell it to do!

These terra cotta pumpkins were beautiful. Even the terra cotta stems were lovely and could absolutely be left alone.

But I wanted a little more texture.

So, using the same two-step process (glue and twist!), I used a glue gun to attach the jute rope to the base.

I purposely did not anchor the rope beyond the base so that it would curl away from the base.

Again, so cute!

Terra cotta + jute = Beautiful textures!

The Look of Leather

To my way of thinking, leather details make me think of fall.

Talk about texture…perfect for pumpkin stems!

This pumpkin was a $2 find at a local thrift store. I LOVE the fuzzy grey surface of the pumpkin!

A grey fuzzy faux pumpkin with a plastic stem.
Thrift store find!

But NOT happy with the plastic stem.

A close-up of the plastic pumpkin stem.
Shiny and plastic!

Using a glue gun, I tacked brown leather lacing to the base of the stem and started winding.

Very methodically, I started gluing and then decided that I liked a little zig-zag in the winding. After all, natural pumpkin stems are zig-zaggy!

The grey faux pumpkin displayed with leather lacing wound around the plastic stem.
Love this on our kitchen counter. Looks like fall!

A Bonus “Wrap”

While not a pumpkin stem, this thrift store candlestick got a quick but effective makeover using jute rope.

I bought it for $3.99! What a deal!

The base of a black candlestick.
You can find great deals at thrift stores.

Then, I found jute rope in this wonderful stripe. It is actually a very dark blue stripe but, against the black candlestick, it really looks black.

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!

Striped jute rope
This jute rope came from the dollar store.

What do you think?

Texture and pattern in one fell swoop!

Striped jute rope glued to the black candlestick base.
I love stripes!

I decided to display it on our piano but not as a candlestick. Rather, as a pedestal for a black and white sculpture!

The jute wrapped candlestick sitting on a piano with a black and white sculpture sitting on top.
The striped rope really stands out on the black piano!

The great thing about faux pumpkins (and other fall decor) is that you can be as creative as you want to be!

By adding easy elements like thread, jute rope, and leather lacing to plastic pumpkin stems, you can create a truly unique and eye-catching fall decoration.

So go ahead and experiment with different materials and colors – the possibilities are endless!

That’s a “Wrap!”


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  1. I save the stems off my real pumpkins when I compost them after Halloween. A little hot glue and the cloth pumpkins have a stem. I love your ideas too, especially the leather one!

    1. Hi Mary! I like to do the same thing! It is always fun to add a real stem to a faux pumpkin! Thanks for reading and leaving your idea to share!

  2. These are such fun ideas! I especially love the colorful fabric pumpkins with the colorful string wrapped stems! I also do the same as Mary – let me add that if you didn’t save stems from pumpkins the year before – all you have to do is dig around the bottom of the pumpkin barrel for the stems that have already fallen off of other pumpkins and been left behind!

  3. Missy, this is just the best. Same concept but three completely different looks. And that leather lacing — oh be still my heart! Thanks for linking up at Fab Friday Link Party!!

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