One Bottle, Four Ways

Do you have a love affair with glass like me?

Jars. Bottles. Clear. Colored. It doesn’t matter, I am drawn to them like a mosquito to my bug zapper!

One of the reasons that I love glass containers so much is that they are so versatile. I can style them on a whim in a few minutes and completely change the vibe of the room.

Wow! Now that is a decorating superpower! Does this make me Decorating Wonder Woman? Well, Wonder Woman is able to do a wardrobe quick change on a dime so, YES!

The basic jar. Oh, the possibilities!

This is your basic glass balloon bottle vase and in its bare purchased form. This is a large vase that I like to use on my kitchen island. However, you can utilize these ideas with any size bottle vase. I love the irregular shape, the narrow neck and the thin rope detail at the top. In all honesty, I could leave it just like this and be perfectly happy.

But this is where the fun begins!

Bottle Look #1

KISS – Keep It Simple Sister!

Add one stem of greenery to create a minimalist vibe. This is so simple that it seems a little ridiculous to share. But, sometimes the simplest move is the hardest to take. One stem…that’s it! Simple, yet effective.

Bottle Look #2

Shop your jewelry box!

After some digging (time to organize my jewelry!), I found this blue beaded wonder with bonus multi metal coins. I thought, if it works around my neck, it must work on the bottle’s neck! Voila!

I think this necklace looks better on the bottle than on me!

Bottle Look #3

The jewelry around the neck got me thinking…I love to wear scarves! Off to the closet again! (Fortunately, my scarves are little more organized than my jewelry today.) I tried several different scarves and settled on this one because of the color and because of the tassels. Love!

Bottle Look #4

With the onset of spring, I am motivated to do a seasonal look. Something that looks like spring but can also work for the Easter holiday. I don’t have any flowering branches outside yet (one of my favorite go-tos for vases) so I’m opting for these multi-colored, multi-beaded bendable branches. I’m adding a bright fuschia pink ribbon for pizzazz and stepping back to admire my work!

Note: no fancy bow needed. Just a quick over-under of the ribbon!

Need a bottleneck vase?
Here are some great options for glass bottles and jars.

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So, start with your favorite glass bottle vase and become your own Decorating Wonder Woman!

Cheers! ~Missy


    1. Hi Regina! I sometimes get into an “overthinking” mode so it is refreshing to me to do something super simple that still has impact. Thanks for reading!

    1. Hi Kay, Unfortunately, the company does not make them anymore. I am keeping my eyes open for something similar and can let you know. Or, I need to figure out how to make them myself! Have a great day, Kay!

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