Need Ideas for your Memorial Day Table? Gotcha Covered!

Summer is here! Time to set the Memorial Day table!

May is coming to an end, school is out (for most), and the temperatures are signaling that summer is ready to make an entrance. Let’s set an amazing Memorial Day table!

Time to celebrate a special Memorial weekend with family and friends. What better way to honor this day than to set a special table!

Food and holidays definitely bring people together. Setting a unique table sends the message that the day and everyone in attendance are important and valued. So get your summer menu together and create a unique table to celebrate a truly memorable Memorial Day! I’m hoping that, perhaps, this tablescape might give you some inspiration!

Faux red poppies and small American flags in a centerpiece display for the Memorial Day Table.

Now, unlike other holidays throughout the year, Memorial Day is not necessarily a day for which I shop. Fortunately, I can use the beautiful red, white, and blue of our country’s flag to inspire this Memorial Day Table.

But I just went to the garden center and spent a “wee” bit on flowers. So, I want to do this using what I have in the house.

Time to shop my kitchen!

I am in good shape when it comes to dinnerware and glassware. My special love is blue and white dinnerware. For a patriotic theme, I am pairing it with the red-rimmed plates that I use at Christmas time. Also, I have these adorable red ramekins that I bought from one of my favorite shops in Kansas City, Nell Hills. You can see some similar red ramekins HERE.

However, I am going to borrow some blush pink woven placemats, blue and white melamine plates, and cobalt blue glasses from my daughter, Madeline. (Whoo-hoo!…all those wedding gifts she and her new husband received are coming in handy…for ALL of us!)

Blue melamine glasses, blush pink placemats, blue and white abstract plates, and bright red ramekins make up the dinnerware for the Memorial Day Table.

Also featured on the table will be these Royal Doultan Pacific Plates and Royal Doulton Pacific Tapas Plates. At 9″ and 6″ respectively, these plates are slightly smaller than the standard dinner and salad plates but can still hold a lot of food!

Royal Doulton blue and white abstract dinnerware.
The two sizes of Royal Doulton plates look so good stacked!

My red tablecloth is too cranberry red for this tablescape and my white tablecloth bit the dust after hosting a bridal shower. So…IDEA! I will use the blue and white shower curtain that (briefly) used to be in the guest room bath. It did not get any use when it was hanging upstairs and I saved it when I changed the colors in the bath. (Don’t worry….it is spotlessly clean!)

A blue and white patterned shower curtain will make the perfect tablecloth.

You can see a similar Blue and White Shower Curtain HERE. (Maybe you are actually looking for a shower curtain that doubles as a tablecloth???)

Just a Few Purchases

I bought just a few things…. adorable stars and striped straws (say that three times fast!) as well as mini flags from the dollar store. And, during a random trip to Target, I found these great dishtowels in coordinating stars and stripes patterns.

Dishtowels for napkins? Why not! I say, the bigger the better when it comes to summertime napikins! Perfect if you are serving barbecue!

Red and white stripe straws and blue starred straws sitting on top of patriotic themed dish towels.

A Memorial Day Table Comes Together

Layering colors and textures is like opening a new box of crayons. So many possibilities! I took the mini flags and cut off the wand so I could hang the flags under each place setting. Safely secured under a placemat, the flags are still easily seen and are given a place on honor on the table.

From the woven placemats to the seeds on the strawberries, this place setting is an invitation for good food and conversation stretching into the evening!

The Memorial Day Table setting with three stacked plates on top of a woven placemat.

Poppies are the centerpiece flower of choice. While I don’t use faux flowers very often, these are so vibrant and FUN to twist and turn into a dramatic centerpiece. The orange poppies deviate from the red, white, and blue color scheme but add a little color surprise to the whole table. A couple of small flags tucked into the vase seal the deal!

An aerial view of the Memorial Day table.

You can see some similar Faux Poppies HERE. They come in lots of different colors!

I’m in love with these straws I found at the dollar store. Thinking ahead, I bought enough for Memorial Day and for July 4th! Now it is time for a little Bubly!

A pink can of sparkling water sitting beside a cobalt blue glass.

Our yard is not huge but it is a lovely place to entertain family and friends. The patio is shaded by a beautiful maple tree and has a great view of the small aspen tree “grove” we planted two years ago.

The complete Memorial Day table with a grove of aspen trees in the background.

Honor and Remember

Most important to me on this Memorial Day is to offer my thanks. I salute and honor those men and women who have given their lives in service to this country.

Memorial Day has such an important day. To honor those who have served, to remember those dear to our hearts, and to connect with those we are lucky enough to have with us. I wish you a beautiful Memorial Day full of love, memories, and joy!


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  1. Such a lovely post, thank you Missy. It was an honor to share your post with my followers.

    1. Today was quite the whirlwind for me! I learned so much and had such a great time sharing each other’s blog posts. You are all amazing and I am honored to be included!

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I think desperation was my friend this time. I did not have a tablecloth that would work and happened to open the linen closet. Hello, shower curtain! Thanks for your comments!

  2. Missy – love your post and ideas. Especially the shower curtain! I brought one down to use but it was too creamy. We bloggers are resourceful. So glad to collaborate. Hugs

    1. Thanks Regina! I figure that if I run across road blocks, others do too. The shower curtain idea really came in handy for me! Resourceful bloggers unite! Have a great Memorial Day!

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