5 Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas for Your Holiday Table

If you’re like me, you probably start thinking about Christmas in July. By the time November rolls around, I’m ready to deck the halls and come up with some Christmas centerpiece ideas!

If you need some inspiration for your holiday table (or island, or bar, or coffee table) look no further. I’ve gathered 5 easy Christmas centerpiece ideas that will spruce up your table and make your guests feel festive. So break out the decorations and let’s get started!

Fabulous Friday Features Blog Hop
So many creative ideas!

Welcome to the first Fabulous Friday Link Party Blog Hop! The Fabulous Friday Link Party is one of my favorite places to share blog posts. Every Friday, it is a joy to see all the home decorating creativity! Bloggers link their best posts every Friday and potentially get featured the following week. The Link Party has now extended its presence to some bloggers who link up regularly. I feel so lucky to join the 6 Hosts and 5 other Talented Bloggers in launching the 1st Fabulous Friday Blog Hop. Follow along to see all of the amazing Christmas Entertaining Inspiration. All the links to the Hosts and the Featured Blogger Friends are at the end of the blog.

I am so thrilled to be part of this blog hop. THRILLED!

Perhaps you have just come from Kim’s post at Perfecting Places and saw her simple Christmas brunch ideas? (She always has such great ideas!)

Welcome to Sonata Home Design! Have a seat and enjoy!

A blue chair with a Christmas pillow.
I saved a seat for you!

Christmas Entertaining Ideas

Christmas is a perfect time for a blog hop because Christmas is a time of gathering!

And gathering means entertaining!

I’m excited to share some easy centerpiece ideas with you today.

My centerpiece advice…Keep It Simple!

As much as I love centerpieces, I am also a practical creature and want to make food “management” as easy as possible for me and for my guests.

So, I like to combine form and function in my centerpiece displays.

And simple can be stunning!

Here are 5 Christmas centerpiece ideas that are easy to put together and add some festive punch to your gathering!

Get on Board!

Charcuterie is a huge trend right now and the accompanying boards are one of the most versatile home decor pieces out there.

Use a charcuterie board (or a simple wood cutting board) as the base for a centerpiece that can hold plates and napkins for your guests.

Bonus… it can be easily be moved from spot to spot for entertaining.

For the napkins, I started with a few “tools”

A faux cedar napkin ring adds a natural elements around a gingham check napkin.

Next, I tied a small brass bell to the napkin ring and tucked a sprig of faux winterberries into the napkin ring.

Components of a ringed holiday napkin.
Napkin charcuterie!

It’s a basic series of simple “tucks” but it looks so pretty!

A napkin with a cedar napkin ring, brass bell, and winterberries.
So fun to put together!

Using the board as the base, stack some plates, pile up the “tucked” napkins, and add a pitcher full of Christmas greenery.


A Christmas centerpiece idea consisting of stacked plates, piles of napkins, and Christmas florals in white pitchers.
Form and function working together.

Using a cohesive color scheme puts the “ease” in “easy!”

Red, green, and white with some punchs of black is classic yet fresh.

If you want to keep your plates separate from the centerpiece, just add a larger sized floral in the same color scheme as the new focal point.

A felt Christmas flower is a very Christmas centerpiece idea.
Christmas florals are always right!

It is truly just tucking, stacking, and piling!

A charcuterie board filled with Christmas florals is a simple Christmas centerpiece idea.
Simple and beautiful!

A Simple Bow

This centerpiece can be made even simpler!

Take the same napkin and wrap a simple bow around a bundle of birch logs.

Lay on a natural wood cutting board and add a Christmas candle.

A bunch of birch logs tied with a simple gingham checked napkin with a candle on top of a charcuterie board.
Could not be simpler!

This didn’t even require a “tuck!”

Place on a serving surface for a cozy, homey centerpiece!

Tied logs with a jar candle make a portable and easy centerpiece for Christmas.
I’m ready for my sleigh ride!

Soups on!

Centerpieces aren’t just for formal dining tables.

Turn your kitchen island or peninsula into a serving buffet line. (This can also work for a dining table!)

One of our family’s traditions is serving clam chowder soup on Christmas Eve.

I love to set up our kitchen island in “help yourself” mode. Here is a Christmas centerpiece idea for a casual gathering in your kitchen.

Set up this rambling centerpiece by laying a holiday runner across the width of the island or table.

Next, create a woodland scene with holiday trees and reindeer.

A small open-air greenhouse helps to ground the setting and serves a a focal point.

This Christmas centerpiece idea consists of a tabletop terrarium, various small trees, small reindeer and soup bowls.
Soups on!

Adding different types of small trees adds nice color and texture.

Bring on the bottle brush trees, glass trees, lighted trees...even natural tree greenery.

Setting the soup bowls alongside the woodland scene gives guests the go-ahead to help themselves whenever they want!

Trees and reindeer create a rambling kitchen island centerpiece.
Who says a centerpiece can’t be sprawling?

You could stop here but adding some small reindeer increases the charm.

I found these little flocked reindeer in the bargain aisle at Target!

Multi-colored reindeer complete this Christmas centerpiece idea.
Aren’t these little reindeer so cute!

Tea Time Christmas Centerpiece Idea

While I am avid coffee drinker, I do love a nice tea party and Christmas is the perfect time for a tea party!

I’m thinking I’ll invite my Mother over for tea! (We’ve been rewatching all the episodes of The Crown together!)

However, I didn’t have a spot for this until I had a lightbulb moment…

I can move my furniture!

A very quick fix… I moved our coffee table from the center of the room to the spot between two comfy chairs.

A simple shift of the chairs inward creates a cozy, friendly tea-time seating area.

Christmas tea in the living room.
Tea for two!

A tiered tray can, of course, hold cookies during the tea party.

But, maybe you want to keep this centerpiece going after you’ve eaten the cookies? (We are a family who eats ALL the cookies!)

In the absence of cookies, a bevy of ornament balls and food-themed ornaments decorate the tray alongside a cheerful red and white tea set.

A red and white tea set sitting on top of a white cake stand.
I really wish this cake ornament was real! You can see a similar ornament HERE.

Fireside Hot Chocolate

Can I share a secret?

Now that we are empty nesters, we don’t eat at the kitchen table like we used to.

Many of our meals are shared sitting in a comfy chair by the fireplace or…full confession…in front of the TV!

Perhaps we need to formalize a little? How about a bar cart by the fireplace to set our apres-dinner hot chocolate?

A bar cart to hold mugs of hot chocolate.
Hot Chocolate, anyone?

A glass container full of multi-colored ornaments is the simplest of centerpieces.

It goes beautifully with my pool noodle Christmas ornament wreath!

A Christmas Ornament Wreath above a fireplace mantel
This seems to be our latest “dining” spot.

Big mugs of hot chocolate sit on top of hand-crafted felted wool ball trivets.

Perfect for the upper level of the bar cart!

Ornaments in a glass container make a simple and easy Christmas centerpiece idea.
Simple ornament balls can have amazing impact!

But let’s not forget the second tier.

Notice how the idea of “Simple” can still pack a punch!

A pile of plaid flannel blankets.
Nothing like plaid to take the chill away!

Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and a lucky guest are quite content with this simple arrangement!

I guess that makes us Three Bears!

Three mugs of hot chocolate with whipped cream.
More whipped cream, please!

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and festive fun!

And what’s more fun than decking the halls with festive centerpieces that set the mood and get everyone in the holiday spirit?

Remember…don’t overthink it. Simple can be stunning!

Head on over to The Crowned Goat…CoCo has a fantastic napkin ring DIY for you!

I want to give the Fabulous Friday Link Party hosts a huge “Thank you!” for including me in this blog hop. You are really are…Fabulous! (Be sure to check out all of their links below!)


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5 Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas
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  1. These ideas are so creative, Missy! I love your keep it simple motto – it’s definitely what I need most during hectic seasons like the holidays. Looking at all the whip on your mugs of cocoa gives me the giggles because ours looks much the same, it’s like the higher and the more sprinkles the better 🙌 Wishing you and your family an amazing holiday season, CoCo PS: Thank you for the link to the pink deer!

    1. The more whipped cream and sprinkles, the better! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season as well. Now that I know you are out there, I look forward to seeing all of your future creativity!

    1. Oh, Tanya! How sweet you are! Thank you so much! I think we are all excited to do a little holiday entertaining!

  2. SOOO many great ideas! True confession: we usually eat at high top our game table, or sometimes in front off the TV. We just haven’t told the kids 🤭

    1. Thank you, Michele! I appreciate that! Too bad we all don’t live closer to each other so we could tour each other’s holiday homes!

  3. Hi Missy! Thanks for sharing your fantastic and colorful centerpiece tips with us! You are so right that simple can be stunning! That red, white, and green poinsettia is perfection! Wishing you a happy holiday season!
    PS we eat at our kitchen counter more than we eat at the table these days, lol!!

    1. I’m glad to know we are not the only ones who have wandered from the dining table! LOL! Thanks for a great blog hop! Fun to be included!

  4. Missy this is a gorgeous post! I absolutely love the “pinwheel’ christmas table decorations! Pinned. Everything is stunning!

    1. Thank you, Amy! I appreciate that! I am so grateful that the Fabulous Friday crew included me in this blog hop!

  5. What great centerpiece suggestions Missy. I love the simplicity and ease of them. I undfortunately am one to over think things which tends to make them more complicated. I am so glad you could join us today.

    1. Wendy, you always have the most beautiful centerpieces! It was amazing to be part of this blog hop and I am thrilled to be included! Thank you!

  6. Missy, what fabulous centerpiece ideas!! I love the colors and textures and creativity in each centerpiece! You’ve outdone yourself!! Thanks so much for sharing such gorgeous inspiration and fun ideas for entertaining.

    1. Hi Kim! Thank you so much! Christmas entertaining is so much fun and it is always a blast sharing ideas with each other!

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