Jeepers, creepers…where’d you get those peepers?

READ THIS!  (Can’t see it?  Grab your readers.)

NOW, READ THIS! (Better?)

Favorite readers
Favorite readers

It is one of the passages of experience and years.  The need to wear reading glasses.  I made a conscious decision when I had LASIK surgery to sacrifice my close-up vision.  It was a no-brainer trade-off for me.  Perfect vision while driving in exchange for reading glasses when, well…reading.  Who knew that I would love the world of reading glasses!

Can’t find your readers?  Watch this video for a way to turn your copious into a home décor accessory!

Specs for your face or sculpture for your desk…Shop these specs for stylish sight success!
(Say that three times fast! :-))

Modern Day Accents Silver, Sunglasses Sculpture
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Enrico Root Wood Extra Large Bowl
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Retro Oprah Style Square Reading Glass Big Eyeglass Frames
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Calabria Jordan Designer Reading Glasses for Men
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Peepers by PeeperSpecs Women’s Center Stage Oversized Blue Light Filtering Reading Glasses
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Cheers! Missy 

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