Put it to bed – part two – Pillow Talk

I LOVE pillows!  Besides paint, they are the quickest, most cost- effective way to change the look of any room. Sofas, chairs, beds, benches, indoor, outdoor…a home is just a little more complete with a place to sit and a pillow with which to nestle.  And visually?  Texture, scale, color. These are all design elements within a room that can be encapsulated in a pillow. Watch the following video to see a few ways to style your bedroom pillows and then read on for some really great pillow tips!

Use pillow covers. Pillow covers allow you to change out from one look to another in a matter of minutes. You can be very versatile with your décor and save a LOT of space when storing unused decorative pillows. Plus, depending on the cover, you can throw it in the wash if it gets dirty.


Stuff a pillow cover with one size larger pillow insert. For example, if you have an 18” pillow cover, stuff it with a 20” pillow insert. It will look full and voluminous. The corners will be filled and the pillow will have great presence.


Use odd numbers. Try three pillows on each side of a sofa or five pillows on a bed. Or just one statement pillow in a chair. Gotta love a prime number for balance!

Mix it up! Use squares with rounds and smalls with large. And always…texture, texture, texture!


Let the room guide your pillow colors. Pull the color palette from the furniture and walls and let pillows showcase the colors. If you have a neutral room, let texture rule the day.

To chop or not to chop? Oh, this debate will never have a winner. Honestly, for me, it depends on the pillow and where it is located. This is totally up to you and not a deal-breaker!

Permission to go a little crazy?  I can’t let you go without showcasing some pillows that I adore!

Embroidered Abstract Art Decorative Pillow Cover
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antcreptson Winky Face Throw Pillow Decorative Pillow Case
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Vida Bohemia Body Pillow Covers Pom Pom Pillowcases
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Whim-Wham Blue Golden Sea Liquid Marble Set of 4
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Sungea Cute Decorative Square Throw Pillows Cover
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Gray Boho Lumbar Throw Pillow Cover
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Pillows, like wall art, can be a very personal choice.  Have fun choosing and displaying pillows that express your personality and creativity!  

Cheers! Missy 

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