Powder My Nose and Avoid the Flu

Did you know that the whole concept of the Powder Room (or Half Bath as I grew up knowing it) is a result of the 1918 flu pandemic? I had no idea! Of course, it makes perfect sense. In an effort to keep germs from spreading, homeowners began installing small half-bathrooms in their homes to avoid having visitors use the family bathroom. Additionally, those were the days of in-home ice deliveries, coal deliveries, etc. Hmmm…kind of the equivalent of having the Amazon delivery person actually put your milk in the fridge for you! Back then, visitors could conveniently and hygienically wash their hands without traipsing through the whole house.


As we battle the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken sanitization in the powder room to the next level. While luxury guest soaps are pretty, it is better to go with liquid options. I have bottles of hand sanitizer in the half-bath as well as on the entry table for easy access. I like clear glass bottles. It doesn’t scream SANITIZE! and looks pretty on display. There are even “hands-free” bottle options. I make sure there are plenty of recyclable paper towels instead of cloth hand towels. I love using colorful, patterned paper guest towels and changing them out depending on the season or the holiday. I even keep some paper masks handy in case a visitor needs one.

TIP: If you are staging your home for sale, place a handy dandy tray with paper towels, masks, and hand sanitizer just inside the front door.


Pandemic protocol is important as it is our best weapon against virus transmission. We all want our homes to be a safe haven for ourselves as well as a safe environment should we have a visitor. (socially distanced and masked!) So, this is indeed a case of taking lemons and making lemonade. Or maybe lemon scented liquid hand soap!

Cheers! Missy 

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