How to Create an “Untucked French Tuck” with a Long Cardigan

Love a french tuck? I do! Do you love a cardigan sweater? Yes, I do, I do! Want to hack an “untucked french tuck?”

Now, please!

What do you do when you want a waisted look?

Create the illusion with your clothes!

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We see french tucks everywhere with shirts. Even short cardigans.

It is that easy, breezy, tucked in look that says style and ease at the same time.

But what can you do with a long cardigan? (A bunchy french tuck is not my most flattering look!)

How about a french tuck”ish” hack that gives us the same easy, breezy look.

For those of us who are a little self-conscious about our middle section, a quick trick with a longer cardigan can help minimize that area yet create the look of a waist.

There is a way to achieve the illusion of a waist with a cardigan without adding bulk. Here is the hack!

How to Hack an “Untucked French Tuck” with a Long Cardigan

First, start with an unbuttoned long cardigan.

leopard print cardigan

Second, grab the buttonhole at the top of the cardigan with one hand and the third button down on the other side with your other hand.

Start the french tuck by grabbing the top button hole an the 3rd button down.

Third, Button that third button in the top buttonhole.

Half done! You feel kind of wonky, don’t you? Hold on…not finished!

Button together.

Next, pull the third buttonhole down UP and UNDER the cardigan until you reach the top button. You’ve got it…button together.

The second step of the french tuck is to take the third button down, pull it up and under to button with the top button.

Adjust the folds of the cardigan accordingly. You have now created a waist by just buttoning the “wrong” buttons together!

Completed untucked french tuck.

Done! Consequently, you now have an untucked french tuck cardigan. You still have the length of the cardigan but with mid-section twist that accentuates the waist!

In just about a minute, you have created a fun fall cardigan sweater look that is so easy to do!


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