Sonata Script – Issue #18

Giving you a peek into the past week for me and Sonata Home Design. The week in review, my favorite finds on the web, and just a little “this and that.” I always want to give you great ideas, inspiration, creative motivation, light bulb moments, and a hearty “You can do it!”

I know I am not alone in my passion for home decorating, crafting, and nesting. So, please join me each week for this creative Saturday jolt!

Concrete bunny with pink gingham ribbon.

Happy Easter Weekend!

Have you dyed your eggs? Decorated an Easter basket? Binged on some Peeps?

We are hosting family and friends and so the house is getting a once-over and I’m going to try a new recipe. If the recipe is good, you’ll hear about it later. If not…you’ll probably still hear about it!

Tulip table centerpiece for Easter.

This Week’s Hustle and Bustle

Yesterday was errand day.

I had a list a mile long and was making great headway in crossing off items on my to-do list.

One of my last errands was checking out landscaping boulders for an outdoor project. I looked down at my feet…

…and discovered that I had been wearing my slippers all day!

These aren’t cute “look like shoes” slippers.

These are my age-old scruffy SLIPPER slippers! No wonder I was so comfortable all day!

Scruffy blue slippers.

I think I need to follow that photo with a more decorative photo. How about two?

Here are my bold and beautiful bunnies lining the fireplace mantel. When I cleaned the mantel, the bunnies ended up temporarily inside the piano…and I kind of love it!

Which do you like? Bunnies on the Mantel or Bunnies in the Piano? Let me know in the comments!

Colorful bunnies on the fireplace mantel.
Colorful bunnies sitting in the piano.

What is Bentley up to?

We have been dog sitting my brother-in-law’s dog this week. He is a beautiful Aussie named Denver.

Bentley is thrilled to have a new playmate!

So this week, I have had a double shadow as I puttered around the house. I was always surrounded by a cloud of white fur!

They are so funny when they want to come back into the house after playing in the yard! (Guess who needs a haircut!)

Two dogs looking through the window.

My New Favorite Outfit

I’m loving the new trend of wide leg pants and, of course, I always love stripes and a blazer.

The pink loafers are the cherry on top! (or bottom, I guess!)

Most of these items are 50% off this weekend with free shipping! Whoo Hoo!

Faux denim double breasted blazer

Striped harbor tee

Poplin wide leg pants

Knit pink loafers

Missy wearing a faux denim blazer and stripe tee.

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In My Cart This Week

This wicker “Egg” chair. I love the unique shape!

This adorable tabletop firepit. Perfect for the patio table!

These round outdoor hanging baskets. I bought mine in the 20″ size. Go big or go home! (Oh yeah. I AM home!)

Bamboo bath mat

Down alternative bed pillows

No more plastic laundry jugs! These eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets clean laundry with a flick of the wrist!

Look What I Found On the Web

My friend, Kelly from The Tattered Pew, from next door (Colorado is right next to Nebraska!) shares all sorts of tips on deadheading zinnias to grow glorious zinnias all summer!

Traci at My Simpatico Life shares my love of bold color and pattern. Check out her AMAZING armoire makeover!

Colorful armoire by My Simpatico Life

Who doesn’t love a beautiful front door? Sara from Simply Southern Cottage shares all the benefits of a joyful front door!

As always, MERCI for stopping by Sonata Home Design!

Missy wearing a tee that says "merci"

Wishing you a great week and a very Happy Easter!

Always remember…”Home is where your story begins!” ~Annie Danielson


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