My 10 Favorite Ways to Decorate with Pops of Red

Red. Yes, red! Let’s decorate with “Pops of Red!”

Love it?  Hate it?

I love it!

All shades.

Whether Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Christmas, or Game Day (Go Huskers!), there are lots of opportunities for red accents in the home!

I’m talking about the small accents that “pop” out to your eye as you accessorize your home.

The secret of the “Red Pop?”  Surround it by neutral or contrasting color or texture. Or, let it stand alone in all of its glorious drama.

Here we go…

Set it Up – Placemats

  1. Place your white, grey, or black dinnerware/china on a red placement and it will sing! Look beyond the usual cloth placemats and bring in some with texture.  Yes!  That is singing I hear!
Decorate with pops of red on a table setting using red and white dishes and a red placemat.
A red placemat.
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Serve it Up

Red dishes might seem like a serious commitment.  Honestly, any dish purchase is a commitment, so why not commit to some dinnerware with punch.  Pair with navy, yellow, or, my favorite, pink!

Decorate with pops of red using white plates and bowls with a wide red rim.
Kate Spade red and white dishes are a great way to decorate with pops of red.
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Kate Spade vertical striped red and white dishes.
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You can create a Valentine Table for Any Day of the Year HERE.

Drink it up

These are some adorable liqueur glasses that belonged to my mother.  They don’t get used very often (Bailey’s Irish Cream anyone?), but I love displaying them on a tray.  Shake up your usual wine glasses or glass tumblers with some “shots” of red.  

Red glass liqueur glasses.
Red swirl glass.
Marbella Rocks, Red, Set of 4Click to order

Live it Up

I came across this red, leather, contemporary wingback chair at market several years back.  It was the display sample and had a small rip in the side.  I didn’t care!  After a little negotiation, (got a great deal!) home it came.  A quick leather fix and it has lived by the fireplace every since.  

Look for a red chair with a unique shape or interesting details.  I am a sucker for nailhead trim.  (There is that singing again!  AHHHHH!)

Decorate with pops of red with this red leather chair with a stack of decorating books.
A classic red upholstered chair.
Reading Chair with Nailhead Studded WingbackClick to order
A patterned red credenza.
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Hang it up


Focal Point.


Enough said.

Wall Art with pops of red in the abstract subject. Perfect way to decorate with pops of red.
An abstract wall art piece.
Broken Wood Wall Art
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Eat it Up

Go organic and include some home accents in your grocery cart.  There is nothing more classic than gorgeous red apples in a crisp white bowl.  Placed on an island, in a lounge area, or home office, this healthy snack almost looks too good to eat!

A white bowl full of red apples.
A white bowl.

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Light it Up

Don’t worry…..this is not the lava lamp look.  But, a red shade does add a warm, inviting ambience in a room.  

Decorate with “pops of red” lighting and light up the room!

A lamp with a red shade.
A silver lamp with a red shade.

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Grow it up




Just yes.

Glass vases full of red roses.
Red and orange poppies in a blue and white vase.

Paste it up

Perfect for an area where you want to inject energy and promote conversation.  

I had to include this because of my red wallpapered dining room.  I chose a paper with a coral red background and a champagne gold medallion pattern.  It must work because we have had many lively conversations while eating in this room!

A capiz shell light fixture hanging against a red patterned wallpaper.
Red wallpaper
Red Scandinavian leaves pattern WallpaperClick to order

Stuff it

Quickest, cheapest way to make impact with accents is with pillows.  Pick your size, pattern, texture, and shade of red.  Place on solid upholstery or bedding for instant gratification.

Red floral pillow on a blue chair.
A pillow with a red chair and black cat.
Mood : how to make the most of everyday Throw PillowClick to order
A pillow with red poppies.
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BONUS:  Wear it!

YOU are the most important “accent” in your home. After all, the decor you choose reflects YOU and your personality. Pick your poison…red sweater, red lipstick, red jewelry. Or, all of the above!

Missy wearing a red sweater.
Drop earrings with a red stripe.
Red bead bracelets.

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Cheers!  ~Missy

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