Come on in.

Hello! Come on in and have a seat. Oh, let me move that pile of books so you can sit here. Can I get you a cup of coffee? I just brewed some dark roast but I can Keurig something lighter if you want…

Welcome to our home! To my homebody way of thinking, there is nothing more important I can offer you in a figurative or literal sense than my home. It has always been a gift to myself and my family and I love sharing it with others. Even when stuck at home during quarantine last spring, I never wearied of being at home. Of course, I missed seeing people. My family and friends are so important to me and I truly missed seeing faces in person, exchanging hugs, and sharing life face to face. But my home has always been a sanctuary for me and my family and the pandemic has more than driven this fact “home!”

There is nothing like a worldwide pandemic to get you thinking. I have been a music teacher in the public schools for over 30 years. I love teaching. I love my students and I love what we are able to accomplish each and every day. But there has always been another vocational love. That of home. Decorating, entertaining, puttering, organizing, creating, experiencing, sharing, nesting….yes, even cleaning! Home is a reflection of my personality and shared experiences with my husband and children. Our children have grown and flown, but their presence continues in our home with all the wonderful memories we created together.

Sonata is an outgrowth of my home love. A home styling and staging business, Sonata is my opportunity to help others create their home sanctuary for themselves or a home aspiration for potential homebuyers. People are existing in their homes in a different way now. We see our spaces through a different lens and need it to function in new and different ways. From a practical standpoint, our homes must function as a place to live and work. From an emotional standpoint, it must function as a comforting, cozy, and creative expression of ourselves.


This blog, while tied to my home styling/staging business, will reflect these important functions in a broad, home lifestyle conversation. So, please nestle in and make yourself comfortable. I’ll start a fire in the fireplace, brew some more coffee, and we can keep chatting. Welcome to my home. Welcome to Sonata, Artful Living at Home!


p.s. Just like my home, there is more than one doorway in for Sonata conversation.

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