How to Add Colorful Home Decor to Your Interior

Mix and match patterns, textures, and vibrant hues with pillows.

Throw Pillows

Display pieces that reflect your personality and enhance your home’s decor.

Wall Art

Incorporate wallpaper into your home with bold color and pattern.


Place a mirror in the right location to reflect the colors in wallpaper, paint color, wall art, or home accents.

Mirrored Color

Strategically place a few colorful coffee table books on a coffee table or bookshelf and infuse your room with hues that complement your home decor.

Coffee Table Books

The eye is drawn to color so consider where you want the eye to fall in a room. Then, use a pop of color to get the job done!

A Pop of Color

Setting a table isn’t just about the food, it’s about creating an experience for you and your guests. Let that experience include color!

Set the table

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